7 unusual habits that indicate a high level of intuition

Everyone has an intuition, but some people seem to have a sixth sense that guides them through life with an uncanny accuracy.

You may know someone like this, or perhaps you’ve noticed certain habits or tendencies in yourself that you can’t quite explain.

In the world I move in, intuition is far more than just a hunch. It’s a potent form of insight.

We exist in an era where information overload is a daily reality and listening to your gut has become increasingly crucial.

In my quest to understand this fascinating aspect of human nature, I’ve observed people who are known for their intuitive prowess and I’ve researched the subject extensively.

The result is a list of 7 unusual habits that could hint at an unusually high level of intuition.

If you find these behaviors relatable, you may well be more intuitive than you realize. This understanding could open new doors and offer you a unique perspective on life.

The purpose is not to mystify but to enlighten, and perhaps help you recognize and harness your intuitive potential.

1) Trusting their gut feelings

We’ve all heard the phrase “trust your gut“, but for some, this is more than just an idiom – it’s a way of life.

People with a high level of intuition often have an uncanny ability to ‘feel’ the right decision in their gut.

This isn’t about making rash decisions on a whim, but rather, they have a deep-seated sense of knowing that guides them when logic and reason might suggest otherwise.

They may not always be able to explain why they feel a certain way or why they’re making a particular choice, but they’ve learned through experience that their gut feelings are usually spot on.

The ‘gut feeling’ is actually a complex process where our brains make rapid-fire decisions based on past experiences and environmental cues. These intuitive individuals have simply honed their ability to listen to and trust these internal signals.

If you find yourself often relying on your gut feelings and they turn out to be right, you might just be someone with a high level of intuition.

2) Being highly empathetic

Empathy is the ability to sense and understand the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others.

Intuitive people often have a high level of empathy, which allows them to tune in to the emotions of those around them with incredible accuracy.

They can easily pick up on subtle changes in body language, tone of voice, or facial expressions that others might miss.

For these intuitive individuals, empathy is like a second language which they speak fluently.

They feel what others feel and intuitively understand their perspectives. This often makes them excellent listeners and trusted confidants.

3) Experiencing vivid dreams

Dreams can be a window into our subconscious mind, and individuals with a high level of intuition often report having vivid, detailed dreams.

These dreams can be so realistic and intense that they sometimes blur the lines between the dream world and reality.

Personally, I’ve always been someone who dreams in vivid detail.

There have been times when I’ve dreamed of conversations or events that later happened in real life, almost exactly as I had dreamed them. These aren’t always monumental events; sometimes they’re quite mundane. But the correlation between my dreams and reality is often mysterious.

It’s not that I believe I’m predicting the future in my sleep. Rather, I think my subconscious mind is using my intuition to process information and possibilities that my conscious mind may not have picked up on.

If you also find yourself having intense, realistic dreams that sometimes seem to echo real life, this could be an indication of your heightened intuitive abilities.

4) Valuing solitude

Highly intuitive people often place a great importance on spending time alone.

This isn’t due to antisocial tendencies or because they don’t enjoy the company of others. It’s because solitude provides them with the space they need to reflect, recharge, and process their thoughts and feelings.

In fact, research has shown that spending time alone can boost creativity, increase self-awareness, and even improve mental health.

This is particularly true for intuitive people who use this time to tap into their intuition and make sense of their experiences.

5) Being sensitive to their surroundings

People with high levels of intuition often have a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings.

They are acutely aware of the energy in a room, the mood of the people around them, and even subtle changes in the environment that others might overlook.

Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve always had a keen awareness of my surroundings. This heightened sensitivity often led my friends to describe me as overly sensitive. 

Walking into a room, I can immediately sense if there’s been an argument or if the atmosphere is relaxed and jovial. Even subtle changes, like a shift in someone’s energy or a slight alteration in the arrangement of a room, don’t go unnoticed.

This sensitivity can sometimes be overwhelming, but over time I’ve learned to see it as a gift. It has allowed me to navigate social situations more effectively, understand others more deeply and even predict certain outcomes.

6) Having a strong internal dialogue

Individuals with a high level of intuition often have a rich internal dialogue.

They constantly converse with themselves, weighing options, exploring possibilities, and seeking answers to their questions. 

This internal dialogue helps them make sense of their feelings and instincts. It allows them to mentally explore different scenarios and outcomes before making a decision. For these individuals, their inner voice isn’t just a monologue, it’s an ongoing conversation that guides them through life.

7) A tendency towards introspection

Last but certainly not least, people with a high level of intuition often have a natural inclination towards introspection.

They frequently reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and are always trying to understand themselves better.

Introspection is essentially a conversation with one’s self.

It’s about looking inward and examining one’s own thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors.

Intuitive people often use introspection as a tool to understand not just themselves but the world around them.

If you often find yourself reflecting on your experiences and trying to understand why you think or feel a certain way, this could be another sign of your intuitive abilities.

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