10 personality traits that make a man instantly likeable

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Have you ever met a guy who people seemed to naturally gravitate towards? 

Have you ever wondered what it was about this man that everyone seemed to like? 

Whether you’re simply curious, or you want to know if you are one of these charming, good-natured men, read on! 

I’m going to share 10 personality traits that make a man instantly likable to all! 

1) He’s kind 

I’ll start by saying that being kind is a universally liked and appreciated trait in both men and women. 

But with that being said, there’s nothing like a kind man to make the hearts of the women around him swoon and his fellow men look on in envy! 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told by women, “It doesn’t matter how nice he is to me, if he’s rude or unkind to the waiter in a restaurant, it’s off!”. 

So, do you treat people with respect and empathy? Do you go the extra mile to cheer someone up when they’re having a bad day? 

If so, there’s a very good chance you’re an instantly likable man! 

2) He’s interested 

Now, another trait that shines through pretty quickly and makes people like you is how interested and curious you are in them.

Women, for example, instantly feel more of a connection to a man who asks them questions and genuinely wants to learn about their personality and lifestyle. 

Other men also appreciate a man who enjoys learning new things and takes an interest in the lives of his friends, colleagues, and family. 

Put simply:

A man is instantly likable when he isn’t self-absorbed and takes an interest in those around him! 

3) He has integrity 

Having integrity is a trait that may seem old-fashioned, but is still very much in style. In a world of superficiality, smartphones, and sex, someone who sticks to their morals and stands by doing the right thing is incredibly likable

Not only are women drawn toward men who stand up for what they believe in, but colleagues, employers, family, and friends all value having someone like this in their life. 

Think back to the last time you saw someone going out of their way to do good. Think about the last time you watched someone and thought, “Faith in humanity restored”.

Didn’t you instantly like that person, even without fully knowing them?

That’s because as humans, we can sense goodness in others. This is why integrity is a trait that can make any man instantly likable

4) He’s consistent 

But having integrity doesn’t mean much if it isn’t consistent. 

Another personality trait that makes a man instantly likable is that they follow through on their word. 

Regardless of whether it’s with a romantic partner or a distant acquaintance, being consistent in your behavior and actions speaks loud and clear as to the type of man you are. 

A few months back, I was getting fed up trying to get a form processed at my local town hall. After being passed around from pillar to post, finally, a young man working there promised to get me the help I needed. 

Lo and behold, he stuck to his word and my form was finally sent off. Whenever I go back to sort out paperwork, I wait to be served by him because I know he’s consistent. 

Even though they were small acts of service, I instantly liked and respected him more than his colleagues because he always follows through on his promises! 

5) He displays positive body language 

Body language is one of the easiest ways to make yourself instantly likable. If you:

  • Maintain an open, relaxed posture 
  • Look people in the eye when in conversation 
  • Have a solid handshake 
  • Smile 
  • Avoid unnecessarily touching your face/yawning etc 

There’s a good chance people instantly like you when they meet you! 

You see, so much of our interactions depend on non-verbal cues such as body language.

If you do the above, you likely make people feel relaxed and comfortable in your company. You give off the aura of a man who is confident, calm, and engaged – all very charming qualities! 

6) He’s open-minded and easy to be around

Next up on our personality traits that make a man instantly likable are his mindset and attitude…

Let’s be honest here, no one likes someone stuck in their ways and difficult to be around. 

But a man who keeps an open mind, is adaptable, and willing to go with the flow when required?

It’s a no-brainer that he’s liked by all! 

People are naturally drawn to men like this. 

If you tend to strike up a conversation with others easily, and are interested in learning and trying out new things, there’s a good chance you’re ticking all the right boxes! 

7) He’s got a positive outlook on life

But when it comes to having an open mind, that’s not the only mindset necessary to be an instantly likable man…

You see, having a positive outlook on life makes all the difference too. 

Let me explain with a little scenario:

Man A is walking down the street and someone bumps into him by mistake, spilling his coffee on his shirt. It wasn’t hot, but he completely freaks out because now he has a stained shirt and it was all just a terrible inconvenience. 

Man B is walking down the street and someone bumps into him by mistake, spilling his coffee on his shirt. It wasn’t hot, so he shrugs it off, and tells the passerby not to worry, he never liked this shirt anyway! They part with a smile and each carries on their day in good spirits. 

I think we can all guess which man is more likable of the two. 

Sometimes, having a positive attitude can be as simple as something like this, or as big as staying positive when receiving bad news or being let go from a job.  

Either way, people like positivity. It makes us all feel good when there’s so much in the world to feel bad about! 

8) He’s genuine 

Following on from my last point, I wanted to clarify that having a positive outlook is different from toxic positivity (feeling the need to be upbeat about EVERYTHING. This is unrealistic and unhealthy). 

So, what distinguishes the two?


Not being fake or forcing things/emotions/connections etc. 

A genuine man will know when the right time to be positive is, and when the right time to be realistic is. 

He’ll be himself above all else – the people around him will know where they stand with him and won’t have reason to doubt or distrust him!

When people meet a man who is 100% himself and genuine, they can’t help but instantly like him. They might not agree with everything he says or does, but they can’t fault his honesty and dedication to being true to himself! 

9) He’s in touch with his emotions 

We’re in a world that is rapidly changing – if you read this article 60 years ago, a man in touch with his emotions probably wouldn’t have made the list. 

But, now we’re in 2023 and society is realizing that a man who has emotional intelligence is far better than a man who doesn’t. 

After all, if you’re someone who can manage their anger, express their feelings and empathize with others, it’d be pretty hard for anyone not to like you! 

I remember being on a beach once when a friendly older gentleman walked past and saw the book I was reading. We started talking and he told me about his favorite author. 

His eyes welled up with tears, clearly moved and inspired by the literature of his youth. 

It was so heartwarming, we ended up exchanging contact info and have stayed in touch ever since! 

I instantly liked him because he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings – this helps form deeper bonds and connections with people, right from the get-go! 

10) He has a good sense of humor 

And finally, the last personality trait that makes a man instantly likable is his sense of humor

If you’re the type who loves seeing the funny side of life and does a good job of cracking up those around you, I don’t doubt that you’re the type of guy people are easily charmed by!

You see, being around someone with a good sense of humor can turn any dark experience into something positive and fun. 

Even when you’re first meeting someone, on a date, or in the office, if they have that cheeky smile and spark to their personality, it really shines through.

Not only does it put people at ease in your company, but they’ll actually look forward to spending time with you. 

After all, who doesn’t enjoy having a good laugh? 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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