13 ways introverts show their love differently to others, according to psychology

We all express and experience love differently. There are those who show their love through their words, and others are more action-oriented. 

According to psychology, Someone’s love language is highly dependent on their personality and temperament. 

Introverts are famous for their reserve and prefer to keep their declarations of love on the down-low. The love of an introvert may not be as showy as an extrovert’s, but I’d be willing to bet the introvert’s feelings run a lot deeper.

Introverts are not cold or uncaring people –  quite the opposite. They are the reason the expression “quality over quantity” was invented.

Love with an introvert has its own challenges, but many benefits as well. Let’s explore a few ways that introverts show their love differently from other people according to experts.

1) All or nothing

Psychologists reveal that Introverts usually have a small core group of loved ones where their attention is concentrated, rather than spread thin across many friends and acquaintances.

That means the introvert’s partner receives a higher proportion of energy than a social butterfly’s other half does. Introverts prefer to give a select few people 100% rather than a tiny fraction to a cast of thousands.

2) One-on-one quality time

Introverts are all about one-on-one quality time, especially as they’re first getting to know someone. And not in a crowded bar, either. They prefer an atmosphere with fewer distractions.  

When introverts take the time to get to know someone, they prefer to do so in a more quiet, intimate setting so they can concentrate on building a lasting connection with you.

3) Talk is cheap

Introverts will usually show their affection for you through their actions. They might not smother you in “I love yous”, but actions speak louder than words and action is the introvert language of choice.

Want a cup of tea? They got you.

Feeling peckish? They’re whipping up your favorite treat. 

Not feeling well? They’re already heading over with soup and Gatorade. 

Introverts aren’t big on grand, sweeping gestures, but they’ll be there when you need them. That’s because they really hear you and understand what you need better than anyone else, maybe even yourself.

4) No small talk

Studies confirm that most introverts don’t care for small talk, but they’re excellent listeners who prefer deep and meaningful one-on-one conversations.

Anything superficial or shallow doesn’t interest an introverted person. With an introvert, it’s always about digging deeper.

5) Good listening skills

By nature, introverts are happier and more comfortable in their own heads. For them, it’s preferable to be on the receiving end of information as opposed to sharing it.

So if you’ve hooked up with an extrovert, you’ve got someone who actively listens to you and isn’t impatiently waiting for their turn to talk. 

They want to learn as much as they can about you and grow closer as a couple. Introverts will remember what matters most to you and make you literally feel the emotional tie you’re both nurturing.

6) Phone phobia on hold

Introverts hate phone calls, even with people they love. Don’t take it personally. It’s just how they are wired. Their phone ringing is a total jumpscare for introverted people and they avoid actually picking up at all costs. 

I will bury a ringing phone under a pile of couch cushions before I answer it. Like a lot of introverts, I consider picking up the phone optional, not mandatory. 

We know how to set iron-clad boundaries that way.

Introverts much prefer texting. Much. 

So if your introverted partner talks to you on the phone, congratulations! You are among a very chosen few and are obviously held in very high esteem.

7) Detail oriented

According to psychology, introverts show their partner love and appreciation with their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They always remember important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and they take the time to commemorate these milestones with the perfect gift. 

Introverted people are very observant and have no problem keeping track of the little things that are important to their partners, like their favorite food or place to hang out.

8) Space is everything

We all know that introverts value their privacy and personal space. So, if they willingly choose to spend time with you, they like you.

And they will return the favor out of respect. An introvert isn’t going to expect 24/7 attention. The very idea is actually abhorrent.  

Giving someone their space may seem distant or even frosty at first, but that’s one way introverts show they love you. 

9) Not the jealous type

Since introverts understand the desire for personal space more than anyone, they won’t lie awake at night worrying about who you’re with or what you’re doing. 

An introverted partner is more than happy that you’re out people-ing and having fun because they want you to be happy. 

There’s also a good chance they’ll be enjoying that time to recharge their social batteries because being around other people is literally draining for introverts. 

Introverts treasure their alone time, so they understand that you might want your own space as well.

10) Patience is a virtue

Introverts don’t usually get caught up in the moment. They have a natural reticence that extroverts generally lack

While a more outgoing person might immediately take action in a situation like a heated argument, the introvert will think before they speak. 

Introverted people aren’t prone to rash decision-making.

Anybody can be a good partner when everything’s coming up roses, but thanks to their inborn patience, introverts are loving and supportive partners even if the going gets tough, and it always does at some point.

11) Special interests

Because of their private nature, introverts only share their personal lives with the people who are most important to them. 

They confide in the people they want to build a deeper bond with. Anything else is pointless to an introvert. 

Most introverted people have varied special interests. So, if your favorite introvert is opening up to you about their favorite classical musician or how much they love Greek mythology, they probably think you’re pretty awesome.

12) Constructive criticism 

As a general rule, introverts aren’t big on sharing their opinions, at least in public.  

But when they do decide to share, they prefer to deliver their message in a constructive way. 

When an introverted person criticizes something they do it respectfully and without personal attacks.

13) Not big on PDA

When you begin a relationship with an introvert, you might initially wonder if they have an aversion to physical affection. 

They don’t. But introverts can’t be rushed.

According to relationship experts, introverted folks are pros at propagating non-sexual intimacy. They’re really good at adding spice to a relationship without involving sex. 

When an introverted person begins harboring deep feelings for you, that’s when you’ll see their romantic side; and it’s enough to sweep you off of your feet.  

Introverts in love express their affection in profoundly deep ways and are arguably more romantic than extroverts because their feelings are so intense.

Final thoughts

Every introvert’s definition of romance is unique, so you’ll have to pay close attention to their behavior. Once you’ve mastered picking up your favorite introvert’s cues, you’ll understand how their mind works when it comes to love.

Introverts always tread carefully when allowing new people into their lives, especially when giving their hearts is in the mix. 

But once an introverted person is sure of their feelings for you, you’re in for the romantic adventure of a lifetime.

Kathy Copeland Padden

Kathy Copeland Padden lives in a New England forest paradise with her cats, kid, and trusty laptop. She has been writing since age 8 and is such a pack rat she can back that up with physical evidence. Music is her solace and words are her drug, so her house is strewn with records and books. Watch your step.

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