13 special traits of an elegant woman

Charm and poise. Beauty and grace. An elegant woman needs no introduction.

When she steps into the room, you know she’s there.

You can notice her self-confidence in the tone of her voice and even the way that she dresses.

While you don’t have to wear an evening gown and walk around with a glass of wine, there are still some traits that you can emulate in your own life to become the elegant woman you know you can be.

Learn to be classy with these traits of an elegant woman.

1. She Watches Her Language

The way someone speaks can give a peek into their personality; the words they use shape their identity and vice versa.

Language is a form of self-expression; letting others know what’s on their mind and in their heart.

An elegant woman believes there are more appropriate and specific words to express how she feels or thinks.

Vulgar language has no place in a formal event or business meeting, which are places she finds herself in often.

An elegant woman has developed for herself an extensive vocabulary to help her share her thoughts without having to swear like a sailor.

2. She’s A Woman Of Her Word

Being seen as trustworthy is essential to achieving success — and elegant women are successful in their businesses.

They need the trust of potential investors and clients to achieve the growth that she’s looking for in her company.

To become trustworthy, an elegant woman always stands by her word.

Being a woman of her word isn’t only a testament to her trustworthiness, however.

It also shows how confident she is in her ability to follow through on favors and business agreements.

Because of this, an elegant woman is wise and selective about what she’s willing to accept and do for others.

She understands what she can and cannot give, only making the promises she knows that she can keep.

3. She Stands Tall With Confidence

As we tend to sit in front of our computers more, our posture gradually begins to worsen.

The habit of being hunched over for hours on end rolls our shoulders forward, giving us a constant slouching appearance even when we’re away from our stations.

Posture doesn’t only affect physical well-being, however; it affects mental well-being too.

A study found that sitting upright builds resilience towards stress and negativity.

Thus, slouching does more harm than good (unless you physically are unable to sit up straight).

Elegant women have confidence in their abilities to achieve whatever they want in life. They aren’t the type to let anyone trample over them.

So they pull their shoulders back, sit straight up, ready to face the challenges of the day.

4. She Has A High Self-Esteem

Elegant women carry themselves well because they have total belief in their abilities.

They know how to grit their teeth and push forward when the job gets stressful.

Having experienced this in their past, they understand what they’re capable of.

Having high self-esteem is crucial to achieving any kind of goal.

Elegant women are driven by a sense of purpose, but they don’t rush forward in a hurried panic.

They keep their composure and attend to important decisions calmly.

They’ve found purpose in their work and intend to do it with excellence and grace.

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5. She Remains Modest And Polite

Thinking highly of oneself does not equate being arrogant.

Since an elegant woman is so secure in herself, she doesn’t feel the need to one-up others with her own achievements; besides, she has nothing to prove to anyone.

She’s above the silly games of “who’s better”. That’s child’s play.

She is instead modest in what she’s achieved.

She is always polite and respectful to others — regardless if they’re the CEO of a multinational company or the janitor of it.

She lets her actions and behaviors do the showing off for her.

6. She Forms Her Own Opinions

It’s easy to go along with what others say; it doesn’t take any mental energy to do so.

But what happens is that one might find oneself along a path that wasn’t intended to be taken.

Elegant women are critical thinkers.

They don’t jump to conclusions without first understanding the facts from credible sources.

There needs to be a logical line of reasoning or she won’t buy into it.

Once she’s come up with her own opinions, she’s able to defend and argue about it politely.

She keeps an open mind and can respectfully agree to disagree with people who contradict her.

7. She Empowers Other Women

The professional landscape is competitive; each person vying for their position at the top of the ladder.

Some may even stoop as low as to gossip about and backstab the people they know to achieve what they want.

An elegant woman engages in no such activity.

She respects others, especially women.

She gives other women a shoulder to cry on while also becoming the role model to follow.

She seeks to inspire and empower other women to take control and live their best lives.

Although she may put up a confident and brave front, she is also capable of being vulnerable. This allows her to connect with others in a more meaningful way.

8. She empowers men

Not only does an elegant woman empower other women, she also empowers men.


There’s a fascinating new concept in relationship psychology that goes to the heart of what women can do to bring out the best in their partner.

It’s called the hero instinct.

The simple truth is that men have a biological urge to step up for women and earn her respect in return. It’s hardwired into them.

I know it sounds kind of silly.

An elegant woman doesn’t need someone to rescue them. They don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

But here’s the ironic truth. Men do still need to be a hero. Because it’s built into their DNA to seek out relationships that allow them to feel like one.

The few women who actually realize that can gain a lot of strength and power in the way they approach their relationships.

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9. She’s Well-Mannered

An elegant woman is considerate of others and shows the same level of kindness and respect to whomever she meets.

When she feels angry or frustrated, she doesn’t let her feelings overcome her.

She can keep it under control and calmly deal with the situation that she’s in.

An elegant woman also doesn’t forget to say “Please” and “Thank you”.

She dresses appropriately for the events that she’s invited to; nothing over the top but just enough to stand out from the crowd.

Her clothes are pressed and ironed, her physical appearance managed and tidy, and her respect for others consistent and unforgotten.

10. She’s Unshakeable

When the company loses money or the rejection letter arrives in the mail, panicking and discouragement are common responses.

It can feel like the end of the world and that recovery from such unfortunate events seems impossible.

While others might stress and freak out, an elegant woman maintains her composure.

She knows that she can always secure another client and make the money back.

A rejection letter means that maybe this isn’t the time yet; she can always try again.

An elegant woman doesn’t allow external events to shake her heart and mind.

She takes responsibility for her actions and plans her strategy for success in the future.

11. She Fights For What She Believes In

An elegant woman doesn’t allow herself to be used or get carried away by someone else’s beliefs.

She doesn’t acquiesce when she knows that there’s a better way of handling situations.

She trusts her moral compass and speaks out when she’s found herself in a situation that may be pointing south.

When she sees other women getting disrespected, she’s unafraid to come to their aid.

She’s outspoken and uncompromising about her values.

She won’t stop until a change happens, within small social groups or even in the company.

“No” is a full sentence that she’s not afraid of telling others when she plants her foot firmly and stands her ground.

12. She’s Unapologetic About Herself

Others tend to believe that they can control another person’s personality.

There have become societal expectations about what a woman should and shouldn’t be; what she should and shouldn’t say.

To deviate from what’s socially acceptable might open herself up to ridicule and harsh remarks.

But a woman of elegance doesn’t concern herself with such.

She is who she says she is.

She has no need for the validation of others.

She’d rather be criticized for being herself than feel a lingering unfulfillment from compromising and conforming to social standards.

She doesn’t do what she does to please anyone.

She knows that not everyone is going to like her anyway, so why bother?

She carves her own path in the world, with her self-confidence acting as her shield to bounce ridicule and harsh remarks off of her.

13. She’s Independent

An elegant woman doesn’t need anyone to support her.

Since she’s driven and motivated in her work, she’s able to be financially stable enough to take care of herself.

She educates herself in her field so that she can climb the ranks without having to rely on anyone’s help.

While some elegant women might find themselves in a relationship, they don’t let their partner define her.

She takes full responsibility for her own life and her own happiness.

Whatever challenges she faces, she figures out a solution and overcomes it with conviction and unwavering determination.

Whatever failures she experiences, she learns and grows from.

A woman’s elegance comes from her years of experience.

She’s been through hardships and struggles but has made the conscious choice to rise above them.

What’s given her the strength to focus her energies towards becoming the best person that she can be for herself and others?

Above all, an elegant woman has ultimately found her purpose.


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