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Let's find out whether he really is your twin flame!

QUIZ: Is He Your Twin Flame?

You’ve met someone amazing. It’s as if you’ve met them before…like you used to be one person, coming from the same womb. It kinda feels like a soulmate but much, much stronger.

They could be your twin flame!

A twin flame is a mirror, a piece of your soul in another person. A twin flame is not necessarily a soulmate or a romantic partner and, while you can have many soulmates, you can only ever have ONLY ONE twin flame.

They will reflect right back everything there is about you. Every strength, every insecurity, and every weakness you keep to yourself will be brought out into the open.

Because of this, relationships with twin flames —romantic or not—are especially intense and turbulent.

Be ready for total transformation if you’ve found your twin flame!

Have you met yours yet? Take my quiz for a real and honest answer.