Unlock His Heart review (2023): Should you buy it?

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  • “Unlock His Heart” is a no-nonsense dating guide for women by Nadine Piat, aimed at helping women understand men and form deeper connections with them.
  • Nadine Piat is a certified personal coach and behavioral change coach with 15 years of experience in love and relationships, making her a qualified expert in the field.
  • The program costs $49.95, which includes the main book and three bonus eBooks, and offers practical tips and techniques for improving relationships, backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

As the founder of Hack Spirit, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to help people with their relationships.

And I think the recent pandemic has highlighted the need for loving relationships more than ever…

So, when a new dating program called Unlock His Heart by Nadine Piat came to my attention, I wanted to check it out.

Unlock His Heart is a no-nonsense dating guide for women. Its goal? To help you truly understand men and form a deeper connection with them.

In my Unlock His Heart review, I’ll give you a unique insight into this popular dating book—because my review is coming from a male perspective.

I’ll tell you what I liked about it, what I didn’t, and most importantly, whether I think it’s worth your time and money.

Let’s get started.

This review contains affiliate links which means I earn a commission if you end up buying the book. However, this didn’t stop me from sharing the good and the bad about it.

What is Unlock His Heart?

unlock his heart review

Unlock His Heart is a relationship course by Nadine Piat.

It gives women actionable tips and tools to transform their love life. Nadine explains how you can break down barriers to a man’s heart and create more intimate and deeper connections with him.

The main book is available for download in eBook format. There are also three bonus items which I will talk more about below.

When signing up for the program, you automatically join the vibrant community, Healthy You, Healthy Love.

The best thing about the book for me was Nadine’s direct approach. Although her no-nonsense style isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s liberating to read a dating guide for women that tells it exactly how it is.

Imagine getting no-bullshit advice from a friend with years of experience in love?

Nadine’s mission is to empower all women by eliminating the stress of their love lives. And she explains how anybody can do it.

Even if you have a terrible track record with love and relationships… it won’t matter.

Nadine covers all the important steps of a relationship: how to find a man, how to keep a man, and how to strengthen the relationship.

Although it is a practical book that any woman could benefit from, I think it’s ideal for:

  • Women who want to empower themselves and take control of their love life
  • People suffering from relationship fatigue that need to reignite the relationship
  • Finding real-life tips and tricks to find a man and keep him
  • Women who are sick of one-night stands and want to find a man for the long-term
  • Women who want to create a deeper emotional connection with their man.

Who is Nadine Piat?

Nadine Piat unlock his heart

People refer to Nadine Piat as the relationship coach “who can create love out of thin air.”

But there’s nothing magic about Nadine’s approach. She has numerous qualifications and 15 years of practical experience studying love and relationships.

She started as a coach helping people with anxiety, depression, and stress. After many years, she moved on to help people with relationship problems.

She is a certified personal coach and behavioral change coach. She has qualifications from the Australian Depression Institute, Coach U, the International Coach Federation, and Real Life Coaching.

Nadine is known for her radio and television appearances in Australia. You can also read her dating columns in newspapers from around the world.

It’s fair to say Nadine Piat is the real deal when it comes to giving relationship advice.

An overview of Unlock His Heart

Unlock His Heart is a 150+ page book that is jam packed with useful information.

It shows women step-by step how they can take control of their love lives, including practical tips that women can use on a potential or existing partner.

Note that Nadine is very direct when she explains things. If you are sensitive to direct language and learning some home truths, this program may not be for you.

However, if you are looking for something that breaks down the barriers that many men put up around women, you will get a lot out of it.

The book encourages you to evaluate how you treat men in general. She explains how what you say, and do, can affect men in both positive and negative ways.

She also gives you easy techniques to manage common everyday issues in relationships.

Many relationship guides can feel the same. Full of pointless platitudes or endless references to studies conducted by out of touch professors.

Unlock His Heart is different.

Nadine uses her expert knowledge and experience to create a truly interactive program. She gives you real-life examples of clients she has helped throughout the years.

