The power of compassion: 10 traits of people with big hearts

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Being big-hearted means being kind and generous.

You can tell if someone has a big heart straight away!

It takes meeting someone just once to know if they have a big heart or not.

Here are the traits to look out for if you’re wondering whether someone has a big heart. 

1. They help others

Big-hearted people are the most compassionate and giving out there…

…And they love to help others.

You might find them in professions where they help others, including working in social care or healthcare.

But people with big hearts aren’t limited to these professions!

Truth is, there are people with big hearts throughout life:

Big-hearted people find ways to help others each day, even if they don’t do it for a living.

It could be helping a friend in need – be it checking in with them regularly and offering a place to stay if they need it – or helping someone find direction in life by letting them talk through their thoughts.

2. They aren’t afraid to express their emotions

People with big hearts are in touch with how their hearts feel…

…And they don’t ignore their feelings and suppress them in any circumstances. 

They let people know what they are feeling in their heart, and what is weighing on them.

You’ll find that people with big hearts are sometimes considered to be too open and ‘oversharers’.

You see, people with big hearts are known as wearing their hearts on their sleeves as they’re such open books.

But these aren’t bad traits at all! 

Truth is, when someone is willing to be open, it shows that they have a big heart.

3. They value experiences over material

Generally speaking, people who have big hearts aren’t so concerned with material things.

They care about what really matters, including how others feel.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have any material possessions, but it just means they don’t value material things as much as other things.

It’s unlikely that people with big hearts are bothered with chasing paper… 

Big-hearted people know that experiences and connections with others are more important than material things.

In other words, it’s the love and warmth in their hearts that matters more than the money!

4. They love people for their character

More likely than not, people with big hearts love others for their character. 

Someone’s physical appearance isn’t the most impressive aspect for big-hearted people.

They place their value elsewhere: and that is in another’s inner world. 

Simply put, they like to look past someone’s exterior and focus on who someone is at their core. 

Big-hearted people are most impressed by another person’s traits.

You’ll find that people with big hearts are more interested in:

  • How kind someone is
  • Whether people are honest
  • How committed people are to their passions

5. They are kind without expectations 

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s true:

People with big hearts are kind!

What’s more, they are sincerely kind… They don’t do kind things with any kind of manipulative agenda. 

In other words, they don’t have expectations in return for their kindness.

Kindness might manifest in many different ways.

  • It might be smiling at a stranger and wishing them a good day
  • Maybe it’s gift-giving a loved one something you know they’ll adore
  • Perhaps it’s listening to someone express their thoughts

What’s more, big-hearted people love to spread kindness and to see others in a state of happiness!

6. They appreciate the little things

Big-hearted people have a lot of appreciation for the little things. 

Simply put, they never fail to notice the little things that matter in life.

As if that’s not enough, they find a lot of happiness in these things!

It could be as simple as a warm cup of tea on a winter’s day, or seeing a bird perch outside of their house.

These things just have a way of lighting them up! 

You see, people with big hearts have so much love for life… And there’s no limit to what this looks like.

7. They lift others up

People with big hearts don’t feel the need to put others down.

You’ll never hear a big-hearted person telling someone that they don’t look nice or that their work is no good.

It’s much more likely that you’ll find people with big hearts lifting others up.

They’ll be quick to compliment and encourage others – even if they don’t know them!

They have a natural desire to want to make people feel good.

Chances are, a person with a big heart will tell another that they look great or that they have a good vibe… Just because!

Truth is, they have endless amounts of love to give so it’s not limited to just those in their inner circle.

8. They are patient 

Ah, patience… It’s something we all wish we had a little more of at times. 

Some of us struggle with cultivating it more than others, yet we all set out to achieve it.

As the saying goes: patience is a virtue.

Now, you’ll find that big-hearted people are among those who have more patience than others.

This means they are well suited to jobs that might require higher levels of tolerance… 

…As they are able to handle difficult topics without getting visibly frustrated. 

Outside of work, big-hearted people might be more likely to listen to friends work through their problems – without asking them to get to the point.

In other words, they don’t feel the need to rush others.

9. They are good-spirited in difficult times

People with big hearts are the type of people who have sunny dispositions.

Even when things get difficult, they are able to have high spirits and see the good in situations.

In other words, they’re the kind of people that will put a positive spin on situations that are otherwise pretty, well, rubbish.

You see, big-hearted people are wired to see the good and to find opportunities in life.

For example, if a big-hearted person is fired from a job, they won’t be bitter and wish for awful things to happen to their former boss…

…Instead, they’ll keep their chin up and know that something more aligned for them is waiting around the corner.

They remain in positive, high spirits because they know that this mindset will serve them well. 

10. They remember the things that are important to others

You can count on people with big hearts to never forget a friend’s birthday.

What’s more, they’ll be likely to give a friend something they know they love.

It could be their favorite snack, flowers they love, or tickets to their favorite place.

You see, people with big hearts always make mental notes as they go about what others care about!

In other words, they always take note of what is important to others.

Often people with big-hearts surprise others with their thoughtfulness; people might be taken aback that they remember such little details…

…But they just do!

How do you say someone has a big heart? 

There are many words that are used to describe people with big hearts.

They all point to the same feeling that a person is kind and generous… 

These include:

  • altruistic
  • benevolent
  • compassionate
  • generous
  • giving
  • gracious
  • noble

You can use them to describe someone’s thoughtful nature, and to thank someone for their kindness. 

However, some of these words suggest more specifically that a person is giving, while others suggest they are kind.

You’ll want to use ‘altruistic’, ‘generous’ and ‘giving’ to suggest that someone gives a lot to others.

On the other hand, ‘benevolent’, ‘compassionate’, ‘gracious’ and ‘noble’ are better suited to describing someone’s character, and to say that they’re kind.

Why you should date a person with a big heart

If you love gifts, you’re in luck with big-hearted people!

You see, gift-giving is often the primary love language for people with big hearts.

They love spoiling people in their life…

…And they’re gifts are always incredibly thoughtful and personal

What’s more, having a big heart is contagious.

Being around someone with a big heart day regularly will bring out the best in you

Odds are, dating a person with a big heart will make you naturally shift into having more of a sunny disposition:

You’ll possibly find yourself smiling more than usual and complimenting others.

As if that’s not enough, you should date a person with a big heart because:

  • They will always try to make you feel special 
  • Putting in effort comes naturally to them
  • They will do their best to understand you 
  • Supporting you is important to them
  • They’ll always be respectful to your family 
  • They have a greater capacity for committing to you

 In other words, you’ll find that big-hearted people are able to meet you where you want to be met… And they’ll go above and beyond to be a caring partner, and to make you feel seen and heard.


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