10 traits that give strong and fearless woman an edge

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in therapy is that there are certain habits that just hold women back. 

Sometimes we tend to self-sacrifice and downplay our achievements. 

However, not all women are like this. Some of us are more confident than others. And their confidence comes down to mental strength and fearless, which helps them to make the right choices in life. 

If you struggle with making bold moves in your life (just like me), read on to learn 10 traits that give strong and fearless women an edge.

1) They’re not afraid to push the boundaries

Pushing boundaries doesn’t necessarily mean causing a commotion. It’s more about breaking a tradition. The aim isn’t to create division but to invite progress and think outside the box.

  • These women are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, and they relish the opportunity to do so;
  • They firmly believe that a woman has the right to choose anything for herself without anyone else’s interference;
  • They will stand up for the rights of the underdog and fight unapologetically for what they believe in; 
  • They are not afraid to step outside their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and embrace new experiences.

Their willingness to provoke thought and action gives these women an edge when it comes to taking risks and changing their lives. 

2) Strong women stand firm in their convictions

Perfection is a myth. Nobody’s perfect. 

Fearless women make choices knowing that they might be wrong, but they’re prepared to face the consequences and take risks anyway. They know how to handle failure effectively and they don’t let any sort of fear to stop them. 

This unyielding spirit allows them to develop a growth mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and improve. 

Rather than being discouraged by failure, they use it as a stepping stone to future success. 

There have been many instances in my life where I had to make a choice, and I’m proud to say that I’ve learned to handle failure thanks to this approach. I’d simply turn it in my favor regardless of the circumstances. 

Trusting myself fully is something that I will never stop being grateful for. 

3) They support and honor their fellow women

Fearless women leave catfights and underhanded compliments to the realm of bad 90s movies. Instead, they choose to:

  • Celebrate;
  • Encourage;
  • Challenge, and
  • Inspire their fellow women.

They recognize that building the confidence of those around them is a far more empowering strategy than attempting to elevate themselves by tearing others down.

For these strong women, kindness and compassion are not signs of weakness but rather an opportunity to connect with others and foster a sense of community. 

By showing unconditional love and support for others, they create a virtuous cycle that allows them to thrive and reach their own goals: this gives them an edge that not many people have in their lives. 

They can rely on their community of like-minded women for guidance, encouragement, and advice, knowing that they have a group of allies who are committed to their success. 

4) They take pride in their successes

There were many feminist slogans throughout history that encouraged women to know their power and step into it proudly. 

I said this before, but it bears repeating: we women tend to downplay our achievements, and imposter syndrome is rampant. Most of the time, we think that our success is due to just good luck when it’s not only that! 

I think enough is enough! 

Diminishing your own accomplishments in order to make someone else feel more important is not a healthy or sustainable way to build relationships. 

Instead, focus on cultivating a sense of mutual respect and support, where everyone can feel celebrated and valued for their unique contributions.

By sharing your wins with others, you can inspire and empower those around you, creating a culture of positivity and achievement: this is the edge that fearless women have in their lives. 

So don’t be afraid to own your successes and celebrate your unique talents and abilities!

5) They pursue progress, not perfection

The strive for perfection can bring us down in many ways. It’s not just because we waste time trying to achieve the unachievable but because it can impact our self-esteem as well. 

Authentic, fearless women learn very quickly that perfection is just that: a myth. 

Instead of aiming for the ideal, we should cultivate and develop the following qualities in our lives: 

  • Resilience: the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges;
  • Flexibility: the capacity to adapt to changes and be open to new perspectives;
  • Gratitude: the habit of recognizing and appreciating the good in one’s life;
  • Curiosity: the eagerness to learn and explore new concepts and areas.

A fearless woman understands that she has the agency to determine her own position in both life and society. 

She recognizes that nobody has control over her, as she sets her own pace and lives according to her personal agenda without caring if others think she’s perfect or not. 

We’re responsible for our lives and our perspective around what we go through. This is the edge that can push us forward when we need it. 

6) They’re not afraid of being alone

As obvious as it sounds, being alone isn’t the same as being lonely. Fearless women know how to handle the feeling of loneliness, but they’re not afraid of solitude. 

A good relationship is all about the freedom to be ourselves around another person. Strong women will not settle for unhealthy attachments. Instead, they will get to know people as they are, without judgment. 

Our closest relationship is, well…with ourselves. That’s why strong women are so dedicated to uplifting and developing their own best qualities. 

