10 unusual habits of people who never seem to get angry

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There are people who awe us by how calm and composed they always seem to be.

And you can’t help but wonder how they could ever manage to be so patient and level-headed.

Well, in this article, I will talk to you about 10 unusual habits of people who never seem to get angry, and why they help them be that way.

1) They always remind themselves of the bigger picture

Level-headed people might seem like they never get angry. But they actually do—they just know how to control it.

And one of the reasons why they have such a good grip on themselves is that they would constantly remind themselves of the bigger picture.

Sure, they can get mad over the fact that someone tried to steal their cookies, but will it really impact their life in a big way?

And the truth is that it most definitely will not. In fact, they will probably forget about the incident in a few hours.

But if they let their temper get to their head, they might end up ruining their day and wasting their precious time.

And this is why they can keep their temper under control… well, better than most people anyways.

2) They get proper sleep

It is no secret that our mood is directly connected to our physical state. In fact, there have been studies showing that a bad night’s sleep can cause stress and irritability.

A single night’s interrupted sleep can easily ruin your mood for a couple of days, and it’s even worse when it keeps happening over and over again.

Thus you can be sure that if someone seems to have almost supernatural levels of patience, they probably have a good sleeping schedule and a comfortable space to sleep in.

Having good sleep by itself doesn’t necessarily give someone patience, but it does keep one from being needlessly grumpy.

3) They watch their diet

There’s an old saying that goes “you are what you eat”, and there is more to this than you might realize.

There’s a network of nerves in our gut that is constantly communicating with our brains, and disruptions in our gut—such as the kind if we eat polluting food—can actually mess with our emotions.

Tests conducted with children have actually proven that some food dyes have caused children to be cranky and hyper, and that they got back to normal after they stopped consuming those same dyes.

So those people who never seem to get angry definitely watch their diet. They avoid junk like fast food and preserved meats that would flood their body with toxins and instead eat healthy, balanced meals.

4) They recite affirmations

Not all calm people are naturally born that way. In fact, a lot of them used to be quite moody and only managed to get that way through a lot of personal effort.

And one of the ways that they teach themselves to be calm is by reciting affirmations—by constantly telling themselves that, yes, they’re calm and patient.

It might seem silly, but fact is that the way we talk to ourselves does a lot to define how we actually act and think.

Constant affirmations help us by influencing our subconscious into accepting these things we tell ourselves.

5) They snip stressors away from their lives

It’s no secret that we live in a very, very stressful world.

Sometimes, we have to deal with that nosy neighbor who keeps on sticking their nose into the way we mind our yard. And then there’s just that one toxic friend who keeps on trying to involve us in malicious gossip.

Even social media is no reprieve, because the moment you log in you get bombarded by endless gloom and doom.

The solution to all of this is to just cut all those stressors away.

They would shoo away that annoying neighbor, cut that toxic “friend” out of their lives, and then happily block stressful accounts on social media to push that negativity away.

6) They let go of yesterday

Someone once told me that the secret to a thriving relationship is to never go to bed angry. And not only was he right, his advice works for more than just romance.

People who put their troubles down at the end of the day and unload all of their anger and frustrations instead of holding on to them have a much easier time staying calm.

Holding on to anger is like holding on to hot coals.

It hurts deep inside and keeps your mind occupied, which means it’s simply harder for you to be patient.

How can you be patient, for example, when you find yourself dealing with a colleague who messed up their assignment when, in the back of your head, you’re still seething over having to clean up another colleague’s incompetence a few days back?

7) They think of the people who have a short fuse

It’s useful to have role models, and most people generally know this. But something people often neglect is how useful “reverse” role models can be.

And I don’t mean negative role models or people who influence you to be a worse version of you. I mean people who you would point at and go “That person right there? Yeah, I don’t want to be like them.”

It’s for that reason that they would keep a mental list of people who have hot tempers and keep in mind what kind of people they are and what troubles their tempers have dragged them into.

They wouldn’t want people thinking about them the same way, or to ruin their lives by being quick to anger. This fear clings to them, and motivates them to stay calm.

8) They practice the art of detachment

Also known as simply knowing NOT to give a damn.

They might have people telling them that they look like a runaway clown with their current makeup, but instead of bursting in anger, they just roll their eyes and carry on.

In principle, it might seem simple to not give a damn. You just… don’t give a damn, and that’s it. But sadly, it is difficult for people to actually execute in their daily lives.

And that’s because fundamentally, to simply not give a damn means building up your self-confidence and sense of self worth to the point where they simply don’t care about what others think.

So in short, learning how to be self-confident does a lot to keep people’s tempers from flaring. People who never seem to get angry are, more likely than not, people who are self-assured and confident.

9) They treat others kindly

They say “thank you” when people do them a favor, try to be there for people in need, and then refuse to judge people for any reason whatsoever.

Patience is one of those things that simply comes to people who try to approach the world with a heart set on kindness and understanding.

And that’s because when we try to truly acknowledge everyone around us as human beings, with their own feelings, struggles, strengths, and flaws, it’s simply easier for us to be patient with them.

We can put ourselves in their boots and think… Well, what if we were having a bad day and someone snapped at us for being imperfect? What if we tried doing a good deed and we got not even a single word of thanks for it?

Treating others kindly and being compassionate does wonders to help keep anger at bay.

10) They get a hobby

This might seem like it came straight out of left field, especially when there are plenty of people who do have hobbies and yet still have anger issues.

But having a hobby—especially one that encourages patience and delicacy like pottery, painting, gardening, and cooking—can really help us all slow down and think through things more thoroughly.

Even physical hobbies like boxing and jogging can do a lot because of how they give a good outlet for any inner tension and aggressive energies.

And most importantly of all, hobbies give us joy. And that fact alone can do a lot to help us keep our anger under control.

Final thoughts 

There are many different reasons why people get angry.

There are many that are simply out of our abilities to truly tame, like being born with a naturally short temper or being beaten down by a cold, uncaring society.

So there is no one surefire way to learn how to simply never be angry (or, at least, control your anger enough that you look like you’re never angry).

The things I’ve listed in this article will all help one way or another, but don’t think any of them alone is enough to do the job. It’s up to you to find which ones work the best for you. And if you’re still struggling to stay calm even after doing everything in this list, it’s probably time you consider going to a therapist.

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