10 personality traits that make you a genuinely good person

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Are you a good person?

The following traits say that the answer is yes. 

Let’s take a look. 

1) You’re thoughtful 

Thoughtfulness is all about being conscious and caring about the fact that there are many more people in this world than just you. 

We’re all the protagonists in our own story, and that’s natural and healthy. 

But when it’s taken too far, intense focus on our own well-being can become a kind of egotism and selfishness. 

That’s why one of the top personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is being thoughtful of others in your life. 

2) You forgive people

Next up is the ability and willingness to forgive people. 

Not everyone does this or even wants to hear about it, and forgiveness can be especially hard if it relates to a grave wrong that was done to you. 

But one of the signs you’re a genuinely good person is that you want to move forward:

You forgive because holding on to the pain and the hate is not a burden you wish to carry. 

3) You’re encouraging

Everybody can use a pat on the back and some encouragement now and then. 

One of the most important personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is that you’re encouraging. 

You give other people the benefit of the doubt and let them know that you believe in them whenever possible. 

Whether it’s friends, family, a romantic partner or a work colleague, you have their back and let them know that you are confident in their success and ability to overcome every obstacle. 

4) You’re polite and courteous

Being polite and courteous to those around you goes a very long way. 

Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day is opening a door or helping them with some groceries. 

Politeness isn’t just about surface behavior and saying the right words: it’s about respect. 

Having this kind of respect for others is a definite sign that you’re a genuinely good person who wants to treat others with the care and courtesy they deserve. 

5) You’re generous 

Generosity is one of those traits that you notice especially when you experience it during a hard time. 

Those who lend a helping hand, spend money without complaining and help somebody out freely are people who make the world a better place. 

That’s why one of the definite personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is that you’re generous

You don’t just help anyone with no questions asked, but you have a tendency to reach out your hand and help people in any way you can, as well as to treat friends and family with generosity and hosting and helping them in generous ways. 

6) You tell the truth

Telling the truth isn’t always popular or appreciated, but it’s almost always the right move. 

One of the most key personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is that you’re honest whenever possible

Even in small matters, you’d prefer to just be transparent and clear about what the real facts are in a situation or matter. 

Your telling the truth may make you new friends and win you enemies, but nobody would argue that it’s anything less than an honorable trait

7) You follow through on promises

Promises are pretty easy to make, but not nearly as easy to follow. 

One of the crucial personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is that you are consistent and dependable. 

You follow through on promises you make, even if it’s just a promise to pick up a friend and take them somewhere, or to deliver a project on time for work. 

If and when an urgent matter or crisis comes up that will interrupt your promise from being fulfilled, you let anyone affected know about it as soon as possible. 

8) You empathize with people 

Empathy means that you do your best to understand others and be compassionate to them. 

Even if you haven’t been where they are or experienced their struggles, you identify and empathize with the emotions they’re going through. 

You do what you can to be present, while still giving people the space they need to struggle through their own dark times. 

9) You practice patience 

Being patient is hard for many people, myself included. 

But one of the top personality traits that make you a genuinely good person is that you practice patience and are a patient person. 

If you’re impatient, you do your best to become aware of that and temper it with patience and self-restraint. 

So many good things in life take time and patience: 

Being a good person means accepting that reality and letting life move at its own pace sometimes. 

10) You seek win-win solutions in life 

There are two basic ways of looking at society and human community in terms of flourishing and optimism about fighting wealth inequality and poverty: 

Some people have to lose for other people to win;


Somebody can win while also helping other people win. 

This basic split is quite meaningful, and those who seek win-win solutions in life often emerge as innovators and influential figures. 

They also tend to be good people motivated not only by profit, but also by deeper values about improving society and being part of a win-win solution. 

If that sounds like you, you’re most likely a very good person.

The truth about being a good person 

The truth about being a good person is that most people who think they are good tend to overestimate it, and most people who think they are lousy people tend to be too hard on themselves

Judging whether you are “good” or “bad” is often not the most productive way to progress and grow in life. 

Instead of focusing on which of us is “good” or well-intentioned, it helps to go deeper and free ourselves from a label or category we want to put ourselves in just in order to feel secure or recognized. 

After all, being a good person is ultimately its own best reward. 

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