Because you can, and you should be happy even without a partner!

Strong women normally seek partners who will add joy and happiness to their life, but they quickly cut off toxicity when they spot it. 

This is why many men tend to struggle when dealing with a powerful woman. She knows what she wants and what her boundaries are. 

7) She listens to her instincts

Your inner voice is wise beyond measure.

Somewhere in your subconscious, you know exactly what you need and how to navigate complicated situations. 

Listening to our bodies is fundamental to developing a strong intuition that we can trust. It not only benefits us individually, but it can also help us maintain healthy relationships with partners, friends, and colleagues.

Listen to your gut, trust your body, and that little voice inside your head that tells you when things aren’t right for you. 

Trust me; you’ll have an edge when it comes to forming healthy relationships, partners, friends, and coworkers. 

8) Strong women know and show their boundaries

Fearless women know what they allow and what they don’t. And by that, I mean how they allow others to treat them.

While it may sound like a piece of cake, a lot of us actually struggle with setting and, most importantly, keeping our boundaries strong. 

To set an effective boundary, you need practice, and you have to determine what those boundaries are in the first place. 

When I was scared of driving, one of my friends kept bothering me about it, asking when I would take them by car anywhere, when I would start driving, etc. 

It came to a point when I felt like I had to set my boundary. I literally had to sit down with her and tell her that her questions were bothering me and actually making me more nervous about the topic. I didn’t say it in a rude way but rather appealed to her empathetic side, and she fully understood me. Once she stopped pressuring me, I could move on and eventually overcome my fear of driving. 

As you see, setting boundaries can be great for friendships, for getting over phobias, and of course, for a great professional life as well. 

9) They’re want to achieve their full potential

Strong and fearless women don’t agree for less. They’re always up for something memorable and unusual. What they want is:

  • An exciting life that ignites creativity and curiosity;
  • New experiences;
  • Challenges that allow them to try new things;
  • Risks that will teach them something. 

These women live a life full of vibrancy, depth, and richness that allows them to feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. Thanks to their intention of living their best lives, they discover new interests, cultivate great relationships and create unforgettable memories. 

They are not content with merely existing in a mundane routine, but instead, they choose to seize every opportunity. 

Whether it’s traveling to new destinations, pursuing a new hobby, or taking on a new career challenge, these women are not afraid to take the plunge and embrace the unknown.

When they reach the age of 95, they have a mysterious grin that is a sign of those who have dared to seize life by the horns and embrace it with all their heart.

10) They ask for help when they need it

There’s this idea that strong, independent women don’t need help from anyone. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

Nobody can do anything by themselves: we’re human, and cooperating and helping each other is in our nature. Even in the worst circumstances, people can and will extend a hand to others. 

Knowing this, it isn’t surprising to realize that strong women often ask for help, and they’re not afraid to give it either. 

The only progress we’ve had as a society has resulted from working together instead of against each other. 

This is the edge that so many fearless women get when they know exactly how and when to ask for help. 

Becoming a strong woman 101

Women possess remarkable emotional and mental fortitude that helps with adaptability and power in any given situation. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the opportunity to learn how to harness these unique skills.

 Here are a few practices to consider if you aspire to develop into a strong woman:

  • Know your beliefs. I’m talking about core values here, things that you present when dealing with different people, and especially things that you consider important. Values are what dictate every decision you make. If you know exactly what drives you, you will know how to deal with almost anything; 
  • Make decisions consistent with those values. Core values are great, and it’s even better to know what those are in your life, but now that you’ve talked the talk… you have to walk the walk. Make choices that align with those values, even if it makes you feel a little weird at first; 
  • Don’t try to be strong all the time. There’s no point in trying to be stronger than steel. It’s not only okay to rest and ask for help: it’s necessary. So, from time to time, take a moment, give yourself a rest, recharge, and move on;
  • Don’t let sexism get to you. There are always two sides to the same struggle for women. One aspect is that, of course, we need to learn and work like everyone else. The other is that some people think we can’t do it because we’re women. Don’t let these labels and prejudices get to you. If anything, this article should teach you that there are no limits!

In a nutshell

Strong women come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. We need to let go of the narrative that we’re too emotional or weak to take care of our lives. 

We’re just as capable and just as intelligent as men–if not more! 

Smashing the patriarchy starts by smashing our internalized prejudice and the prejudice that others have when it comes to our gender and our power. 

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