11 signs you have a warrior spirit (and don’t take sh*t from anyone)

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In this chaotic world, it’s easy to be pushed around and taken advantage of.

But it’s not so easy to push around someone with a warrior spirit.

That’s because they stand up for themselves. Even more interestingly, people with a warrior spirit stand up for the people around them.

How do you know if you have a warrior spirit? There’s more to it than standing up for yourself and others. Read on for 11 key signs you have the spirit of a warrior.

1) They are humble

While people with a warrior spirit may be oozing with power, they don’t let that get to their heads.

Even more important than their power is the quality of being humble.

They don’t brag about their ability to move mountains for the causes they believe in. They don’t shove their charisma in your face – even when that helps them get what they want.

They are humble about their accomplishments and abilities. And they value humility in others as well.

But just because people with warrior spirit are humble, it doesn’t mean they hold themselves back in life…

This is because:

2) They have courage (even in the face of fear)

There’s a myth that people with a warrior spirit don’t feel fear.

This isn’t true.

Everyone feels fear, including people with a warrior spirit. But those with a warrior spirit feel the fear and take action anyway.

This is because they have courage. They are can take action even when the outcome is uncertain.

Those with a warrior spirit know that the path to happiness and fulfillment is rife with dangers, and this isn’t going to stop them. They move forward and face up to their fears, even when it’s difficult to do so.

Having courage combines well with passion because they come from the same place.

That’s why people with a warrior spirit:

3) They let your passions roar

Do you know why people with a warrior spirit have so much passion?

It’s because they know themselves. They are clear on what makes them tick.

They have a passion for life and they know what kinds of activities bring them passion.

It could be because people with a warrior spirit have courage. Fear doesn’t hold them back. This takes them to the edge of their comfort zones.

And that’s where their passion for life is.

Those with a warrior spirit bring themselves to the edge and manage to find their passion. They roar with their passion for life – and they love with everything they’ve got.

4) They love with everything you’ve got

If you ever fall for someone with a warrior spirit, get ready…

You’re about to be taken on a wild and romantic adventure.

That’s because people with a warrior spirit love with all they’ve got. They leave no stone unturned in getting to the depths of what’s possible in a human connection.

Their heart is open.

And they expect you to open your heart to them.

Experiencing love with someone with a warrior spirit is full of highs and lows. You’ll experience everything that’s possible in a romantic connection.

And you’ll probably suffer at some point from the experience…

5) They have suffered in life and still keep going

People with a warrior spirit have suffered in life. They can’t help but avoid suffering because they live life to the full. They love with all of their heart. They have passion for so many different things…

And this inevitably brings them to the point of despair.

Suffering is the inevitable result.

But here’s the interesting thing about people with a warrior spirit.

They embrace the suffering. They can handle the pain.

And even during the experience of suffering, they pick themselves up again.

They face up to the feeling of suffering with honor and courage.

They continue to love. They continue to thrive.

Being able to suffer gives people with a warrior spirit incredible empathy. That’s why the following happens:

6) They stand up for the downtrodden

People with a warrior spirit are strong for the suffering they have experience.

And that makes them able to relate to people who are struggling in life.

They don’t get drunk off their own power. They don’t completely focus on their own hopes and needs.

Having a warrior spirit makes them care about others. They want everyone around them to live like they are living.

So they help out the downtrodden.

They don’t this from a place of thinking they are superior to the poor and needy.

They’re not that shallow.

People with a warrior spirit see the warrior in others. They believe the downtrodden can rise up through their own strength.

They just want to lend a helping hand.

7) They do what you say you’ll do

Many people say one thing and do another.

And most of those people don’t even realize their actions don’t match their words.

But not so with people who have a warrior spirit.

They are honest with themselves about what they want in life. They have the courage to express their hopes and dreams.

And they’ll take action in moving forward in life.

There is consistency between what they say and what they do.

8) They believe actions speak louder than words

Those with a warrior spirit don’t have much time for words.

They don’t feel the need to focus on their intentions.

Instead, they move quickly into action.

They believe actions speak louder than words. They prefer to show you who they are than tell you who they are.

9) They keep their heads held high

Many people drop their heads in the face of failure. They don’t like being criticized and seen in a negative light.

Not so with people with a warrior spirit.

They keep their heads held high, no matter what happens in life.

They do this from a sense of pride and self-love.

They don’t need recognition or validation for what they’re doing in life.

They are proud of who they are, whether they are experiencing suffering or success.

10) They value integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

And people with a warrior spirit have bucketloads of integrity.

That’s because they are clear on their moral principles, and they are experienced in living by them.

They’re not interested in going against their moral principles for a quick buck.

They won’t do things the easy way if it means going against what they believe in.

People with a warrior spirit are forthright.

And they value the people around them living with integrity as well.

11) They are self-assured

People with a warrior spirit know what their values are. They are clear on their beliefs. They are action-oriented and are deeply honest in how their live their life.

And they’re proud of living their life in this way.

This makes people with a warrior spirit incredibly self-assured.

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What does having a warrior spirit mean?

Having a warrior spirit refers to the quality within to live with humility, passion and courage from a place of empowerment.

Here’s what the shaman Rudá Iandê says about our warrior spirit:

“Our warrior spirit, combined with our creativity and ingenuity, makes us incredible beings! We, small creatures, lacking strength and agility, have managed to surpass so many species that could have extinguished us. We’ve fought our way and have made the impossible possible, thriving in such a competitive, wild, and dangerous world. And despite all the challenges around and within ourselves, we don’t stop our fight. We’ve invented beautiful things to fight our challenges! Agriculture for starvation, medicine for diseases, even diplomacy and ecology for the collateral damage of our inherent violence over ourselves and our environment. We’re constantly facing death, and it doesn’t matter how many times it wins, we keep pushing it farther and farther away, extending step by step each generation’s lifetime.”

What does the bible say about the warrior spirit?

According to the bible, a spiritual warrior is someone who lives life with their head held high, feeling connected with God.

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