16 traits that show you have a pleasant personality that other people love being around

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There are some people who are simply a joy to be around. Somehow, without trying too hard, they make people around them feel good.

But is it that makes them so pleasant? And more importantly, might you be one of them?

In this article I will show you 16 traits that will show that you’re a pleasant person other people like having around.

1) You are easy to please

It doesn’t take much to bring a smile to your face.

For you, it’s not exactly about how much money people burn to please you, or how grand their gestures are. The most important thing to you is their sentiment.

A warm cup of coffee made with love is enough to make your day.

2) You “do as the Romans do”

That is to say, you’re agreeable.

You don’t try to be “real” by insisting on your own way of doing things. When you’re with other people, you adapt to their ways instead of imposing your own.

When you visit your partner’s family, for example, you don’t try to impose that you should have dinner by 6 PM because that’s how you’ve always done it.

If they prefer to just have some aperitif and save dinner for 10 PM—then you’ll happily go along with them.

3) You have an infectious laugh

It doesn’t matter if your laughter is loud and boisterous or soft and cute—it catches people’s attention and makes THEM smile when they hear it.

You laugh freely and openly, and don’t hold yourself back unless you’re in a situation where doing so would be improper and rude… like, say, you’re at a funeral.

There’s just something about your laugh that gets even your snobbiest colleagues lightening up around you.

And that something is the fact that when you laugh, it’s sincere and from the heart.

4) You express your admiration

You aren’t stingy with compliments. When you see that someone deserves praise, then you will be more than happy to give it.

And when you do, you make sure that you express it well—that is to say, you don’t just say something like “great work!”

Instead you will say exactly what it is that you think is so great about their work, saying things like “I adore how your cakes always come out soft and fluffy!”

5) You don’t hold grudges

You forgive people so fast that some people get the impression that you’re simply a pushover. You’re not, of course—you simply understand that we all make mistakes.

You have a kind heart and you don’t see the need to hold grudges on people. It’s only a waste of energy, if anything.

If someone asks for forgiveness, you will forgive them. And even forget about what they did because you believe we all deserve the chance to redeem ourselves.

6) You’re not a fan of gossip

If anything, you detest it. It’s just not your thing… period!

Sure, people might find you “boring” for not engaging in juicy gossip, but in the end, those same people can’t help but feel comfortable around you.

When the rumor mill turns on them (and it eventually will at some point), they know they can trust not to spread rumors because you’re a person of integrity.

7) You’re not overly sensitive

Now, being sensitive is not a flaw, but a gift. Especially in this world we live in where it seems like people are encouraged to be as cold and callous as they can be.

But the thing with you is that you’re not so sensitive that people feel like they’re walking on eggshells around you.

You know how to play along and laugh. And when something does upset you, you know how to approach it calmly instead of exploding like a bag full of dynamite.

8) You’re graceful around animals and kids

Let’s be real here. Not everyone can handle kids or animals.

Animals can be endearing to some, but annoying or even terrifying to others. And kids? Not only are they noisy, they can be mischievous little devils too.

But as for you, you either have endless love for them, or endless patience.

You would rather pet a dog than shoo it away, for example. And even when kids are annoying the living daylights out of you, you know better than to snap at them like you’re Cruella de Ville.

 9) You’re the first one to say hello

You don’t stand back and go “well, they didn’t say hi, so why should I?”

You don’t give a damn—if you feel like greeting people, you will greet them. Sometimes you will greet people even though you have no intention of starting a conversation. Just a quick “hello” to start their day off.

At the very least, it will make people feel seen and acknowledged, and sometimes it’s just what people need… especially when they’re stressed out or going through something.

10) You give way

Doesn’t matter whether you’re on the road, in an elevator, riding a bus or simply sitting on a couch—you will try to make sure everyone else is comfortable.

You’re not going to insist on taking up unnecessary space by spreading your legs, or refuse to step aside when people need to pass. You think that’s just rude.

So whenever possible, you try to give way.

Besides, what have you to lose from stepping aside and letting people pass, or by not hogging the space on the couch?

11) You’ve mastered small talk

The art of small talk is not easy and straightforward.

You have to think of what to say, and most of the time it feels like people who engage in small talk are trying too hard.

Some would think “Meh, why bother? These people are just strangers anyways.”

And yet, you want to connect with people even if they’re brief encounters. Because of this, you managed to master the art of small talk… and people find you a pleasant person to be around for it.

12) You’re genuinely curious about others

There are people who, on the surface, look nice and friendly but… oh boy, simply are NOT pleasant to be around because they keep talking about themselves.

They’re concerned about nobody but themselves.

What makes people like you is that you are the exact opposite. You’re interested in other people, and will be more than happy to ask them how they are or what they’ve been up to lately.

And then when they answer, you listen to them with both ears open. You might talk about yourself, true, but you don’t talk mainly about yourself.

13) You don’t get uptight about changes to plans

Sure you get frustrated… but not too frustrated that you’ll start to think “I knew I can’t rely on them” or “they just wasted my time!”

When a friend cancels a dinner date, or when all of a sudden your family changes the venue of your party, you just go “oh alright.”

It might annoy you, sure, but you don’t let it keep you awake at night. As people like to say, “shit happens. Deal with it.” And that’s exactly what you do. And you do it gracefully.

14) You love giving gifts

You’re a giving person. You like it when people around you are happy, so you give gifts without expecting people to pay you back for it.

You would think about what would make someone’s day—even if it’s something as simple as a scoop of ice cream—and then try to give it to them.

Some people might even consider you a year-round Santa because of it.

15) You remember details about people

You care about other people so much that you remember details about people.

You remember when people tell you what they like—especially their favorite things (like their favorite ice cream flavor).

But more than that, you put in extra effort to remember the things that people hate. If someone vehemently hates spiders, for example, you aren’t going to talk to them about your new pet tarantula as much as you’d want to.

You try to get to know people so you’d know how to make them happy…and because of this, you’re one of the most pleasant people to be around.

16) You put in the effort to maintain relationships

Time seems to fly by faster and faster as we grow older. Before we know it, a year has passed… then another… and then five more.

And in a world like this, it can almost be too easy for our friendships to die of neglect, until it’s forgotten.

But not your friendships. You put in the work, even if it’s something as simple as sending memes every now and then.

The simple fact that you even care enough to try means a lot to people.

Last words

There’s more to being a pleasant person than just being “nice” or friendly on the outside.

That you are also thoughtful and considerate means a lot. You don’t have to be entirely selfless, but you aren’t exactly selfish either.

If what was described here resonates with you, then congrats—you’re likely someone that people find pleasant to be around. But if not, then you can always try to learn. The things listed above aren’t really that difficult to do.

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