Twin flame test: 19 questions to know if he’s your real twin flame

Soulmates are all the buzz usually.

But what about your twin flame? Have you met yours? Do you even know what a twin flame is?

The two concepts can seem very alike, but they’re fundamentally different.

But how can you know that you’ve actually met your Twin Flame?

Here’s how.

An ultimate Twin Flame test

If you’ve met someone that you think might be your twin flame, but aren’t sure, take this Twin Flame Test.

The answers to these questions will help you determine whether the person you’ve met is truly your twin flame or not.


Let’s go…

1) It might be your first time meeting, but do you somehow feel that you’ve known them since long before?

A. Absolutely!

B. Maybe? I’m not sure.

C. No, not really.

2) Do you feel like you can open up to them about anything?

A. Yes, I can tell them everything!

B. Only some things.

C. No

3) Do you feel like this person is both your best friend and a teacher to you?

A. Yes, they’re both!

B. Just one

C. Neither.

4) Do you constantly feel that you two are connected, as if you are one person, even if you are not physically together?

A. Most definitely

B. Only sometimes.

C. Nope.

5) Do you feel at ‘home’ when you’re with this person?

A. For sure!

B. Kind of, but not really.

C. Not at all.

6) Did you have an intense connection the moment you met them?

A. Yes, it was such a strong bond!

B. I’m not really sure.

C. It wasn’t really like that.

7) Do your strengths make up for each other’s weaknesses? Do they help you grow?

A. They certainly do.

B. Only to a certain extent.

C. No, they don’t.

8) Do you share the same life purpose?

A. Yes, we do!

B. Somewhat…

C. No, we’re different.

9) Can you be your true self with them?

A. Yup! I don’t feel the need to fake anything.

B. Only to a degree.

C. No.

10) Do your strengths and weaknesses complement each other?

A. Very much so.

B. A bit.

C. Not at all.

11) Are you able to resolve conflict and make up when you fight?

A. Yes, without fail.

B. Only some of the times.

C. No, we’re always fighting!

12) Do you feel like your personal space is respected when you’re with them?

A. Yup!

B. Seldomly.

C. Definitely not.

13) Do you sometimes feel that you can read each other’s minds?

A. Yeah!

B. Kinda?

C. No, not at all! How do you even do that?

14) Do you feel like you’re mirroring each other?

A. Definitely!

B. Not that often

C. Not at all

15) Do you keep pointing them to their flaws and they do the same for you?

A. Oh, yes!

B. Not really

C. Never

16) Can you call your relationship super tense and emotional?

A. That’s right!

B. Not so much

C. Not at all

17) Do you have the same relationship with anyone else in your life?

A. No, this is a unique one

B. I do, with a few other people

C. I have the same relationship with everyone

18) Are you inspired to be a better person when you’re around them?

A. All the time!

B. Sometimes

C. Never

19) Do you have a sense of synchronicity when you’re around them?

A. OMG, yes!

B. Hmm, I might have felt it…

C. Can’t recall

What do your Twin Flame Test results mean?

Were your answers…

…mostly A?

Congratulations! The person you’ve met is most likely your twin flame. Their soul serves as a mirror to yours they will be of critical significance in your Earthly life.

They might be another person, but you will always feel like they’re some sort of an uncanny version of yourself. You will know and understand each other on a deep, instinctive, and existential level even if you’ve only recently met.

You will naturally have a strong bond because, in more ways than one, you are two halves of a single soul. You are very similar people, but the differences you do have will also complement each other.

Take this as a gift from the universe, because not everyone will have the chance to do so. Your twin flame’s active presence in your life will provide you with comfort, safety, and stability. At the same time, you will push each other to be the best person you can be.

…mostly B?

We can’t be too sure, but there’s still a decent chance that you’ve run into your twin flame. Some of your answers point toward them being your twin flame, while the others don’t.

While your answers in this test may be middling, real-life human relationships can be infinitely complex, so you need to trust your gut on this one.

Try to reflect deeply on how you feel and relate to this person to determine if they truly feel like your twin flame.

…mostly C?

It’s most likely that the person you just met isn’t your twin flame yet. However, don’t fret! There’s nothing to be disappointed about.

Your soul’s other half is still definitely out there. There’s still a great chance that you will meet them in real life, and once you do, you will simply know.

While you can try to actively seek them out, you can also just sit back, relax, and wait for them to come. After all, there’s still a lot of room for personal growth even without them! It’s never a bad idea to focus on yourself.


You have all sorts of answers to this test. While it’s possible that you’ve found your twin flame, it’s also possible that you likely haven’t.

