Twin flame communication in dreams: Everything you need to know

Do you often find yourself dreaming about your twin flame?

It may be a sign that your other half wants to speak with you – and vice versa.

Here’s everything you need to know about the twin flame communication that occurs in your dreams.

Twin flame telepathy

All of us have this energy that makes us ‘vibrate’ in a unique way. You won’t find this frequency in other people – up until you meet your twin flame.

This ‘other half’ doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner. They could be a friend with whom you share a strong connection.

When you meet your twin flame, you’ll begin to channel feelings and emotions that aren’t yours. You feel their sadness, happiness, and other emotions as if they were innately yours.

It’s a phenomenon many know as twin flame telepathy.

Twin flame dream communication

The twin flame telepathy ‘link’ can be achieved in several ways, including that of ‘dream communication‘.

It often occurs when twin flames are separated from each other. So when they sleep, their minds struggle to connect with the other subconsciously. That way, they can communicate with each other despite the vast distance between them.

Dream communication, however, doesn’t happen in a flick of a finger. The attraction and desire between you and your twin flame should be deep and passionate for it to happen.

If your other half doesn’t feel the same way, then you’re the only one who’s going to dream about them.

Once you establish such a connection, you can experience dream communication through several ways.

The most famous example is astral projection, an experience that causes your soul to separate from your physical body. Once ‘free,’ it can travel throughout the universe – dreams included.

Another way is through conscious influence. Either you or your twin flame sends vibrations strong enough that you end up dreaming about each other.

Out of all the forms of twin flame telepathy, dream communication is considered the strongest of all. It’s said to be the purest form as well.

Remember – when you sleep, you leave everything outside your mind’s door. There are no strong emotions that cloud your mind, which happens when you’re awake.

Instead, what your mind conjures up is its sincerest thoughts – including being with your twin flame.

Why your twin flame is in your dreams

Here are six reasons why your other half keeps on appearing in your nightly thoughts.

1) You miss your other half

You might view yourself as an independent person, but the truth of the matter is you need somebody in your life.

No man is an island, after all.

When you find your twin flame, you can’t help but be drawn to them – no matter how strong-willed you are.

And even if you try to suppress these longing feelings, they’ll bubble up in the form of dreams.

As Dr. Timothy Legg has said in his article, “Dreams are a representation of unconscious desires and wishes.”

2) They miss you too

Your twin flame appearing in your dreams is their way of saying they miss and need you. They’re sending unique vibrations that occur in your dreams.

It’s similar to you missing them. They wish to be with you, and their vibrations are manifesting in your slumber.

3) You need their help

Perhaps there might be something complicated that’s happening in your life. They manifest in your dreams because they ‘feel’ that you need help.

And even if they’re far away from you physically, dreams are their way of telling you that they’re ready to hear you out.

By appearing in your sleep, your twin flame is letting you know that they’re ready to share your burden.

This is also a sign of twin flame healing.

4) The universe is conspiring to bring you together

Even if you share a strong bond with your twin flame, you can’t be with them 24/7. Of course, it would be lovely to spend most of your time with them.

Having your twin flame in your dream may be a sign that the universe is conspiring to bring you together. You two might not know it, but this may be the push both of you need to finally reunite.

Interpreting twin flame dreams

Twin flame dreams are not always clear-cut. They’re often abstract, which makes them harder to interpret. That said, you can unlock their meanings by keeping these in mind:

1) Twin flame dreams often use symbolism

Intuitive dreams, such as those you experience with your twin flame, often project symbols.

It’s the mind’s way of ‘bypassing’ the skepticism and the resistance you feel.

For example, your twin flame may be struggling to tell you they love you – but you’re shrugging their advances thus far.

As such, you may dream symbols that convey love – such as eternity signs, red ribbons, or white doves. For one, you’re less likely to shun them down because you don’t know what they represent.

2) Dreams are your feelings speaking

If you can remember your dream, try to recollect what happened.

What was the setting?

Were you saying something?

What did you feel during the dream?

Were there colors or symbols that stood out?