She has also conducted her own studies and provides useful statistics throughout the book to back up her claims and ideas.

There is a real personal touch to this book.

Sometimes you will feel like you are sitting in her office listening to advice that is directed squarely at you.

(Click the button below to watch a unique introduction to the Unlock His Heart. Nadine will introduce you to her book and give you some free insights into the male mind).

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The 3 bonus eBooks

The 3 bonus eBooks are completely free, even though they could easily be sold as stand-alone products if Nadine chose to. This means the Unlock His Heart package is great value for money.

Here’s a quick break down of the bonus products – available as eBooks or audio downloads:

Bonus 1: Love Signals

Have you ever wanted to read your man’s mind?

Let me tell you; you would be surprised what goes on in our heads. And the Love Signals eBook can give you a few answers.

It details an interview Nadine had with Gillian Maddigan, a psychosomatic therapist.

What is a psychosomatic therapist? It’s actually a pretty interesting job description.

Psychosomatic therapy explores the process between our body and mind and how our bodies can become unhealthy when our mind is unsettled.

This eBook is available for download, and there is also an audio and video version.

Bonus 2: Word Poison

Everybody nags at times…

But do you know the exact words that can rub men up the wrong way?

You will after reading the Word Poison bonus eBook.

It’s a useful guide to the words and phrases that men hate. For instance, Nadine explains how certain words can break a part of a man’s heart and even your own. They create anger, resentment, and destroy relationships.

Some of these words are quite obvious, but others incredibly insightful. Men may not even know why we have a visceral reaction to certain words…. but trust me, this is how we react to them.

Bonus 3: Secrets Of A Love Therapist

This eBook takes things to another level.

You get access to real-life interviews and “off the cuff” remarks from therapy sessions. Nadine interviews a male dating and attraction expert called Carlos Cavallo. This insight is second to none and gives you a further glimpse into real people’s relationships and the problems they face.

For instance, you’ll learn that when a man pays you a compliment, they mean it. If you don’t accept the compliment and try to shrug it off, it genuinely hurts us.

So, next time you get one, say “Thank you” and smile back!

How much does Unlock His Heart cost?

It costs $49.95 to access the full Unlock His Heart book, including the 3 bonus “freebies” I mentioned above. You’ll also be offered a free trial for the upgraded “Unlock His Heart Gold.”

Is Unlock His Heart worth the price?

$49.95 isn’t pocket change. However, given all the resources you receive as well as their overall quality, I think the price is very reasonable.

Unlock His Heart review: My experience with it

I’m always curious to find out about the latest relationship courses for women. I want to give my take on them from a guy’s point of view.

Let’s face it: As a guy I know whether they’ll actually work or not.

And on Hack Spirit, I’m always on the lookout for unique hacks that can help us lead more mindful and enjoyable lives.

When I started reading Unlock His Heart by Nadine Piat, I realized that she uniquely understands how a man’s mind works.

I researched more into her background and found out she had done thousands of counseling sessions with male clients.

This extra insight into the male mind is a definite plus.

When I was reading the course, I had quite a few “yep!” moments.

My biggest surprise with the program was the way she highlighted useful things that I think few women are really aware about.

Men think differently to women. And I think a lot of it comes down to evolution and biology. Although in 2020 it may be politically incorrect to highlight differences between genders, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Trust me—they do.

So, to give yourself the best chance of being in a loving and long lasting relationship, you simply have to understand how men think and what drives us romantically.

Nadine Piat hits the nail on the head when it comes to how we think and what really drives us.

And another thing, Nadine also doesn’t shy away from the subjects surrounding sex. She answers taboo questions directly with no sideways crab maneuvers.

I’m not going to lie…

It was super interesting for me to read straight-to-the-point sex guidance for women.

Watch The Unlock His Heart Video

The Pros of Unlock His Heart

The Unlock His Heart program has many advantages over other dating programs I’ve reviewed.