Later on in the article, we’ll tell you how to further evaluate if this person is your twin flame or not.

However, if you have a few As mixed in there, then this person definitely seems to be a very important person to you. Even if they don’t end up being your twin flame, they just might be your soulmate instead!

The definition of Twin Flames

Different people have slightly different definitions of what twin flames really are.

Some say that your twin flame is the other half of your soul. While others believe that twin flames are two souls who were predestined to help one another in physical life.

Regardless, the bottom line is that twin flames are two individuals who have an immense and crucial spiritual connection. Their souls are simply inexplicably drawn toward one another.

This connection of souls, however, is not just arbitrary. This connection also has an Earthly implication. More on this later.

What are Twin Flame Relationships for?

The existentially deep soul connection of twin flames leads to spiritual growth, freedom from the Earthly ego, and ascension beyond the physical life.

Essentially, meeting your twin flame means healing on multiple levels and is crucial to self-actualization.

For those starting on the path, it’s critical to understand that everything we experience in life is for our spiritual growth. When we internalize this philosophy, everything falls into place.

Physical life on Earth is meant to be a teaching ground for each individual soul ever incarnated. The ego is something we need to survive, but our purpose is to outgrow it.

Meeting our twin flame will help us greatly in this process. Our relationship with our twin flame will facilitate the development of our identity, challenge our beliefs, and heal all of our wounds, ultimately helping us transcend our ego or reach what is called “ego death.”

Although the journey might be filled with suffering and hardship, the end goal will be self-actualization and freedom.

So, learn how to appreciate everything you experience in life—both the good and the bad!

Maybe you’ve met your twin flame love!

Spiritual sage Todd Savvas says that twin flame relationships are very different from other relationships. There are a lot of things that make them particularly unique relative to others.

Of course, every new relationship starts with the honeymoon phase where both partners are swimming in a sea of infatuation and other intense emotions.

All the butterflies and fireworks of a new romance can make it difficult to rationally and objectively judge a situation.

Thus, it can be difficult to determine if your new partner is your twin flame. Most people, clouded by infatuation, would say that they definitely are each other’s twin flame—even if they’re not in reality (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).

However, watch out for these eight signs that they’re your twin flame!

1) Uncontrollably intense emotions

Although intense emotions are the norm for every new relationship, they’ll be on whole another level with your twin flame.

You will feel both positive and negative emotions very strongly in the presence of your twin flame—so much so that they might be even difficult to manage.

2) Magnetic attraction and a sense of déjà vu

Once you meet your twin flame, you’ll get a sense of déjà vu. You’ll recognize this person even if you’ve never met them before and you’ll feel that you’ve somehow known them all your life.

Partially due to this, you’ll be incredibly attracted to them. But it goes beyond just intense physical and sexual attraction. Their whole personality and aura will draw you closer and closer.

3) Being synchronized

Twin flame partners will soon discover just how synchronized they are.

They will not only have an aligned moral compass and compatible values but there will also be several instances where they might “coincidentally” do the same thing or say the same phrase at the same time.

These things might seem random at first, but they are actually rooted in shared past experiences that go beyond their Earthly existence.

4) Magnified insecurities

All your emotions—including your negative ones—will be so much stronger in a twin flame relationship.

Because your twin flame’s soul serves as a mirror to your own, all the doubts, fears, and insecurities that you might have been downplaying or denying will be laid bare in a relationship with them.

As scary as this sounds, take it as an opportunity to truly work on them and grow as a person. No more hiding from your dark side: just as you fully embrace your twin flame partner, it’s time to confront parts of you that you may not like.

5) You always crave their presence

Your twin flame is practically irresistible. You want to be close to them, both physically and psychologically, whenever you’re with them.

And when you’re not? You’ll be craving their presence the way a thirsty man craves water in the desert.

From the moment you meet them until your deaths, this attraction will persist. It will never wane and will always be incredibly intense.

6) You’re inspired to be better

The main reason the universe conspires to bring you together with your twin flame is to facilitate your growth. They will help you immensely in reaching your full potential.

So don’t be surprised when a fire is ignited in your heart and you suddenly want to strive to become a better person. The fiery zeal of a twin flame relationship often brings with it a lot of ups and downs.

These hardships are meant to push you to be the best person you can possibly be. Although you will face a lot of hardship with your twin flame relationship, these challenges are also an opportunity for growth both as individuals and as partners.

“This journey demands spiritual growth,” Savvas explains. You will need to get past your fears and you can’t afford to let anything hold you back.

Only then can you make the most out of the universe’s gift of a twin flame relationship. You are meant to bring out the best in each other, even if it’s through some amount of suffering.