Maybe you feel some longing, or perhaps you had erotic thoughts about them. Whatever the scenario may be, your dreams uncover what you feel deep inside.

3) Your body can help with the interpretation as well

Even if you don’t have the psychic ability most twin flames have, you can still make an accurate dream interpretation. All you need to do is tap into your body’s messages – something that people view as ‘intuition.’

You’ve felt these messages one way or another. It could be a knot in your stomach or those fluttering ‘butterflies.’

When you dream about your twin flame, you’ll experience physical manifestations as well.

For example, you might be suffering from headaches. You had it checked and your doctor says you have what’s known as a tension headache.

It can be caused by head injury, but it often results from stress, anxiety, and depression. If this is the case, then your dream may be pointing to a dreary or sad event.

On the other hand, if your dreams are making you feel giddy and energetic, then it’s pointing towards a positive possibility!

4) You shouldn’t be scared of your dreams

Dreams are not always pleasant. Some can be terrifying nightmares.

That said, bad dreams don’t always translate to real-life events.

Take this example. You may be dreaming of your romantic twin flame partner cheating on you.

It’s not always the case, for it may be your mind’s way of telling you that you’re feeling more jealous than usual.

On the other hand, it could be the universe’s way of letting you know that ‘fear’ stops you from reuniting with one another.

5) Worrying about your dreams makes interpretation harder

It’s easy to overthink, especially if you have a bad dream about your twin flame. Unfortunately, worrying too much will make your mind more resistive.

So instead of understanding these insights right away, you end up clueless – and stuck.

When it comes to interpreting twin flame dreams, it helps to relax.

Whenever you find yourself worrying too much, take a deep breath. Calm your mind and let your soul interpret your dreams for you.

6) Analytical thinking barely helps

While logical thinking works for most areas in your life, it’s useless for dream interpretation.

Your ego or your thinking mind is so busy with everything else that it won’t perceive intuitive messages.

If you want to interpret your telepathic dreams, then you need to align your vibrations.

Remember, your ego comes with lower vibrations which is why it can’t understand your dreams.

Again, it’s all about relaxing your mind.

Meditation, for one, can help you raise your vibrations and communicate better with your twin flame.

Speaking of meditation, you’ll find the most effective techniques here.

7) It helps to clear your energy

If you find it hard to open your inner mind and soul to these dreams, then you might need to clear out your energy.

Like meditation, it gets rid of the stress and thoughts that cloud your mind.

If you want to interpret your dreams clearly, you should get rid of your old energy. You can find more about this practice here.

8) Always follow your gut feeling

With twin flame dreams being symbolic, you might find yourself searching about them on the internet.

While most published interpretations hold true, everything will entirely depend on you.

Dreaming of a cat, for one, often points to intuition or creativity. But if you’re afraid of cats, then it might have a different meaning for you.

In other words, you should follow your gut feeling – like you do with everything. Remember, it’s only you who can give the best interpretation of your dreams.

How dreams create a deeper twin flame bond

Dream communication is not just about missing each other or needing their help. It can also help you create a deeper bond because:

1) Dreams allow you to confide your fears

We all fear something.

Whether it’s something related to heights or creepy crawlies, dreams allow you to share your fears.

By doing so, you get a metaphorical shoulder to lean on (if your twin flame is located far away.)

More importantly, this ‘sharing’ helps you get the support that you need.

Your twin flame understands you so much that they can help you face these fears.

2) Dreams can be a way to share your life events

Even if your twin flame is far away from you, you can share your most significant life events when you dream about them.

It’s like an invite to your mind. You’re giving them access to these great memories – even if they can’t physically experience them with you.

If your twin flame is your romantic partner, your dreams help seal the fact that you’re meant to be with each other.

For a ‘platonic’ twin flame, dreams can be a way for you to revel in their glory – or share in their pain.

3) Dreams help you share your future path

Dream connections are so strong that it helps you share your plans with your twin flame. Should you find yourself confused with what to do, dreams can function as an emotional bridge. Your twin flame can travel through it and help you with making such decisions.

