Uncompromised life by Marisa Peer review: Is it worth the money?

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When I first read the sales page for Uncompromised Life, I couldn’t believe it.

Was it really possible to learn transformational hypnotherapy to literally rewire your brain for peak performance?

More importantly, would the actual lessons taught by Marisa Peer lead to deep and lasting change in my life?

As the founder of Hack Spirit, a site on mindfulness and self-improvement, I’m obsessed with new courses that inspire you to change your life.

I’ve spent the last month taking every single class taught by Marisa Peer in Uncompromised Life.

I know the course inside out.

In this review, I explain everything you need to know about Uncompromised Life.

I’ll even take you inside Uncompromised Life and what you can expect.

By the end of this review, you’ll know what’s great about Uncompromised Life, what its weaknesses are and whether you should enroll.

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But first, who is Marisa Peer?

Marisa is a recognized psychologist and hypnotherapist in Britain.

She’s been featured as Britain’s best psychologist by Men’s Health and Tatler.

Her expertise expands into everything, from treating eating disorders (which she dealt with when she was younger) to maximizing your work potential.

Yes, you read that right.

Compared to other psychologists with the mind-body approach, Marisa is interesting because of her straightforward approach to behavioral training.

She says that compared to “talking therapy”, rapid transformational therapy (RTT) works better because it’s immediately useful to the person; instead of talking back and forth for years, hypnotherapy can help you understand underlying habits that make you unsuccessful.

Traditional therapy doesn’t always work for people, especially people who have fears, trauma, and prejudice buried in their subconscious.

This makes sense.

It’s difficult to achieve breakthroughs in therapy because you’re not constantly being challenged to think twice about what you think.

For most people, it’s always been about finding the cause of the problem rather than admitting that you’re part of the problem.

Marisa knows this.

That’s why she focuses on holding us, her audience, accountable for our actions, which doesn’t always shine through in traditional talking therapy.

Marisa doesn’t just want you to sit back and listen – she wants you to change.

Sounds great, right?

If you want a sort of teaser into Marisa’s philosophy, start with her TedTalk entitled “To reach beyond your limits by training your mind”.

This material is a great intro into what Marisa is like as an instructor and psychologist, and can give you an idea on what to expect on her extensive course, The Uncompromised Life.

Here it is:

What is uncompromised life?

Uncompromised Life is Marisa Peer’s course created with Mind Valley that uses mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help you regain control of your life.

For the most part, people find it difficult to navigate their everyday life — whether it’s about work, relationships, or just battling their own demons — simply because they don’t have control over what they think and feel.

Eventually, this snowballs into not being able to control what you do.

The Uncompromised Life course is all about holding yourself accountable and getting your brain and body to cooperate so that you can fulfill your mission in life.

That’s exactly what I liked most about it.

The bottom line:

She’s trained CEOs, athletes, and other high-performing individuals to maintain that level of intensity, focus, and passion – and this course helps everyday people do the same.


Before we get stuck into what the course entails, don’t be too turned off by the over-hyped marketing

Now, what initially turned me off, and I believe might be turning you off, is that the advertising of the course is overhyped with exaggerated claims. It also focuses on wealth and earning more money.

But if you’re like me, earning more money and being successful in your career isn’t your main motivation in life.

You don’t strive to become the most successful person alive. I certainly don’t.

For most of us, we just want to be happy.

We want to stop overthinking and let go of toxic relationships and attachments. In short, we want to live a more mindful life.

I was definitely a little bit skeptical when I purchased Uncompromised Life, but those fears were quickly washed away when I heard Marisa Peer speak.

Her relaxed and calm demeanor made it seem like she was talking directly to me, and most importantly, I could relate to what she was saying.

So while Mind Valley has marketed the course in a way that’s a little over-hyped, and perhaps unbelievable, the actual course material is very down-to-earth and practical.

I highly recommend you check out her free Masterclass so you can get an idea of what her teaching style is like. Your fears about the overhyped nature of the marketing will be put to rest.

After all, you’re not enrolling in Mind Valley, you’re enrolling in the fantastic teachings of Marisa Peer.

And that’s what you need to keep a note of.

No matter how big or small your goals are: whether you just want to be a little more mindful throughout the day, or you want to lose weight, I believe that Uncompromised Life is an excellent place to start.

It’s a course that can be helpful for everyday people like you and me.

Next, I’ll talk about what is in the course so you can decide if it’s for you.


The uncompromised life: what to expect

If you’ve ever bought an online course before, you might be worried that Uncompromised Life is just one of those where you pay money to download some videos and call it a day.

But don’t worry. Uncompromised Life isn’t one of those courses.

Marisa Peer’s course is structured into 8-weeks, complete with hypnotherapy audio recordings, cues, access to an exclusive Facebook group, and workbooks.

Some days I struggled to keep up with all the teachings and recordings so you do need to make sure you have enough time to complete it all. Otherwise, you might not get the full benefit from what the course offers.

However, you still have lifetime access so if you don’t want to keep up with everyone else that’s in the course, you can do at your own pace.