7) The relationship isn’t exactly peaceful

Due to the strong emotions caused by being in each other’s presence, twin flame relationships are often quite chaotic. There will be a lot of fights, arguments, and resentment despite the equally intense love.

This is because you will see a lot of yourself in your partner, including their flaws. All the worst parts of yourself such as your insecurities, dark thoughts, and even your own wickedness will be reflected back to you by your partner, as they exhibit similar characteristics.

In the end, what you’re truly disliking is not your twin flame partner, but yourself. And that is why a twin flame relationship’s main purpose is individual growth through a shared life: you need to grow past your darkness with each other’s help.

8) You keep breaking up and coming back

Such turbulence can even take the form of an on-again, off-again relationship.

As blissful as it is to be in a twin flame relationship, it can also be overwhelming in the worst ways possible, leading twin flame couples to call it quits quite often.

However, as we said above, no matter what happens, your attraction to each other will never wane. You will always want each other back—and the universe wants you to back together too.

It can years or even decades to be reunited with your twin flame partner, but it’s simply meant to be. You will eventually and inevitably find your way back together.

Is there a twin flame for everyone?

Yes, every single soul in creation has a twin flame. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone will meet theirs in this lifetime. If they don’t meet their twin flame in this life, maybe they will in future ones.

The reunion of twin flames is a very powerful event, as it spurs an essential spiritual transformation.

For some people, this kind of occurrence is not welcome nor needed in this life. It may even be detrimental due to how intense it is.

Can your soulmate also be your twin flame?

Yes, it’s possible that your soulmate is also your twin flame. The two are different things and serve different functions, but they can be embodied by a single person.

Twin flame relationships are meant to be intense and fiery, and the challenges that come with a relationship with your twin flame are designed to help you grow and achieve your potential.

On the other hand, a relationship with your soulmate tends to be more peaceful and harmonious, and your soulmate is meant to be gentle and supportive towards you.

Although this sounds very contradictory, one person can still fulfill the role and function of both a soul mate and a twin flame in different ways and at different times during the relationship.

Why are there more twin flame relationships than before?

The world is changing and humanity has recently entered into a new era of existence.

Many people have predicted this dramatic shift. Yugas, for example, are ancient yogic texts that have foreseen such changes, and so did the Mayan calendar.

Even the 1960s pop album “Age of Aquarius” by The 5th Dimension sang about it.

Recently, humanity has been putting more emphasis on mental and spiritual health, the healing of generational trauma, being in tune with our minds, and how to transcend our Earthly egos.

Because of—as well as despite—the fact that our lives have become easier due to material and technological progress, we’ve learned how to put value in hardship. After all, undergoing suffering is the impetus that leads to growth and maturity.

And so the universe acknowledges such a shift in our collective mentality. As human society starts to grow spiritually, we are blessed with a reunion with our twin flames, with the other half of our souls.

Our twin flames are here to help us grow even further, to push us to reach our full potential not just as human beings, but as spiritual entities as well.

Ushering in this new era will be quite the challenge as well.

And even if the presence of our twin flames will add to that challenge, they will also serve as our companions as we go through this tumultuous journey.

Together with our twin flames, we will learn, if not forge, a new way of living.

Is it possible for twin flames to fall out of love?

Yes, despite the deeply existential and spiritual connection twin flames have, they can still fall out of love in their Earthly relationship. However, more often than not, they will be too drawn together to stay apart.

As we’ve said above, most twin flame partners fall in and out of love repeatedly. Such is the nature of such an intense relationship. The reality is that physical life is simply too complicated and convoluted of a vessel for such a powerful connection to exist in peacefully.

And because the main purpose of meeting your twin flame is for you to grow and evolve, sometimes they outlive their usefulness once you’ve reached your potential.

However, humans are constantly growing and evolving even if they’ve supposedly reached their potential for the time being. Thus your twin flame is still likely to return at some point in your life.

But, even if they do not end up reconnecting for good in this life, this doesn’t mean that such a spiritual connection has withered—it simply means that permanent physical romance was not the form it was meant to exist in.

Wrapping up

The meeting of two twin flames is an existential milestone. It would cause a spiritual explosion in the worlds of those two souls because they will sense that they just met an immensely important person.

When you finally meet your twin flame, you will be overflowing with emotions. Instinctively, you will feel that your entire life is about to change in a dramatic, irreversible way.

This will be an incredibly intense and groundbreaking event, and you might feel overwhelmed. But deep inside, you will also know that great things are about to occur.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea about how to identify if you met your twin flame.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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