10 no bullsh*t ways to ignore a woman and make her want you

Relationships require communication to thrive, but sometimes, holding off a little can be good as well.

While it’s true that no one likes to feel ignored in a relationship, you can make a woman want you more and potentially even incentivize her to reach out and make the first move to you.

Ignoring her doesn’t mean ghosting her out of the blue and leaving her stranded – it could also be a way to define the boundaries of the relationship and let her know the things you are and aren’t okay with.

But these can be tricky waters to navigate through, and you wouldn’t want to push it too far. With

that said, here are 10 ways you can ignore a woman and make her want you:

1) Take the Leap and Initiate the First Few Steps

While the thrill of the chase can prove to be the best moment at the start of the relationship, it’s important to understand that ignoring her before you even reach out to yourself or even hold a conversation with her will never make her want you.

You need to put yourself out there a little bit to make yourself available to receive.

This means taking a leap of faith and making the first few moves.

This is because most women won’t take the first step even if they’re really into you.

By showing a shred of genuine interest in her, you let her know that you’re approachable and are interested in her too.

Just as with everything else in life, there’s an optimum balance to be achieved between expressing your interest in her while ensuring you don’t show all your cards.

The element of mystery around you after a few texts and conversations will make her warm up to you.

After this, you can determine what is the best time to ignore her if she isn’t taking any steps herself.

This is to ensure that neither of you becomes comfortable with a routine of you always being the one to initiate conversations while she doesn’t reciprocate.

2) Don’t Reschedule to Accommodate Her

Men are often too quick to cancel all their prior commitments to accommodate meeting her.

While this may sound nice and nothing inherently wrong with doing so, you also need to show her that you’re not desperately vying for her attention.

It can even be attractive to a woman if a man has a life of his own and his social life doesn’t solely revolve around her.

While you should definitely make time for her and prioritize her, you should also make her understand that you aren’t always available to stop, drop and roll at a moment’s notice.

When she understands that your time isn’t easily given when she asks for it, she can take it as a sign that she needs to work harder to gain your attention.

Even if you want to spend every waking moment by her side, you might be revealing that too early, and she will lose the motivation to make moves to chase you.

3) Ignore Her When She Talks About Other Guys

Now that you have proven the value of your time, you also need to make her understand that commitment means a great deal to you in this relationship.

Women have a tendency to talk about other men to gauge the reaction of the guy they’re with.

No matter which stage of the relationship you’re both at, hearing her talk about another guy is bound to drive you up the wall.

However, it’s important to not show your reaction and give her satisfaction.

By ignoring her and the conversation when she extensively talks about other guys, you’re signaling to her that you’re not willing to encourage her to talk about this.

If you react by showing your emotions, then she will know how to get under your skin and if you entertain the conversation she may get the impression that you’re not interested in her.

Ignoring her and feigning indifference is the perfect neutral response to this situation as it will make her reconsider bringing up the subject again.

If she mentions another guy, and you act all insecure about it and you want to ask her questions, that won’t help you out.

If you ignore her, it shows confidence.

And when it comes to attracting a lady, confidence is key.

That’s because women are highly tuned into whether a man is confident in himself or if he isn’t.

They get an “overall impression” of a guy’s attractiveness and think of him as either “hot” or “not” based on his confidence and body language.

That is what I learned from relationship expert Kate Spring.

As she taught me, confidence sparks something deep inside women that sets off instant attraction.

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4) Ignore Her if She Doesn’t Seem Invested in the Relationship

Women love guys who are willing to stand up for themselves and have principles and standards.

At times, she may start taking you and the relationship for granted.

It is also possible that by giving her everything, she may not have the opportunity to invest herself in the relationship as well.

If she seems to be hesitant about spending time with you or you believe she isn’t fully committed to the relationship, then it is your responsibility to make her understand that the relationship is a 50-50 partnership that needs efforts from both sides. ‘

If a woman you’ve invested your time, efforts, and emotion in doesn’t;t meet you in the middle, or if she doesn’t value your commitment to be with her, then don’t validate this behavior.

You can return to normal communication and the status quo when she acknowledges your efforts, but until then, maintain your standards.

