10 special traits of people who can sense when others are feeling down

Do you feel like you have a radar when it comes to sensing how other people feel?

If so, then it’s a real people skill that you should be proud of.

It will help you to welcome close relationships into your life. Not only that, but our success often relies on our ability to cooperate and create strong connections. 

These are the special traits of people who can sense when others are feeling down.

So let’s dive in!

1) They’re empathetic

This one has to come top of our list and probably comes as no surprise.

Empathy is our ability to understand and share the feelings of others. So it’s your empathy that lies behind your ability to instantly read someone’s vibe.

It’s a vital trait if you want to be able to tune into the nuances of other people’s moods and react accordingly.

If you are an empathetic person you most likely:

  • Can sense people’s subtle emotions
  • Find that people come to you with their problems
  • Relate to a wide range of people’s experiences
  • Feel sad when other people are upset
  • Get emotional at TV shows, movies, and books

2) They’re great listeners

In order to understand someone, we have to be prepared to get to know them.

That means learning what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes.

So, chances are, if you have developed a skill for reading people that’s because you take the time to find out more.

And that means listening.

It’s harder than we imagine. The truth is a lot of us are busy thinking about something in our head whilst someone speaks to us.

But the most aware people keep their monkey minds under control so that they can give their attention to others.

3) They’re vulnerable

Feeling your own and other people’s emotions demands vulnerability.

There is no denying that our emotions can be very messy. They have the potential to make us squirm sometimes.

But the fact remains that we must be open if we are to feel.

When we close ourselves off, we shut down the part of us that can relate to those around us in authentic ways.

In the words of vulnerability author and researcher Brene Brown:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.”

4) They can read body language

To sense when someone is down, we need more than words. We need to pick up on the energetic signs that they are giving off.

And that largely comes down to body language.

When someone is sad they may:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Hunch their shoulders
  • Drag their feet
  • Appear less animated
  • Keep their head down

You may not be aware of it, but you are busy analyzing so many silent cues. And this is also where our intuition comes in…

5) They’re intuitive

Gut feelings are powerful. Often in ways we don’t quite understand.

Have you ever had a sixth sense about someone?

It may have been good or bad. But almost in an instant, you felt like you had them pegged and it turns out, you were right!

We think of intuition as an almost mystical quality. But often it’s merely our sensitive subconscious letting us know what it has concluded.

You see, in the storehouse of your unconscious mind, lies 1001 small details that you are busy processing behind the scenes.

You are cross-referencing countless similar past experiences and memories.

Your intuitive alarm bells ringing is this info being presented to you in the form of a gut reaction.

6) They care about others’ wellbeing

Whilst the two overlap, being sensitive isn’t quite the same as being empathetic.

Even if you don’t always get where someone is coming from, if you are caring you can still show compassion.

Self-centered people don’t notice when others are feeling down because they are wrapped up in themselves. It sounds harsh, but they are too focused on “me, me, me” to care. 

Meanwhile, some people find that they care too much. In fact, you may find it almost impossible not to care!

For that reason, being a highly sensitive person can sometimes feel like a curse as well as a blessing.

But rest assured it’s a superpower for your relationships.

7) They’re observant

Think of any great literally sleuth and they’ve all got an impeccable eye for detail.

That’s because deducing anything demands that we’re paying attention in the first place.

The same goes for picking up on what other people are feeling.

It’s actually a sign of critical thinking. Being observant means staying alert to what is happening around you.

You are not only watching people, situations, and events unfold — you then spend time considering what you see.

8) They see things from other sides

In order to notice and appreciate what someone else is going through, we need to keep an open mind.

We all have different views, opinions, ideas, and beliefs.

The truth is that we don’t always need to agree with someone to acknowledge what they’re dealing with.

It simply takes an open mind and an open heart.

Being able to see the world from different sides helps you to tap into a wide variety of ways of looking at things.

And that allows us to understand and connect with people on a human level, even when they may not be like us.

9) They’re thoughtful

This is yet another quality that only people who pay attention can have.

We’ve all met someone who seemed stubbornly blinded to how their behavior was impacting someone else.

But that’s probably because they couldn’t see it. We have to notice people to be able to consider them, and not only think of ourselves.

You are most definitely a thoughtful person if:

  • You’re mindful of your words
  • You are conscious of having conflict respectfully
  • You know that the little gestures matter
  • You consider the needs and wants of others

10)They’re altruistic

If you can spot someone in a crowd and tell that they’re struggling then it suggests you have an altruistic nature.

You’re clearly on the lookout for it. Besides, if you were disinterested in anyone but yourself you wouldn’t have bothered to notice.

So it suggests a certain level of consideration for others.

People who are generally empathetic, compassionate, and kind are usually the most public-spirited among us.

Final thoughts

It’s a wonderful thing to be tapped into the emotions and energies around you.

As we’ve seen, it’s an indication you feel things deeply. And so you may absorb the emotions of others in the process.

But it’s also important to practice self-care and create healthy boundaries so your sensitivity doesn’t come at the expense of your own well-being.

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