10 warning signs that someone is about to double cross you

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Getting double-crossed by someone you trust is like being punched in the gut…with brass knuckles!

In other words, it hurts like hell.

They’re your BFF, your loving partner, your closest colleague who you have lunch with every single day.

And because they’re very close to you, they have the capacity to destroy you in ways that you can never recover.

That’s why it’s wise to keep your eyes open.

In this article, I will give you 10 warning signs that someone is about to double-cross you.

1) There’s just something “off” about them

You can’t put your finger on it, but there’s just something strange about them lately and it’s making you uneasy.

Maybe there’s something different about how they look at you, or the way they laugh.

Or perhaps they’ve started giving you one-word answers when they used to be a big chatterbox.

And it’s not like they transformed into another person entirely!

They’re just not being their usual self, but just a bit different.

It’s probably because they feel guilty about their plan to double-cross you and it shows how awkward they are when you get close.

2) They’ve suddenly changed their routine

Your partner used to wake up at the break of dawn so that they could write manuscripts. It’s something they’ve been doing for months now—even years.

But all of a sudden, they’ve just switched off that routine!

Instead of working in the morning, they now work at night.

Or maybe your best friend used to pass by your house every time they did their morning run. But then without warning they started taking a different route that avoids your house entirely.

Now it could be nothing, of course.

Maybe they’re just trying to avoid getting bogged down in a predictable, monotonous lifestyle.

But it could also be that they’re doing something behind your back.

And if they want to pull it off without you knowing, they have no choice but to change their schedule a bit.

3) They’ve been avoiding you

They used to wait for you to get off work so you could go home together.

They used to be very clingy and hang out at your apartment on Friday nights.

They used to send you memes several times a day.

But something has changed. They stopped all of that out of nowhere!

Again, it could just be nothing—we all change and get busy—but if they won’t even give you an explanation (or if they do but they’re so lame), then they’re probably up to something.

They’re probably pulling away from you because they want to emotionally detach themselves from you before they betray you. 

That way, it won’t hurt them so much.

4) They’re much more affectionate than normal

They’ll act like you’re closer than you actually are.

As friends, they might start acting like they’re your best friend. 

As partners, they might start being especially forward, maybe even hint at taking your relationship to the next level.

They’ll lovebomb you by treating you to an expensive dinner and showering you with gifts. 

It’s almost as if they want something from you… and you know what? OF COURSE they do!

There’s probably a reason why someone would start treating you like a princess.

So use your head. Pay extra attention to the favors they ask and the questions they probe while they’re spoiling you rotten.

5) They’ve suddenly become secretive

You never kept anything from each other. 

You used to be perfectly fine checking each other’s phones or laptops, or logging into each other’s social media accounts.

In fact, nosy people used to say that you were so open that it was unhealthy.

That was then—because now they’ve changed their passwords. 

They aso close their laptop when you’re around, and make sure to keep their phones with them all the time.

Did someone convince them that maybe they need to have a bit more privacy? 

Are they planning a surprise for you? 


But if they started acting like this out of nowhere, you have the right to be wary. They’re definitely hiding something from you.

6) They have a “guilty” body language 

They can’t look you in the eye.

They fidget, stutter, check their phones every two seconds, and they move around like the police might come for them at any minute.

And you swear that you can see them sweat like hell over a casual chat with you!

Have they committed some kind of felony and are just too afraid to tell you about it?

It’s possible…

But if their nervousness fades when you’re not around then it’s more likely that they feel like they’ve wronged you somehow. 

Or, well… they’re about to.

7) They’ve started acting like a detective

They started showering you with questions out of nowhere.

It doesn’t even matter if you get uncomfortable and try to change the topic—they’ll bring it back up before you can manage to!

It’s almost as if they MUST know more about you, regardless of whether you like it or not.

And when you try to say something like “Hey, why are you asking me all these questions all of a sudden?” they immediately get defensive.

They’d go “What? Can’t I know these things about you?” and “So you don’t trust me anymore?”

If they’re acting like this when they were never this curious about you, then they’re probably up to no good.

8) They’ve been trying to kiss your ass

They’ll praise you like you’re Jesus himself.

You can make the blunder of the century and they’ll still be there going “masterful gambit, milord!”

If this is something they’ve never done to you or someone else, watch out!

They’re probably about to double-cross you.

It’s probably their way to mask what they’re doing and to make sure that when you start seeing things fall apart around you, they’d be the last person you’ll ever suspect.

How could you accuse that one person who’s always taken your side, after all? 

It just wouldn’t feel right!

Well, that’s their game plan anyway.

9) They’ve been lying a lot lately

You caught them lying about something trivial, like how much alcohol they drank last night or where they went the other day.

But you let it go. It’s not like it makes them a bad person—after all, everyone lies.

But what’s concerning is that you’ve caught them making many of these little lies, one after the other.

This is a sign that something’s not quite right. 

Pay attention to them and try to connect the dots.

What are the things they lie to you about?

Do they lie where they went to? Then that’s one clue. They’re probably with someone in some place where you should never know about.

10) They’re suddenly inconsistent

Gone are the days when they used to mean what they say and say what they mean.

And gone are the days when you could predict what they were going to do because you know them by heart.

Now you just couldn’t tell. 

When you’re with them, you couldn’t help but think of Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘N Cold”.

They’re hot then they’re cold.

They’re “yes” then they’re “No”

They’re in then they’re out.

They’re probably acting this way not only because they’re bad at lying or they’re busy trying to execute their plan.

They’d probably have second thoughts about double-crossing you because they do actually care for you.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that being extremely suspicious of the people around you—especially the ones you love the most—can be extremely damaging.

Trust is the foundation of every good relationship.

But sometimes, people give us good reason to get suspicious.

If you notice someone close to you doing almost all of these signs, then you should be cautious. 

It’s possible that they’re planning to double-cross you.

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