10 traits that show you’re a truly patient person

They say patience is a virtue. And it’s true.

Things in life don’t always run smoothly. We have to be prepared for the hiccups along the way. 

Family responsibilities, arrangements with friends, demands from work — these elements all take up our precious time. And can often be triggers for our impatient and irritable sides to come through.

Life can be a whirlwind of chaos. It’s easy to get swept up in the turbulence. 

Utilizing the power of patience is a potent way to deal with the unexpected curve balls that might be thrown in our path. 

Here are 10 traits that signify you are a truly patient person. And if you struggle with patience (which we all sometimes do), then you’ll find some tips to help you cope with frustrations when they arise.

1) You’re okay with waiting

For some of us, waiting can be a tortuous experience. 

But not so much if you’re an endearingly patient person. 

Whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store or for that long-awaited package to arrive, patient people approach it with unwavering calmness.

Tip #1

If you find this kind of thing challenging (which I definitely used to), then you might find the following tip useful:

Next time you find yourself in a long line at the store, embrace the opportunity to initiate a friendly conversation with the person next to you. 

You never know where it could lead.

2) You are able to listen attentively

Patience takes practice.

In a world that prefers quick responses and soundbites, I now take pride in being an attentive and patient listener.

You’re likely a patient soul if you find yourself listening closely when someone is speaking — even if they’re taking ages to get to the point. 

Patient people won’t interrupt or offer solicited advice. Instead, you’ll create space for the other person to express themselves safely.

We all need someone to listen to us compassionately.

Tip #2

To practice this patience trait, try to be fully present next time a friend shares something personal or tells you a long story.

Don’t interrupt them — even if you are super tempted. Imagine you are going to have to tell the story back to them.

Your listening skills and patience will improve so much just by utilizing this technique.

3) You’ll have fine-tuned empathy

If you have a patient heart, you’ll know that empathy is the golden thread that weaves together the fabric of our relationships. 

As a patient person, I’ve honed my ability to understand and empathize with others.

Empathy is what helps you stay present and calm even through difficult situations.

It’s what helps you drop the irritation. 

You know that the old lady who is talking to the store clerk and holding up the line — she just wants someone to talk to.

The mom taking ages to decide which cough syrup to buy at the pharmacy counter — her baby is unwell, and she’s really scared.

Tip #3

If you find yourself getting impatient when people seem to be taking their time with something you’d do in 10 seconds, try this:

Imagine the person testing your patience is going through a tough time. Think about how you would want to be treated if you were struggling.

You’d want space, right? You’d want people to be patient.

That right there will help you step out of your own momentary annoyance and into a version of you that embodies patience and empathy.

4) You are great at time management

Time can often feel as if it’s slipping away — like sand between our fingertips.

We can get caught up in endless tasks. Filling our days with things to do, people to see, and work to deliver.

All these things can lead us to overwhelm, which tests our patience like nothing else.

If you are patient, you’ll manage your time well, leaving enough space to get from one place to another. Or to deliver that big project. Or enjoy a leisurely lunch date.

Because you hate being rushed.

You know that stress and time pressures can leave people flustered and impatient. And that’s not you.

Patient people don’t cram their days full to the brim. Yes, they juggle multiple commitments but do so with grace and composure.

Tip #4

If you find yourself spending your days in a whirlwind of chaos, tapping your feet and tutting in every queue, then try this:

Plan your whole week. Yes, the entire thing. 

Make sure you are leaving enough time between tasks. This will give you the time and space inside yourself to enjoy where you are without impatiently rushing yourself and others onto the next thing.

Create at least 30 minutes in your day that’s just for you. Sit and read. Take a bubble bath. Enjoy a silent stroll in the park. 

When you create space for yourself, you’ll have more space for others.

You can be highly efficient and patient without sacrificing your inner peace or your to-do list.

5) You embody the art of problem-solving 

Curveballs are part of the game of life. Rather than let it catch you out — your patient mind knows that every problem has a solution waiting to be discovered.

Patient people explore different perspectives, ask questions, and remain persistent in the pursuit of an answer.

All the while maintaining a lighthearted and positive attitude.

Tip #5

Next time you are flustered by something going awry, take a moment. Stop. 

Instead of allowing anger, irritability, and impatience to arise — accept that the situation is happening and you will have to pivot.

Think of a way around the situation. If someone can’t be physically present at a meeting, can you dial them in?

If the store has run out of that thing you REALLY need, can you ask them to order it in?

Every issue in life has an answer. You just have to take a step back, breathe, and give yourself (and those around you) the time and patience to allow the solution to emerge.

