12 things truly kind people always do (but never talk about)

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In the age of social media, it can be hard to believe that anyone is truly genuine.

People take selfies in front of every kind of act and deed they ever accomplish, almost as if they’re trying to win the award for Best Person of the Year.

But truly kind people don’t act kindly for any kind of social clout or public acclaim.

They spread kindness and help others simply because they feel morally obligated to do so.

In this article, we share 12 things that kind people always do, but never actually talk about.

1) They Acknowledge Everyone

Too many people use their behavior like playing cards in a game of poker.

They’re nice only when they think it will benefit them, respecting people above them on the social ladder, and totally ignoring anyone whom they believe to be just a waste of time.

But genuinely kind people don’t see this distinction.

Sure, they understand that wealthy CEOs and powerful businessmen would impact their lives more than lowly janitors and service workers, but they don’t treat them any less respectfully just because of it.

A kind person will treat everyone with the respect they deserve for simply being human.

They understand that kindness is unlimited, and there’s no reason to hold it back.

2) They Value Other Peoples’ Time

Time is the most important resource we all have — we can never get back a single moment that passes by.

So the absolute hallmark of power is when you get in a position where you can command another person’s use of their time, and the absolute hallmark of respect is what you choose to do with that power.

A kind person understands that no one wants their time wasted, and will do everything they can to ensure they never waste anyone’s time.

A kind person won’t be late to meetings, won’t change plans last minute, and won’t make you wait; and if they ever do, they will apologize profusely and explain what happened.

3) They Listen Before Responding

These days it seems that many people have lost the art of having a proper conversation.

Instead, it’s just two or more people talking at each other, taking turns.

This is why we almost never find ourselves convincing anyone of something they don’t already believe in.

After all, people don’t listen in the first place (because no one expects anyone else to listen, either).

But a kind person will always listen. They aren’t just waiting for you to stop talking so they can say the ideas already loaded in their mouths.

They will take their time to process and digest whatever you just said, and respond accordingly, depending on your words.

Because just as they value your time, they also value your ideas.

4) They Uplift Others

A kind person understands that whatever success they may have in life was partly a result of the advantages that they were born with, even if those advantages aren’t always so obvious.

Kind people don’t sit around thinking about how much smarter they are than everyone else, and how much richer they are than their neighbors.

Instead, kind people use the gifts they have to uplift those around them.

They understand that it’s their responsibility — as the person with greater means — to help and give back.

Not because they want the acknowledgment, but because they feel dutifully obligated to the rest of the community.

5) They Sacrifice Their Own Well-Being

Nothing worth having is easy.

If a person has to work day and night, sacrificing sleep and their own health, just to help those around them, then they understand that there’s a greater goal in mind, something bigger than their own individuality.

A kind person doesn’t care to talk about how hard it was to do something, as if they’re waiting for applause or some kind of sympathy.

They understand that the struggle they chose to undertake was their own choice, and therefore it was a choice they must make without any kind of audience.

They don’t care about their own selves; they just want to help everyone around them.

6) They’re Generously Patient

As much as a kind person will respect other people’s time, they will also be forgiving when their own time is wasted.

They won’t make you feel like you’ve royally messed up (even if you did); they’ll try their best to understand, give you another chance, and move on.

But it’s important to remember that just because they’re kind, doesn’t mean they’re a doormat.

Kindness and patience can only go so far, and no one is more aware of disrespect than a kind person who actively avoids making others feel disrespected.

7) They Try To Understand The Root Of Problems

Altruism is such a mixed bag nowadays. There are too many people participating in charities and joining advocacies without really wanting to make a difference in the community.

At the end of the day, these people want to help to reap the good feelings associated with being charitable, without actually putting in the work to make things better.

What’s worse, they do it for bragging rights and photo opportunities.

Kind people go above and beyond to enact change.

They don’t just participate in food drives once every couple of months; they get on the field and understand where food scarcity is coming from in the first place.

Truly kind people help because they want to see improvements in their community, regardless of how unglamorous, difficult and boring the actual work is.

8) They Let People Decide For Themselves

Kindness and open-heartedness go hand in hand.

Instead of taking center stage, they take a step back and empower people to make their own choices and believe in their own merit.

They don’t think they are superior to others and prefer to take on the supporting role for other people.

It goes without saying that they don’t rely on manipulation to get what they want.

When at a crossroads, kind people truly believe that good things can be achieved through good means.

They wield patience, good communication, and empathy to bring justice and resolve conflict.

9) They Help Without Expecting Anything Back

Kind people show up even when no one’s looking. They contribute to their community even when there’s no promise of pictures and write-ups.

They work silently in the background even if they know they’re not getting anything for it.

Simply put, kind people help because they like helping.

It’s not just the big picture stuff too.

Kind people are just generous with their time in a way the average person isn’t.

They do small gestures of kindness not because they think they’re due for some epic karma, but because helping just feels good, no matter how big or small the effort.

10) They Stand Up For What They Believe In

There is an unfair assumption that kind people are pushovers. For some reason, we tend to think that kind people are soft in both actions and words.

But kindness comes in many forms: they can be patriots, lawyers, or even aggressive businessmen.

At the end of the day, what makes them kind isn’t their tone or gestures – it’s their perseverance against injustice and evil.

You’ll find them standing up for what they believe in, especially for others who can’t take a stand for themselves.

They value equality and freedom just as much as they value virtues like open-heartedness and charity.

11) They Forgive

Having a big heart and an empathetic soul makes it easy, almost second nature, for kind people to forgive.

That’s not to say that they gloss over every single wrong in the world and are able to move past consistent faults and transgressions.

They have a sense of justice but also understand that people fall short and make mistakes.

Kind people are righteous but they are not self-righteous. They don’t hold things over your head and make you feel bad about yourself.

If anything, they do everything they can to lift you up, support you, and make sure you are loved and accepted no matter what.

12) They Help Others Reach Their Potential, and They Leave The Door Open

Kind people want the best for everyone around them. They want to help the future, not just the present.

They make great teachers, mentors, and even everyday friends.

Their goal is to enact change and kindness in both their personal and professional lives – whether it’s helping someone at their job or setting up a fundraiser.

More importantly, they leave the door open so others can achieve what they have achieved, if not more; rather than shutting the door so no one else can ever climb the ladder.

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