15 ways old souls view the world differently 

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Have you ever been called ‘an old soul?’ 

Well between you and I, this is one of the best compliments one can receive. Old souls are people that think and act wise beyond their years, with interests, perspectives, and hobbies that often reflect that. 

Some people are born old souls, while others become old souls through their own individual experiences. 

Are you in the old soul club? Well, let’s find out. I’m going to provide you with 15 unique ways old souls view life. Let’s dive in!

1) They’re unphased by the “small stuff”’ 

Here’s the thing: old souls have the innate wisdom to see and perceive things differently than the rest of us.

While we might get caught up obsessing over trivial details, the old soul sees things past surface level. This allows them to make smarter and more empathetic decisions.    

And speaking of empathy…

2) They have empathy

Old souls feel just a little bit deeper than the rest of us. 

With the exception of the occasional Karen, do you notice how older people seem to be calm and collected when dealing with people? 

This is because old souls have empathy; they’ve experienced and seen many things in their lives. This enables them to make more meaningful connections at a quicker pace. 

3) They’re naturally non-conformist

One thing I’ve always noticed about old souls is their ability to not give a sh*t about the latest trends and fads. 

And because it’s such a rare trait, I’ve always admired this about old souls.

On weekends, you won’t find an old soul lining up in the cold to get into the latest nightclub. 

Instead, they might be at home reading a compelling novel or watching an indie film, or even looking for good buys at your local flea market. 

Old souls march to the beat of their own drum! Their individuality always shines. 

4) They understand people

Old souls tend to keep their emotions in check when it comes to dealing with people.

They don’t lose their cool when they’re inconvenienced by customer service on the phone, for instance. 

They know that life is what it is, that nobody’s perfect, and that the human condition is a complex one.

We’re all just trying to get by–the old soul gets this. 

5) They seek inner growth

Let’s be honest, we’d all like a new car or an obscenely expensive designer bag or the latest iPhone; the old soul, however, is not so concerned with accumulating material possessions

Instead, they are more centered on improving their inner selves and growing as people. This is often the priority above all.

And inner growth is often propelled by spirituality…

6) They’re in tune with their spirituality 

No, I don’t mean old souls are devoutly religious (not that there’s anything wrong with this). 

Yet old souls tend to have a heavy focus on spirituality and fostering it through practices such as meditation or mindfulness. 

Old souls tend to be spiritually inclined! But at the same time, they appreciate the little things in life…

7) Appreciation for simplicity

From my experience, old souls live in the moment and are mindful of their surroundings. 

They don’t need an extravagant life, they value the little things like the sound of light rain hitting the pavement, a good, nostalgic melody, or a fulfilling relationship. 

The beautiful and sometimes fleeting moments in life certainly take precedence over materialism to the old soul. 

8) They care about tradition

Now, I don’t mean they’re ultraconservative. But old souls tend to value tradition and a burning desire to get closer to their own heritage.

I have a younger cousin. She’s barely out of college but has always been a bit of an old soul. 

She spends her free time trying to raise awareness about the constant demolishing of heritage and traditional architecture in her city by powerful realtors. 

We live in a time where profit ultimately outweighs tradition. And I’m thankful for old souls like my cousin that are trying to change this ugly status quo.  

9) They tend to feel a bit detached from reality

I’ll be honest, sometimes old souls feel a sense of triviality for the mundane. In simple terms, they get bored. 

This often leads them to seek greater meaning and purpose. Sometimes, this manifests in charitable actions or volunteering work, other times in all-out spiritual journeys. 

10) They have a sense of inner peace

Another strong quality old souls have is a sense of inner peace.

They’re not constantly lost, striving for meaning, and full of existential questions. Old souls are comfortable with their place in the world. 

They understand the world and its order. 

They don’t panic, they approach challenges with poise and dignity…

11) Appreciation for diversity

Old souls have respect for all humans. Things like race, class, gender, etc are irrelevant to the old soul.

They welcome diversity with open arms. They know that at the end of the day, we’re all equally human and part of one world. 

This mentality takes an open mind, one of the trademarks of an old soul…

12) They’re open-minded

Let’s face it, old souls aren’t closed off to new ideas and prospects. 

They understand that the world is a constantly evolving place and hence they embrace the positive changes that come as a result of it. 

They’re not stuck in their ways. They’re not the “old dogs that can’t learn new tricks.” 

They’re old souls and have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

One of these tricks is patience…

13) Old souls are patient

Let’s be real, we all have that one friend that never panics, that is always cool, even when things get tough. 

Well, that person is probably an old soul. 

Old souls are in control of their emotions, especially patience. They know that the best things in life take time to truly flourish. Nothing in life comes easy–the old soul knows this.

14) They’re aware of themselves and their surroundings 

I’m gonna be straight, old souls tend to be pretty intelligent beings. 

They’re not reckless in their thoughts; they’re self-aware and are constantly learning about themselves and others. 

They’re naturally introspective and reflective. They learn from their mistakes, causing them to grow even more.   

15) They manifest gratitude 

Let’s face it: old souls realize that life is a gift.  

And thus they tend to have a profound sense of gratitude for life. 

As we’ve established, an old soul is not preoccupied with material things–old souls have a deep respect and gratitude for what they do have in life, big or small.  

They know life is ultimately impermanent and fragile so they try to appreciate each and every moment. 


To recap, to become an old soul is truly something to strive for. Their perspective can offer valuable insights into how to live a deeper, more fulfilling, and more harmonious existence. The old soul is not often sidetracked by petty things like money and gossip, instead, they embody empathy, awareness, and maturity.

Their way of living and views towards life ultimately reflects this. 

Daniel Mabanta

Daniel Mabanta is a freelance writer and editor, entrepreneur and an avid traveler, adventurer and eater. He lives a nomadic life, constantly on the move. He is currently in Manila, Philippines and deciding where his next destination will be.

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