6) You embrace the chaos of life with serenity

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, patient people remain calm in the storm. 

Friends and family will likely look to you as a beacon of serenity in the chaos.

Patient people have an uncanny ability to bring a sense of tranquility with them wherever they go. Even in a hectic workplace, a crowded party, or a disorganized family gathering, they have a zen-like quality.

When you have a patient personality, you’ll naturally radiate a soothing energy that helps other people feel more centered and grounded.

Tip #6

If you notice that you bring a more turbulent energy into the room, try taking a step back.

Walk into spaces more slowly. Stand and observe the room before diving into a conversation.

Take a deep breath before you enter a room. 

Leave yourself an extra 15 minutes to get to that gathering so you don’t turn up in a flustered mess.

Creating a patient and harmonious atmosphere around you has to start from within.

7) You understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day

If you are in possession of this trait, you’ll fully grasp the concept of gradual improvement. Personal growth and progress take time.

Rushing and being impatient leads to mistakes. 

Small steps in the right direction build a solid path to success. 

You know that Rome didn’t appear overnight, and neither will your dreams (or anyone else’s) manifest in a matter of minutes.

With a patient mindset, you can embrace the process while savoring the lessons learned along the way. And you’ll know that every step brings you closer to your goals. 

Tip #7

Use these tips when you are getting frustrated about the time it’s taking to reach your goals:

Write out each step that you need to take on the road to your dreams. 

Imagine it’s a long hike in the country, and around every turn is a new piece of treasure that’s yours to keep. 

You are teaching yourself to enjoy the journey.

Reading memoirs of successful people is also great for increasing patience with yourself. Learn how long it has taken some of the most brilliant minds to reach their full potential.

You’ll gain access to insights and information that could prove valuable on your path to greatness.

8) You are a gentle guide

This trait shows that your patient soul isn’t just here to endure trials — it’s here to impart wisdom.

Patient people often have a knack for nurturing growth in others. 

We know through being patient and gentle with our own growth that we are able to offer guidance. 

There is an understanding that complicated concepts need explanations. Learning new skills requires guidance. Supporting loved ones through a tough time calls for patience and compassion.

Your gentle teaching will empower others to unlock their full potential — at their own pace. 

You’ll show them that they don’t need to rush and that learning patience with themselves will lead to a more peaceful way of being.

Tip #8

If you find yourself rushing through an explanation or a demo of how to do something — slow down.  

Remind yourself that you were a novice once — a child with no knowledge about how to do anything at all.

If someone takes longer to grasp something, let them know it’s okay. Try another creative approach, and remember that we all learn differently.

9) You laugh in the face of adversity

As a patient person, you’ll also likely possess the gift of humor. You know when a stressful situation needs to be taken less seriously — and you aren’t afraid to crack a silly joke.

Laughter can lighten the heaviest of burdens. It’s a way to bond and remind ourselves that life is meant to be enjoyed, even in the face of challenges.

Patient people don’t allow annoyance to steal their joy. 

Tip #9

When you feel the anger rising or irritation building, imagine a scene from your favorite comedy show.

Picture that one friend who always makes you laugh. What would they say to you right now?

Look around you and try to find something amusing about your surroundings. Maybe there’s a cheeky dog nearby. Perhaps the guy in front has his pants tucked in his socks.

There will always be something in your environment — that, when taken with a pinch of salt — will inevitably make you smile.

10) You stick around in the tough times

As a friend, you’ll be patient enough to weather the storms as well as the sunny days.

You understand that life often comes in cycles of hardship and ease. And you know that each process takes its own time to complete.

Friends with patient hearts will stand the test of time. We’ll be your cheerleaders, shoulder to cry on, and hand to hold. 

As a patient person, you’ll understand commitment with unwavering loyalty and endless patience. 

You’ll be ready to embrace all of life’s chaos, helping your friends through tumultuous times and celebrating sunny days together.

Tip #10

If you notice that you tend to duck out of friendships when the going gets tough, ask yourself if it’s because you don’t give people time to grow.

Remember that growth isn’t linear. 

People often take a step forward and then two backward. 

Imagine yourself going through a hard time where cycles seem to be repeating. Wouldn’t you want someone to stick around? Wouldn’t you wish for a friend to show you patience and compassion? 

You can be that friend to yourself and others.

Final thoughts

Whether you are blessed with a naturally patient soul or are currently learning how to develop one, remember that patience can be practiced and cultivated.

Embracing the qualities of a patient person can lead to a joyful journey through life. One that is filled with love, laughter, and deep connection. 

Patience is an art — the more you practice, the more effortless it becomes.

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