10 ways confident men show their love for you

Love can feel risky.

That’s why it takes a strong man to approach matters of the heart with confidence.

And you can see it in the way he loves you.

His self-assurance rubs off in all the very best ways.

Here’s what confidence guys do differently…

1) They say how they feel about you

Confident men don’t have a problem with honest and open communication.

They don’t need to play games.

They have the inner strength to be vulnerable enough to open up.

If he’s into you, you’ll know about it.

Saying “I love you” doesn’t feel terrifying to him if that’s how he feels.

In fact, he isn’t afraid to let you know whatever he is feeling about you.

He isn’t one of those guys to keep you guessing.

2) They share details from their life

And keeping you abreast of his feelings for you isn’t the only way a confident guy will open up.

He talks to you about what is happening in his world right now.

He will divulge his secrets to you and make you his confidant.

He’ll even share the embarrassing moments.

That’s because he has enough confidence to show even his weaknesses around you.

3) They tell you exactly what they want

And importantly, they ask you what you want too!

That can be about anything from where you prefer to eat dinner to what you like in the bedroom.

Confident men aren’t shy about letting their preferences known. And they want to hear yours as well.

They know that if a relationship is to work, you both have to be clear about your needs and wants with each other.

4) They seek your advice

Confident men are secure enough in themselves to ask for help.

That means when he needs counsel, he won’t be shy about coming to you for it.

Rather than struggle in silence, he will seek your support and advice.

It’s a compliment and a display of his admiration for you.

He feels like he can trust you. He knows that you will give him the wisdom he needs.

And it’s a sign that he sees you two as a team.

5) They give you freedom and space

Of course, being a team doesn’t mean you need to be glued at the hip.

It’s no surprise that confident guys are far from needy.

Part of their confidence means they value autonomy and independence. They recognize that this is a healthy part of any relationship.

So you won’t find him keeping close tabs on you. He won’t be pining away every time you are not near.

People can all too often mistake clinginess for love, but don’t be fooled.

The space he gives to you and takes for himself is a reflection of his respect and trust.

6) They offer compliments and words of affirmation

Guys who are lacking in confidence can find compliments difficult to give (and accept from others).

They may quickly become shy or blush at the prospect of flattery.

But confident men are happy to bestow kind words on the person they love.

We all have different love languages and like to show our love in different ways. But we all need to feel appreciated.

So he wants to tell you when you are looking nice. He makes sure he says thank you for your kindness and everything you do for him.

7) They are reliable

Don’t mistake a confident guy for a slimy guy.

Some men may be all charm, but when it comes down to it, they’re pretty flaky.

They don’t stand by their word.

But a truly confident man has honor. That means saying what he means, and doing what he says he will.

That way you know you can turn to him when times get tough.

8) They are there for the hard times

Offering support is an incredibly important part of any relationship.

Luckily a confident man is not a fair-weather friend. He is a ride-or-die type of guy.

When you need him most you know he will be there for you.

Because the firm foundations of confidence make way for compassion, sensitivity, and caring.

9) They talk about the future

He isn’t afraid to chat about long-term plans.

In fact, he is probably the one who brings it up first:

  • Where is this going?
  • What do you want out of the relationship?
  • Do you see yourself having kids?

Some men may be intimidated to have the “big” conversations.

But not a confident guy. He takes it all in his stride.

10) They respect your boundaries

Setting boundaries takes a certain amount of self-esteem.

A confident guy knows how to both create and uphold them.

He values his own, and so he makes sure he respects yours too.

That can look like:

  • Giving you space when you need it
  • Understanding your right to change your mind
  • Showing your views, beliefs, and opinions the respect they deserve (even if he doesn’t always agree)
  • Knowing that “no” means “no”

11) They act like your cheerleader

A confident man is never threatened by the success of his partner.

He wants to raise you up. He gets a kick out of your wins and is happy for you.

Some men feel emasculated when they have someone competent and clever next to them.

It makes their fragile ego feel less if it seems like you are more. They may seek out partners who they can feel superior to for this reason.

Not a confident guy.

He will always show his love for you by being your biggest supporter.

12) They fight fair

You might think that a confident guy has the ability to steamroller over you in an argument.

But confidence does not mean arrogance, and neither does it mean pig-headedness!

A confident man shows his love for you in the bad times as well as in the good.

Conflict is inevitable in any long-term relationship. But he knows how to fight fair.

He will:

  • Listen to you
  • Keep to the matter at hand
  • Avoid bringing up past arguments and mistakes to use as ammunition
  • Never resort to name calling

A confident man shows his love in practical ways

A confident man won’t just woo you or win you over.

He will show you his love, rather than simply tell you.

He will treat you with respect, dignity, and care.

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