11 common twin flame relationship problems (and how to overcome them)

Meeting your twin flame should be a blissful experience — and for the most part, it is.

You’ve finally found the person that understands your emotions, pains, dreams, and feelings without having to say much.

No matter how extraordinary twin flame relationships are, they still aren’t immune to ordinary problems: arguments, age gaps, wrong timing, and more.

The difficulties don’t mean that they’re the wrong person for you, however.

In fact, it’s by working through these difficulties that allow you and your twin flame to ascend to a greater stage of union.

But just like solving any problem, the most important first step is to recognize that there is one.

Here are 11 of the most common problems that may occur in twin flame relationships.

1. You Have Multiple Arguments And Disagreements

No relationship is without its difficulties.

No matter how compatible the both of you are, there are bound to be things that you will disagree on or that you haven’t yet accepted about each other.

Maybe your twin flame has an annoying habit of leaving their surroundings messy.

Or you have an argument about where to spend holidays — with their family or yours.

What makes twin flame relationships so special is also what makes it so difficult: you both share the same soul.

When you love them it’s like loving yourself.

When you argue with them, however, it’s like arguing with yourself.

It can get confusing and frustrating.

But, after having careful, honest, and open conversations, you will eventually be able to work it out.

The universe has planned for you to be together, after all.

2. One Of You Is Already Taken

You can meet your twin flame at any point of your life, run into them at any venue, or get in touch with them through a fortunate series of events and connections.

The universe has planned this all, of course — even when you both meet and one of you is already involved with someone else.

That’s where it gets complicated.

Above all, navigating through this complicated situation is going to require patience and honesty.

While both of you might wish that circumstances were different, this could also be the universe testing your relationship.

Remember that the universe always has a plan for twin flames to be together in one way or another.

It may take a few months or years; what’s important is that you’ve found your twin flame and you can already begin to get to know each other.

It’s important however that you each respect each other’s pacing.

If one isn’t ready to leave their relationship just yet, don’t force them to.

Have patience.

3. There’s A Significant Age Gap

Your twin flame could be anyone, even someone much older or younger than you.

The age gap doesn’t usually pose a large problem, even in relationships that aren’t involving twin flames.

What could become a problem is the level of maturity that each person has.

If one still hangs on to petty grudges and hasn’t learned to forgive and understand, it could complicate the relationship.

4. You Each Live Far Away From Each Other

After finally meeting your twin flame, it’s understandably difficult when one of you has to go away for a while — or if they live in a different timezone entirely.

Long-distance relationships are never easy.

But it can also become a way to strengthen your relationship.

Additionally, it might actually be easier for twin flames.

If your connection is strong enough, you can be able to sense their energy no matter how far apart you are.

It will always feel like they’re there with you.

With enough trust and commitment, the universe will reward you by bringing you back together.

5. Runner-Chaser Dynamic

The twin flame relationship is usually very intense emotionally and mentally.

This is why it’s common for there to be a runner (one who avoids the relationship) and a chaser (one who pursues the relationship).

The runner may not be prepared for such commitment, but the chaser is. This is a common stage in the twin flame relationship, one that isn’t permanent.

Eventually, once the runner has been given time and space for their soul to grow, they can finally reunite like how the universe intended.

If your twin flame is ignoring you, then the below video might help you out:

6. Fear Of Confrontation

Your twin flame shows you the parts of yourself that you’ve been trying to hide from.

These are the flaws, insecurities, fears, doubts, and regrets that you’d rather not think about.

But in a twin flame relationship, you can’t escape it.

It forces you to confront yourself, which can be overwhelming for either one of you.

Getting over this will take time.

Patience is always important here.

Once you’ve learned to accept yourself, you’ll have completely accepted your twin flame as well.

7. Separation Phase Pains

The separation phase occurs after the honeymoon phase.

As your relationship gets more serious, it can get overwhelming.

It’s natural for your relationship to become an on again, off again type of situation.

There are different possible causes for this: your souls need time to mature and grow first, or because you each need to love yourselves first.

You might each still be coming to terms with who you are and what you look forward to in life.

It could also be because the universe doesn’t believe it’s time yet for something serious.

What is true is that, if they truly are your twin flame, you will inevitably find your way back to each other, now more mature and understanding.

8. Becoming Too Obsessive

When you’re out with your friends, your twin flame might be constantly checking up on you, never truly leaving you alone.

When they’re the ones who are away, you can’t help but feel worried about them; you obsess and overthink, wondering:

“What if they find someone better than me?”

While it’s common for this kind of behavior, it isn’t going to be healthy in the long run.

This is where the value of trust in a relationship becomes emphasized.

You each need to trust one another, the relationship, and even the universe that, as twin flames, you are always destined to be together.

9. Life Begins To Feel Disorganized

Your twin flame relationship is so powerful that it can begin affecting different areas of your life.

At around the same time that problems came about with your relationship, your boss starts giving you difficult and exhausting work; suddenly your car tire gets punctured; you miss events; you become forgetful of your belongings, and your eating habits become worse.

This happens not just in twin flame relationships, but in ordinary ones as well.

When someone is experiencing problems in their relationship, it tends to take up a large part of their mental energy.

They spend a good deal of time mulling over the relationship that their mind becomes foggy and cluttered.

Only by resolving the issues of the relationship can mental peace be restored for the both of you.

10. The Relationship Feels Surreal

Meeting your twin flame can become a surreal experience. There is literally no one in the world like them.

Because of that, your mind may have difficulty understanding it.

You might begin experiencing insomnia, or you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind racing from a strange dream.

You begin to feel fatigued but you don’t know why.

You notice similar numbers all around you.

You feel sensations around your body and down your spine.

It starts to feel like you’re going crazy (when you aren’t).

This happens because you’re going through a spiritual awakening being with your twin flame.

To help you overcome this, it may be helpful to seek close friends who are willing to support you and keep you grounded.

11. You Aren’t Actually Twin Flames

Haven’t been seeing eye to eye with each other?

It feels like you haven’t been on the same page recently?

There’s always the possibility that they aren’t actually your twin flame.

Yes, this can happen, and it’s a common occurrence.

Before committing to your supposed “twin flame” make sure to ask yourself a few questions, like: do we compliment each other? Balance each other out? Am I truly able to empathize with their struggles and emotions, and can they do the same for me?

These are some of the most common traits of twin flame relationships.

So if you answered No to them, then you might’ve mistaken the person you’re with for someone else.

Problems plague all relationships.

If your relationship is going through a rough patch, or there’s something getting in the way, take it as a test from the universe about your commitment to your twin flame.

It wants to know if you are truly willing to surrender to them, which is ultimately the final stage of twin flame relationships.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to always be patient with one another.

Be open and honest.

If the universe has truly decided that you are twin flames, then it will inevitably transform your relationship into a lifelong union.

These problems might just serve to strengthen your bond.

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