You listen to an audio recording every day for 21 days. At the end of every session, you can choose to answer the workbook or journal on your own.

The amount of information and actionable tips in the is quite unbelievable. This is what I was most impressed with.

In other words:

You don’t have to worry about not having all the tools at your disposal.

It’s really comprehensive and insightful, but it’s also up to you to take action and internalize it all.

Weekly modules

Here’s a general overview of what to expect throughout the course:

Week 1 – 3: Mind reprogramming

Weeks one to three are focused on building a better mental foundation for the following weeks.

I found this particularly useful so I could understand the core tenets of getting rid of self-limiting beliefs.

Trust me, that’s going to serve you well for later in the course.

During this part of the course, Marisa locks in on reprogramming your brain and training it to be less susceptible to criticism and self-doubt – which is something you can use over and over again, even after you finish the course.

These weeks are necessary for removing any prejudice you have against yourself so you can believe that you are successful.

As Marisa says, this week is all about showing yourself how you can be a winner.

Week 4 – 6: Building new habits

Weeks four to six are all about actionable, practical advice.

After you’ve been primed to rethink how you see yourself and your placement in the world around you, Marisa goes into habit-forming activities that challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

She goes into relationships, work, and dealing with past pain.

For people with dysfunctional habits and self-destructive tendencies, this part might be particularly challenging, but I guarantee you will come out transformed if you keep at it.

The key here is that Marisa is giving you the tools to act. But it’s up to you to actually do it and be consistent with it daily.

For me, weeks 4-6 are the gold nuggets of the course. It really makes it worth it because it’s all about giving you the tools to take action.

In the end, taking action is the key to making change.

This is where I finally started to make inroads on getting rid of my negative beliefs by adopting some (what are now) life-changing habits.

Week 7 & 8: Going back to the self

Weeks seven to eight are a perfect culmination to the course.

Seeing how everything boils down to the self will really make you appreciate how structured and well thought out Marisa’s course is.

Weeks seven to eight are all about cultivating a positive self-image, bolstering your confidence, and creating an unshakeable sense of self-love.

In the end, you learn how your own personal transformation can attract wealth, a better partner, and a healthier relationship with your body.

Ultimately, Marisa’s point is that a healthy relationship with your mind inevitably sets you up with healthy relationships everywhere.

I couldn’t agree more.

Hypnotherapy sessions

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of the hypnotherapy sessions.

To me, the idea of hypnotherapy sounds a little scary, especially as my point of comparison was show masters you see in Vegas or on TV.

In reality, it is nothing like that.

Like me, you might begin your sessions feeling skeptical at first, especially if you have no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy.

However, there is really nothing to be worried about and know that the experience is 100% safe.

To make you feel at ease, here are some things you can expect during your hypnotherapy sessions:

What you feel during

After you press play, her audio recordings start immediately. She’s talking and giving instructions and the student is 100% conscious throughout this. Throughout the hypnotherapy session, you won’t really feel any different.

Contrary to what people might think, hypnotherapy won’t subject you to an altered state of mind. If anything, you will be hyper-aware of everything she is saying and become more receptive to her advice and suggestions.

She talks with quite a calm demeanor that makes it quite relaxing and easy to internalize.

What you feel after

Experiences after the hypnotherapy session differ from one student to another.

To students who have been battling with self-image issues, hypnotherapy was revealing.

They felt like they were finally realizing criticism they’ve been hearing their whole lives.

Others say they felt oddly receptive as if their defense systems were shut down and they became more open and accepting of advice.

That’s what happened to me. I became fully open to what she saying and I began to really take in the message.

Over time, this message became more and more clear and embedded in my mind.

For other people, they felt like Marisa was someone they could trust completely.

At the end of the day, hypnotherapy helps people become more responsive to what she was saying, internalizing it properly, instead of just processing it superficially.


Top 4 key takeaways I learned from uncompromised life

1) You feel what you say

One of the more revelatory pieces of wisdom from this course is that you feel what you say.

It’s easy to dismiss our complaints as just thoughts. When we feel tired we say “I don’t want to work anymore” or when we feel agitated about someone we say “I’m sick of working with this person”.

To us, this is nothing but venting, but what we don’t know is that our brain processes these words and cements them as convictions.

Simply put, the feelings that you verbally process into words turn into reality, which is why we have to be careful about the things we say.

2) Live in the present

Week 6 is a module dedicated to healing from the past and paving a path forward. Marisa makes it a point so we can understand that moving on from the past is a necessary step to moving forward.

Without even knowing it, trauma, fear, and anger from past experiences can shape who we are today.

They can dictate the relationships we make with other people and how we view ourselves vis-a-vis the world.

But Marisa reminds us that the past is where all these negative feelings belong, and that in forging a better you, you can’t keep using the past as an excuse to keep acting the way you do now.

3) You are your environment

Marisa says our environment can influence our subconscious.

The people you actively surround yourself with, the environment you choose (or not choose) to thrive in inevitably drives your subconscious habits and thoughts.

To unlock your full potential, you have to place yourself in situations that will contribute to your growth.