5) Invest Time to Ensure You’re Working Hard and You’re Busy

A relationship isn’t always about being with her. It’s also about growing as individuals while walking together in life.

Seeing a man who is motivated with goals, passions and hobbies can prove to be a major turn-on for a woman.

This is a more subtle way of ignoring her as it’s not necessary to teach her a lesson but rather work hard in a busy schedule to better yourself for her.

By investing time in yourself, she will value the time you spend with her even more.

Never lose your identity in the relationship as this will only cause her to lose interest in you.

6) Start Ignoring Her When She Wants to Make You Jealous

Women can sometimes seek validation by trying to make you jealous.

These are obvious ploys to get you to increase the attention you show her.

But if you feed into this behavior too many times, she might think she has you figured out and start using it to her advantage.

By showing that it irks you when other men come into her life, you’re giving her the ammunition to use that jealousy to get a rise out of you.

Instead, by taking a step back, ignoring her, and pretending to not care, she will feel confused and intrigued.

You can do this by just simply acting as if you didn’t hear what she said and seamlessly changing the subject of the conversation.

It’s important that you establish what is and isn’t acceptable in your relationship.

7) Ignore Her if She’s Being Too Clingy

Being clingy, needy, or too attached isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can be the seeds that help your relationship thrive.

However, it’s not sustainable for any relationship if you spend every second possible with her.

This doesn’t mean you don’t like her company, but it is only healthy for the both of you to have a life outside the paradigm of the relationship as well.

This is simply taking the time to focus on your other interests – things that make you happy.

If she’s not willing to let you out of her sight or give you a little space, then it can start to suffocate you.

By ignoring her in such situations once in a while, you don’t only recharge yourself but also give her the opportunity to miss you.

This can make the next time you spend time together much more enjoyable.

8) Ignore Her if She Seems Disinterested in What You Have to Offer

Know your worth!

If she is taking advantage of your attention, time, and commitment to the relationship, then it’s high time you let her know that you won’t tolerate being taken for granted.

If you’re bending over backward for her attention and she’s not reciprocating those feelings then it probably means that she enjoys being chased after.

She may feel that if she gives you the validation you deserve, you may stop your advances.

This is a moment to stop and reevaluate: you can’t be the only one constantly giving her everything she needs, while your needs aren’t met.

By stopping and ignoring her, you give her a reality check that you’re not desperate for her and that she needs to reciprocate your efforts as well. After all, relationships are two-way streets.

This relates back to what I mentioned earlier – women find confidence and certain body signals completely irresistible, and most men don’t know how to use this to their advantage.

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9) Ignore Her if She’s Starting Unreasonable Fights

Stop rewarding bad behavior!

Even if fights and arguments are normal in any relationship, there are lines that must not be crossed.

If you feel like she’s finding excuses to pick unreasonable and irrational fights with you, then don’t engage.

This generally is a sign that she doesn’t respect or value you, and it’s time for you to ignore her.

By doing so, you give her the wake-up call and make her understand that she can’t have random outbursts without consequences.

Refrain from showing her your care and attention, until she owns up to her mistake, and then explain your side of things.

Don’t settle for being insulted and let her understand that there has to be a healthy way of handling things even if the both of you disagree.

10) Know When Not to Ignore Her

This is perhaps the most important aspect of ignoring her. You must never take it too far and leave her hanging for too long.

The motivation behind ignoring her is to help balance the relationship by incentivizing her to match your efforts and commitment.

It shouldn’t be a ploy to flip the tables on her and let her perpetually chase after you.

Believe us when we say that if you don’t know when to stop ignoring her, then she will give up on you.

If you can visibly see the amount of care and effort she puts into building a life with you and she is genuinely invested in you, then it’s not fair for you to ignore her even if she is at fault. It’s also not acceptable for you to ignore her when you are the one at fault.

Communication is key to the success of any relationship.

If she is a woman who likes being open and upfront about thoughts and feelings, then you should ensure that you don’t play with her emotions by pulling away.

The key to making her want you is to balance it with equal amounts of your attention, and never overdo it as it will end up backfiring on you.

But if you really want to attract this girl, then getting expert advice will make sure of it.

I mentioned coming across a game-changer in my dating life – relationship expert Kate Spring

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