15 signs you’re marrying your twin flame

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Pretty soon, you’ll be walking down the aisle, about to marry the love of your life.

You’ve been dating for quite some time now. You have a deep, loving connection that seems almost otherworldly. And maybe, in fact, it is.

You could be marrying your twin flame! But how can you know for sure? Here are 15 signs that will help you find out.

1) You have a deep connection on all levels

A great sign you’re marrying your twin flame is an incredible connection. It won’t just be love or lust. You will feel a deep, magnetic pull on several levels:

1) Emotional

2) Mental

3) Physical

4) Spiritual

This kind of intense connection is innate for twin flames, but it will take some work from both your parts to form it fully.

This work takes courage, as it brings to light hidden emotions and unhealed wounds. But once you get past them, you will experience a form of pure love that only twin flame lovers know.

Emotional – You may find yourself loving harder than you ever thought possible. It may feel like you’re the only two people in the world, and everything else falls away when you are with your twin flame. Your conversations become deep and electrically charged.

Mental – You’ll feel genuine interest for each other and stimulate each other mentally. You will be incredibly similar in some ways. You may also have some complementary skills and talents that make a perfect balance. This will let you help each other with your dreams.

Physical – The powerful physical attraction goes beyond sexual energy. It is almost like a feeling of oneness. Twin flames exchange energy with each other, and have the ability to sense each other’s emotions even from miles away.

Spiritual – To let the spiritual connection crystallize, both of you have to heal your personal demons. Pure love leaves no room for co-dependence, manipulation, or ego. Once you let go of these things, you will begin vibrating on the same frequency. This is the ultimate experience of unconditional love.

2) You feel like you’re marrying your best friend and your lover

Ever heard people say that the key to a successful marriage is marrying your best friend? When you’re marrying your twin flame, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

A twin flame is far more than just a lover. They are literally your other half. They share the same soul as you. This lets you understand each other like nobody else.

If you have worked on the four levels of connection described above, you will feel connected to your fiance in every way possible. But don’t worry if you still have some work left to do — there’s no time limit for growth.

Your twin flame will understand your deepest feelings, desires, and fears. They will share many of them with you, in fact.

They’ll be able to comfort you in your time of need, or at least go through the experience with you.

This is a clear sign that you could be marrying your twin flame. It’s also great news for you: a study found married couples who said they are also best friends are significantly happier.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea if you’re marrying your twin flame.

But why not get even more clarity by speaking to a real psychic?

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A gifted advisor from Psychic Source can tell you if you’re about to marry your twin flame. But they can also tell you how well matched you are and what you should work on for ultimate marital bliss.

4) You have many life experiences in common

You have undoubtedly shared many life experiences with your fiance.

But if you want to know if you’re marrying your twin flame, look to your individual experiences too. Even if you grew up in very different ways, it’s common for twin flames to have had very similar experiences. These can be any kind of milestone:

  • You have the same number of siblings
  • You have similar experiences with your parents
  • You’ve both made a radical career change
  • You’ve both traveled the world
  • You have both experienced great tragedy, heartbreak, or betrayal
  • You have both gone through a childhood illness
  • You have both followed your dreams

This reinforces your deep connection, as they shape your mutual motivation, values, and beliefs.

5) You feel like you’re becoming whole

In God’s Word, marriage is two people uniting to become one flesh. They become one unit.

If you feel like this is totally true, that’s a powerful sign you’re marrying your twin flame.

Your twin flame is the other half of your soul in another body. Coming together with them is quite literally becoming complete.

This doesn’t mean you lose your individuality or are worthless on your own. On the contrary — this union makes both of you stronger and happier alone and together. You won’t project the same limitations on them as you have in previous relationships.

Many people get married when they find “the one” — but to you, this feels more like finding “oneness”.

6) You have been through difficult times

Any happily married couple will tell you it’s not just sunshine and rainbows.

The strongest couples have been through difficult periods and come out the other end still holding hands. No one knows this better than twin flames.

You may have experienced relationship problems in many forms:

These experiences were likely very painful. But the most important thing is that you made it through. You always choose forgiveness and love above all else.