That involves choosing to be in situations that you normally wouldn’t place yourself in – this way, you are challenging yourself to step outside the box, make new connections, and essentially create successful interactions that will tell your brain “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

4.) Go on a self-imposed quest

Superheroes and villains have one thing in common: they have an ultimate mission.

Marisa reminds us that the reason why top performers are where they are is that their life is defined by a single mission.

Having a goal isn’t enough because goals are small milestones that you can easily knock down and set up.

If you connect with a personal mission, you are giving yourself purpose. Think of it as a long-term gameplan.

Your mission is independent of external events. No matter where you are in your life, this self-imposed quest of yours gives your life direction, regardless of what happens with your professional and personal life.

Not only do you get clarity, but you also get a never-ending supply of encouragement and motivation.

What I think on Marisa’s approach to positive change

As someone who is obsessed with everything to do with the mind, and has practiced meditation and mindfulness for many years, Marisa’s transformational hypnotherapy is deeply interesting to me.

I love that she focuses on creating positive change through our subconscious mind.

Through my extensive reading on mindfulness, it’s fairly obvious that our subconscious mind has a big impact on our emotions and actions.

And this is where Marisa Peer says she is able to do her best work.

Unfortunately, many self-improvement courses completely ignore the subconscious mind. Most self-improvement gurus believe it’s too difficult to rewire the subconscious mind.

It’s a pity because that’s where real change comes from.

That’s why Marisa Peer’s approach is so refreshing.

Many of us have false beliefs embedded in our minds about our potential and ability.

There’s no getting around it: These beliefs have built up since childhood.

Don’t worry, it’s completely normal.

But even though the majority of us experience self-doubt, Marisa uses hypnotherapy to overcome them.

As I’ve mentioned above, she does this with audio recordings, worksheets, actionable tips and classes on how to mindfully go about eliminating these self-limiting barriers.

My personal opinion is that Marissa’s teachings hit the right note.

After all, she knows what she’s talking about.

Coupling her teachings with genuine action should set you on the right path to change.

Most importantly:

It’s all about commitment and hard work from your end.

After all, that’s what we all need to do for any type of positive change we want in your life.

If you’re interested in what other students of Uncompromised Life had to say about this course, check out this video:

Is this course for you?

Now don’t get me wrong:

Not everyone will get their bang for buck with this course.


Because they won’t put the necessary work in.

You need to fully take in what Marisa is teaching, listen to the audios and then take action with your behavior.

For those who are willing to do that, I have no doubt that this course can be life-changing.

But for those who aren’t ready to put the work in, I don’t recommend buying.

Marisa’s philosophy is about maximizing your potential by unlocking your subconscious thoughts and becoming more mindful of your actions.

It really is a great combination.

So, if you’re wondering if The Uncompromised Life is for you, you should definitely consider the course if:

  • You have patterns of failure with relationships and work, and want to uncover reasons why it keeps happening
  • You are struggling with an addiction (food, cigarette, alcohol, shopping) and want to improve yourself
  • You have the tendency to self-sabotage or shutdown, and want to control these self-destructive habits
  • You are crippled by fear and anxiety, unsure how to move forward
  • You are suffering from trauma and want to move on from the past

Marisa’s clientele may be composed of the 1%, but her course is all about bringing these mind hacks and teachings closer to everyday people.

Which is awesome for you and me.

The best thing about this course is that it will strengthen your foundation as a person, whether or not you have a specific problem.

Uncompromised Life is an excellent resource, one that you can purchase for personal use or as a gift to friends.

It is a perfect introduction to mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and the subconscious as well as a supplementary resource for students of psychology, wellness, and mental health.

If you’re a little skeptical about purchasing the Uncompromised Life, then I highly recommend you check out Marisa Peer’s free Masterclass.

This is a live 20-minute rapid transformational therapy session that’s designed to reveal your limiting thought patterns so you can work to change them.

This is also a great insight into what her course is about.


After the uncompromised life: What’s changed?

Struggling with self-control and managing what the brain says is a problem for a lot of individuals.

As soon as the brain thinks something negative, it’s difficult to get out of that and prevent yourself from spiraling into something worse.

After finishing The Uncompromised Life, students may perceive signs of stress before they even start.

Instead of relying on your emotions and going on auto-pilot, The Uncomfortable Life teaches you to recognize cues that signal trouble.

With that awareness, students are able to steer their thoughts in a different direction and give themselves positive reinforcement, even without external help.

What The Uncompromised Life offers isn’t a shortcut to freedom, success, and happiness.

While this course doesn’t serve as an instant antidote to all your problems, it gives you what you need to pull yourself out of the ground with your own two hands.

The aim of rapid transformational therapy isn’t to change who you are as a person on the spot, but give you the right mental tools to become the person who you want to be.

At the end of this course, you can expect to come out with a renewed sense of self, with a more open attitude towards your relationship with your brain and the world around you.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

And that’s really what The Uncompromised Life is all about: making your brain work for you, not the other way around.

If you and your mind can come together and work as one, then you’ll be unstoppable, no matter what.


And if you’re still a little skeptical, I highly recommend you check out her free masterclass here.

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