12 signs you’re in the process of twin flame healing

We all have insecurities that aren’t easy to confront; regrets that we can’t seem to get over; past trauma that still haunts us.

The beauty of the twin flame relationship is that it allows us to learn how to recover from these pains with someone that we trust and love.

This doesn’t mean that it will be easy, however.

Healing wounds is a slow and gradual process. It can often lead to more pain, frustration, and disappointment.

But only by healing together with your twin flame are you able to reclaim your entire being.

You learn how to truly love — yourself and your twin flame.

Here are 12 signs that may tell you that your twin flame healing is already in progress.

1. You Begin To Forgive Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is one of the experiences of a twin flame relationship.

When you’re faced with someone who shares the same soul as you, the choice is either to face and accept the regrets of your past or give up the opportunity to spend your life with them.

Everyone has made painful mistakes in their life.

No one is perfect.

It could take having to get into a twin flame relationship for you to realize that.

Forgiving yourself is about allowing your soul to be what it is, without having to punish it for what it’s done.

Yes, you’ve learned your lesson.

That doesn’t mean you have to continue enduring the pain.

Holding on to the emotional baggage of wishing you had said something kinder to a loved one, acted braver in the face of fear, or taken notice of someone in need before will only complicate your relationship.

2. You Become Comfortable Being Away From Each Other

This isn’t to say that you don’t still miss each other — of course, you still do.

But now you’ve learned not to feel crippled or lonely when they’re away.

This is a common feeling of the honeymoon phase of any relationship, especially with their one and only twin flame.

They want to spend all their time with each other: constantly meeting, always messaging, and calling.

When a business trip or family vacation disrupts that routine, it can feel uncomfortable.

One might even begin to worry about what the other might be doing. “They might find someone else”, you might think.

While you may have felt that before, now you have more trust in them and in your relationship.

This is not only a sign of twin flame healing but of growth and maturity as well.

3. You’re More Welcoming Of What Fate Has To Offer You

You could say that you used to want to control everything around you.

Leaving things to fate was unthinkable, so you planned and planned for the uncertain future.

But after countless disappointments where things didn’t turn out as planned, you’ve realized that there’s always going to be uncertainty in life.

Even meeting your twin flame might have been a random encounter.

The universe always has grand plans for you.

Of course, all this can be confusing.

But it’s worth trusting the process of twin flame healing and welcoming whatever it has in store for you.

4. You Stop Being Afraid Of What Once Scared You

Before, you would overthink what to wear when you go out.

You were worried about what other people might say about you.

Or you constantly second-guess yourself when sharing your opinion in a group discussion because you were afraid of being outcasted.

But now you’re slowly learning that what someone thinks of you shouldn’t be anything of concern: you can’t control it anyway.

So you’ve learned to speak your mind and share contradictory opinions.

You don’t hold yourself back anymore and you’re realizing that the best way to live is to be authentic and honest — to yourself and your twin flame.

Twin flame relationships are intense and this is the kind of positive effect they can have.

5. You’re More Mindful

You used to simply go along with your routines on auto-pilot.

You never really thought about what you were doing or saying to someone.

This makes even the most precious moments slip by without you even noticing.

But suddenly, you’ve started to appreciate the little things in your life.

You’ve become more mindful of the taste of your morning coffee, of the conversation that you had with your friend or the steps that you take going up the stairs.

You’re mindful of the weather and the sun, and your actions when you’re with your twin flame.

This means the universe is raising your consciousness to an even greater level of awareness — not just of yourself but of things around you too.

6. You’re More Confident In Your Relationship

When you get into disagreements, you used to always be the one to compromise because you didn’t trust that the relationship would work out if you didn’t.

You were worried that any conflict would damage the relationship.

But now you’re learning to stand up for yourself and your wants and needs without being too hostile to your twin flame.

These civil disagreements are one of the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

Now that you’re more confident, it’s a clear sign that you’ve made much progress on your healing journey together.

7. You Begin Breaking Bad Habits

When someone did you wrong, you held enduring grudges.

When you saw on social media that someone you knew got promoted, you passed it off as them just being lucky — but still getting envious of them.

These are low-frequency, negative feelings that are too easy to become habits.

Now that you’re with your twin flame, you’re starting to realize that these feelings added nothing to your life.

You’re now accepting of others and started focusing on your own life and growth with your twin flame.

8. You’re Both On The Same Frequency More Often

You and your twin flame begin sharing more of the same feelings together.

That’s because the healing process peels away your pains to make way for greater telepathy to occur.

It’s as if you were untangling the wires for a TV and now you’re receiving clearer reception.

You knew that you were both on the same page, but now you really get to see that you share the same goals in life, or that they complement each other perfectly.

You both want the same number of kids, want to live in the same location in the future, or share the same mission in life.

9. You Let Go Of Petty Problems

When someone accidentally gives you the wrong order at a restaurant, you don’t get worked up about it as much as you did before.

Or when someone speaks in a way that you found annoying, you’ve grown to accept them for who they really are, paying more attention to what they’re saying.

We all have petty problems.

It’s difficult not to get so sucked into having to face them because when it’s happening, we don’t realize how insignificant it actually is in the grand scheme of things.

But since your consciousness is slowly being elevated by your twin flame relationship, you begin to concern yourself more with the things that matter the most: love, relationships, enjoyment, and seeking a sense of fulfillment in life.

10. There’s A Sense Of Balance In Your Life

Although you haven’t gotten a new job, a new car, or even a new pair of slippers, life feels different. You can’t describe it, but there’s a sense of peace that’s suddenly emerged.

Your professional life has nothing putting you under too much stress. Life at home is quiet and simple.

Your friends are always in touch, and you’re flourishing in a newfound personal hobby.

This shows that the healing in your twin flame relationship is well underway.

11. You Become More Giving

Prior to your relationship, you weren’t really one to volunteer for any centers in your neighborhood or be aware of those in need.

You weren’t evil, you were just focusing on other things.

But now you’ve found yourself opening the door for the person walking behind you, offering to help carry the groceries from the car to the kitchen, treating your twin flame with a surprise gift.

This might be the universe trying to unite you with those around you, especially your twin flame.

12. You Become Proud Of Who You Are

You’ve come to understand what self-love truly is.

You know that you have faults in the past that can’t be erased.

So you’ve learned to fully accept them.

That’s because it gave you lifelong lessons that you will take with you as your love for your twin flame grows.

Loving your twin flame is a form of self-love, after all.

Healing in twin flames isn’t an overnight transformation.

It’s going to take consistent effort every day.

Just like any other great change, it’s going to feel like nothing new has happened each day.

But looking back at yourself after a few months or years, it’ll feel like a night and day difference.

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