If this describes you, it’s a good indicator you’re marrying your twin flame. It’s also a sign of great hope.

Now, you’re going into your marriage knowing you have strength and resilience. This will keep your relationship strong through anything life may throw your way.

7) A wedding feels like a beautiful but somewhat inadequate symbol

For some couples, a wedding is the ultimate pinnacle of their relationship. They vow their love and commitment to each other, and become bound together for the rest of their lives. That’s as far as their relationship can go.

But for twin flames, this barely scratches the surface. The real union happens on a whole other level: in the spiritual dimension.

As beautiful as a wedding can be, it can never fully capture the depth of twin flame ascension. There’s no way to simulate such a profound experience in the three-dimensional world.

Thus, all the decorations and formalities of a wedding will feel a bit inadequate and even superficial.

This isn’t to say you won’t enjoy your wedding, or that it won’t be a magical experience. But it doesn’t even come close to the real deal.

As a result, you may obsess over every little detail of the wedding. You might want to make it convey the real experience as much as possible, even though there’s no way to do it.

Conversely, you may feel aloof and carefree. Marrying your twin flame is a big event, but it’s only a symbol of the union that really counts.

8) You feel strong wedding jitters

Even on a normal day, twin flames may bring out each other’s insecurities and fears. This may be even more intensified leading up to your wedding.

Marrying your twin flame means joining your other half. This sounds like perfect harmony. But twin flames also share many of their insecurities and fears. They mirror these back to each other. This can inflate them to such a level that you continue to clash with each other.

Now add something as stressful as planning a wedding to the mix. You’ve practically got a recipe for anxiety!

You might feel flooded by doubts, both about yourself and your partner. You may find yourself wondering:

  • Are we right for each other?
  • Are we making a huge mistake?
  • Will our love last forever?
  • What if our relationship changes?

It’s completely normal to feel fear and insecurities. This doesn’t mean you won’t make it, or that your connection isn’t strong.

On the contrary — your energetic connection runs so deep that it often leaks into your anxieties. So this is one of the signs that you’re marrying your twin flame.

Remember that the key to a strong marriage, twin flames or not, is communication. Talk to your partner about your feelings. You may discover they actually have the same worries!

Once you learn how to share these fears with each other, you can help each other work through them. This skill will help you not just before the wedding, but also to save your marriage if any problems come up.

9) You can’t stand the thought of not marrying them

As we mentioned above, you may be feeling a lot of insecurities about your wedding.

But once you work through the layers of fear, you come to a clear realization: you can’t stand the thought of not marrying your twin flame.

The doubts and anxiety you’re feeling can’t take away the magnetic pull of two halves of a soul becoming one. They don’t weaken your bond – if anything, they prove it is strong.

The possibility of not marrying your twin flame fills you with a profound sadness. You feel like you’d be losing an important part of you that nothing else could fill.

This realization will help you work through your fears about your wedding. Nobody is perfect, and your twin flame is no exception. Just focus on what they mean to you, and everything positive they add to your life.

10) You continue to help each other grow

The twin flame journey is a long one — much longer than a single lifetime.

Even before you met, your connection was already evolving. It continues to do so throughout the whole relationship, and into your next lifetimes too.

You and your twin flame will both evolve along with it. A powerful sign you’re marrying your twin flame is that you never stop challenging each other.

Every day, you continue to discover new aspects of your relationship. You always have something you can work on to make the bond even stronger. There is no limit to how far a twin flame connection can go.

Your twin flame will motivate you to be better. You will want to be as whole as possible, so that you can give more and more to them.

They will help you grow every day. Some of these lessons might be painful or uncomfortable.

But at the end of the day, you and your twin flame will both come out stronger for it. And this is one of the signs you’re marrying the right person for you.

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11) You have similar stances towards married life

It’s important to go into a marriage with shared values and beliefs. It’s also one of the signs you’re marrying your twin flame.

Your deep emotional, mental, and spiritual connection has allowed you to talk openly about many things. You each know where the other stands and you have found common ground before marriage.