Likewise, these dreams can serve as a warning from your twin flame. Remember, they feel what you feel. And if their gut feeling is telling them that you should stop, they’ll try to communicate it with these dreams.

4) Dreams let you know what your twin flame wants

Even if you have a twin flame as a romantic partner, you won’t always know what they want. Sure, they need love and care – but there’s more to that.

For one, your partner may have a deep desire to be a hero. It’s what experts call the ‘hero instinct.’

It means that your twin flame wants to feel appreciated for his efforts. They want to live a meaningful life and be respected by the people around them.

Triggering your twin flame’s hero instinct is relatively easy, as it’s as simple as asking for help.

Likewise, it’s crucial that you boost their confidence, show your appreciation, and let them know how much they make you happy.

5) Dreams allow you to explore each other’s secrets

We have deep, dark secrets we don’t want to share with other people. Fortunately for you and your twin flame, dreams serve as a way for you to explore these hidden thoughts.

Should you inadvertently discover your other half’s secret, please don’t feel bad that they didn’t share it sooner.

Maybe they’re hiding the truth because it has the potential to hurt you. Likewise, they may not be ready to disclose this secret yet.

Twin flame dreams occur to help you bridge this gap. It may be the universe’s way of telling you that you both need to talk about this issue right now.

How do you know if your twin flame is dreaming about you?

If you’re dreaming about your other half often, then you might be wondering if they’re experiencing the same way. True enough, you know they’re dreaming about you whenever you feel any of the following:

1) A telepathic bond

As mentioned, telepathy is all about feeling emotions or thoughts that aren’t yours. You ‘feel’ that they’re dreaming of you – the way you dream about them.

2) Their presence

Even if your twin flame is far from you, you’ll feel their presence whenever they dream about you.

Scientists call this phenomenon quantum entanglement.

It occurs when two particles (in this situation, twin flame chakra) link up, no matter how far they are from each other.

Additionally, any action that a particle (twin flame) takes will eventually affect/impact the other party.

It pretty much reflects what happens in twin flame dreams. Both are linked up, so when one person dreams, the other person ‘feels’ it as well.

3) A feeling of excitement

When your twin flame dreams about you, you feel excited – even if there’s no reason for you to feel so.

That’s because your twin flame is sending vibrations of happiness. They saw you in their dreams, after all!

4) A rush of emotions

Excitement is not the only thing you’ll feel when your twin flame dreams about you. You may experience other emotions as well, either positive or negative.

More often than not, you’ll feel the warm feeling of being loved.

5) Signs/scenarios that point to your twin flame

Do you see strange numerical patterns?

Or are you experiencing unexplainable coincidences, perhaps?

Worry not, for it’s the universe’s way of letting you know that your twin flame is dreaming about you.

It’s not the only meaning, though. Seeing things that remind you of your twin flame may mean that it’s time to reunite with them.

6) Erotic thoughts

More than just sharing a deep emotional bond, your twin flame may have sexual thoughts about you as well.

In fact, erotic dreams are one such sign.

When you’re having sexy thoughts about your twin flame, it’s nature’s way of letting you know that they feel the same way.

Apart from erotic dreaming, here are other signs of a brewing sexual tension:

  • You experience telepathic arousal or a sexual fantasy state that feels very authentic. It feels as if your twin flame is touching you (quantum entanglement much?)
  • You keep on drawing sexy tarot cards. No matter what you do, you keep on getting the Star, the Cup, the Ace of Wands, the Three Cups, the Knight of Wands, the Ace of Pentacles, the Eight of Swords, and the Temperance.
  • You have a sudden jolt of energy. Despite lacking sleep and caffeine, you feel a buzz of energy creeping up on you on the most unexpected of times.
  • You get dizzy – with some heart palpitations too. It’s just like you did the deed, but you didn’t.

Twin flame dreaming is a way for both people to communicate subconsciously. It’s often the case for partners who are separated by a tremendous distance.

As such, dreaming about your twin flame is your mind’s way of saying you miss them – and they miss you too.

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