Here they are:

A proper expert

Nadine Piat is an expert in her field. Not only is she is a qualified relationship therapist, but she also has experience helping people with anxiety, depression, and stress. This background gives her a distinct edge over other dating “gurus” out there.

Practical tips and techniques

Unlock His Heart gives practical tips based on Nadine’s 15 years of coaching and relationship therapy consultations. If you are looking for practical techniques to put to work immediately in your relationship, this course is ideal for you.

A lot of dating books I read cover the theory well enough, but they don’t provide a ‘blueprint’ for actually putting ideas into action.

This makes Unlock His Heart well and truly stand out from the pack.

Community Support

I had a flick through the Healthy You, Healthy Love (HYHL) community FB page, which is positively thriving with activity. It is nice to see that you can have an open and honest conversation about anything.

You can hang out with other women on the same wavelength as you.

Money-back guarantee and free trial

If you are unhappy with the course, you have the benefit of a 60-day money-back guarantee. The support desk is easy to contact, and they refund at a speedy 24 hours. There is also a free trial option for one month, but you must remember to cancel it if you don’t want to carry on.

Useful survey results

In most of these programs, a few statistics from studies appear here and there. Nadine has gone out of her way to conduct her own surveys and the results are really insightful.

The seal of approval from a man

As a man, I know that her advice is mostly spot on. It’s unusual for a woman to know the inner workings of a man so well. The program resonated with me and how I approach my own relationships.

The cons of Unlock His Heart

Although my overall experience with the program was positive, there were a few negatives.

Here they are:

In your face

If frank discussions about sex and men offend you, it might be best to give this one a miss. However, I found the style fun and different from other dating guides.

I guess this ‘con’ comes down to personal preference.

Lack of visual stimulation

At 150 pages, the main book is a big one. Although there are tables and pictures to break up the text, there’s still a lot of reading involved. And this might not work for people who prefer referring to visuals.

My advice: break it up by reading “chunks” at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the information.

May not work on all men

It’s a bold statement to say that the tips and techniques in this book will work on all men.

All men are different, even if we’re driven by similar things. I think a fairer statement would be that they would work on most men (me included).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unlock His Heart

Here are some questions that are being asked online about the Unlock His Heart program.

Who is Nadine Piat?

Nadine Piat is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of women and men with their relationships. She is a qualified personal and behavioral coach and has also helped people with anxiety, depression, and stress. She writes in dating columns for newspapers globally and has featured on radio and television.

Does Unlock His Heart work?

Unlock His Heart definitely works. You only need to pop on to the Facebook page to see thousands of positive experiences from actual women. According to Nadine’s research of her past clients, you can start seeing results from the first day. Over three weeks, this effect grows, and most women are satisfied after 30 days.

How much does Unlock His Heart cost?

The standard package costs $49.95. You get access to the full Unlock His Heart book, as well as 3 bonus books.

Is Unlock His Heart a scam?

Unlock His Heart is definitely not a scam. While some online dating products are questionable, this one is well respected and popular. Thousands of women have already bought the program to help them with their love lives. If you check out Nadine Piat’s “Healthy You, Healthy Love” community, you can see the positive interaction she has with her happy customers.

My Verdict: Is Unlock His Heart Worth it?

unlock his heart review

Unlock His Heart is one of the best dating guides for women I’ve reviewed.

Here’s why:

  • The advice Nadine Piat gives is practical and gets straight to the point. I like this no-nonsense approach. Women want something that will actually work in their relationships and Unlock His Heart definitely delivers on this.
  • Nadine’s relationship counseling pedigree is very apparent from the outset. People can (and do) pay thousands of dollars for advice from qualified professionals such as her, so the price tag of this book is great value in comparison.

Unlock His Heart will be a very useful companion for any woman looking to upgrade their love life.

If you want to hear some honest truths about men, form a deeper connection with a man, and create a passionate relationship, I encourage you to check out this book.

(Click the button below to watch a unique introduction to the Unlock His Heart. Nadine will introduce you to her book and give you some free insights into the male mind).

Watch The Unlock His Heart Video

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