You will agree on important life issues:

  • Whether or not you want to have children
  • Your separate responsibilities as married partners
  • How you will share, save, and spend money
  • Where you want to live
  • If you want to rent or buy, and a house or apartment

It’s important to be able to discuss all these things. You want to have faith that you are both on the same page while starting your life together.

You may have some differences of opinion on certain aspects of married life. But it’s never something you can’t talk through.

It’s crucial to be able to give understanding and compassion to your twin flame. When you understand where they’re coming from, you’ll both be able to reach a resolution.

12) You feel stronger synchronicities before the wedding

If you’re marrying your twin flame, you have probably already experienced being crazily in sync. You have the same thoughts, feelings, and decisions, even though you didn’t discuss or plan them together.

This is the result of your communication on a spiritual level. It manifests in the three-dimensional world as synchronicities.

This powerful phenomenon evolves along with your relationship.

Around the time you met your twin flame, you may have bumped into each other a lot in random places. Perhaps you were thinking of them just as you got a text or a call from them. Or maybe you were seeing their name pop up everywhere.

By the time you’re marrying your twin flame, your connection has had time to grow and blossom. This means the synchronicities will look a little different too.

Your Souls are no longer trying to guide you towards meeting or reunion. Now, they are pointing you towards the next phase in your twin flame journey.

These synchronicities could be signs you’re marrying your twin flame:

  • You call or text each other at the same time
  • You know what they’re thinking just by looking into their eyes
  • You both have the same reaction to something
  • You inexplicably get a feeling
  • You have the same ideas about how to do your wedding
  • You plan the same surprise for each other
  • Your partner brings things up in conversation that you were just thinking about

13) You see signs everywhere pointing towards the wedding

It’s not uncommon for twin flames to see signs that they’re meant to be together. As your marriage draws closer, you’ll see more and more of them pop up.

This is your Soul trying to reassure you that you’re on the right path. As we mentioned above, weddings are a nerve-racking affair, even for non twin flame couples.

Your strong energetic connection can leak into anxiety, which might make you panic. Is this wedding a good idea? Am I marrying the right person? Are we really meant to be together?

The universe could be trying to give you answers.

Keep your eyes open to your surroundings. You might notice signs that you’re marrying your twin flame:

  • You hear your song playing everywhere
  • Your angel number keeps popping up when you mention your wedding
  • You hear people talking about problems that resemble your own fears
  • Love is everywhere around you
  • You have dreams about your twin flame

If you want to learn more about twin flame dreams and what they mean, check out our video on 9 potential meanings of twin flame dreams:


14) They have helped you heal

Twin flames are about growth.

But this isn’t all. Even false twin flames, and catalyst twin flames help you grow. A real twin flame goes deeper than that: they also help you heal.

This is the magic of a twin flame connection. It’s full of contradictions that seem to fit perfectly into place.

Your twin flame might drive you mad, and also make you feel calmer than ever before. They rip you apart, and soothe you like nobody else.

Twin flame bonds always have a divine purpose. This transcends your own human desires, and maybe even the dimension you live in.

For you to be able to fulfil this purpose, you need to heal first. Your twin flame is exactly the person who will help you do this.

In understanding your fears, they help you let go of them. You’re able to talk to your twin flame about anything, and they’re there to listen to you.

15) Marrying them just feels right

Probably the biggest sign you’re marrying your twin flame is your own intuition.

Deep in your heart, you know that being with this person just feels right.

There is no way to explain it with words or logic — this kind of connection goes way beyond these things. But all your gut feelings point to you being destined to be together.

This confidence might sometimes be buried in layers of insecurities and doubts. But it’s always there, at the foundation.

In tough times, you can reach down to this root of your energy and draw upon it for strength. It will give you the courage to handle all parts of your twin flame journey and the faith that it will all fit into the divine plan.

Final thoughts

If you recognize yourself in these signs, chances are that you’re marrying your twin flame. Remember that this journey is never easy, but it’s always one that pays off. If you continue to put in mutual love and effort, your twin flame connection will take you further than you can even imagine.

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