10 personality traits of confident people who inspire others

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Are you a confident person who inspires others?

This kind of person uplifts and encourages others, making a positive impact wherever they go. 

Let’s go through the top signs that you are such a person and how to develop more of this in yourself if you’re not there yet. 

1) Confident

Confidence is a word we hear a lot. 

What is it, really?  

Confidence is knowing your value and appreciating the value and potential of others. 

Confidence is approaching challenges and opportunities with gusto, instead of passively or hesitantly. 

Confidence is not reckless or egotistical. Confidence is not narcissism. 

Confidence is ultimately an attitude that is cultivated and honed through practice. It manifests in action and in what we do. 

Confident people inspire others because they show how to win at life, love and work.

It’s that simple. 

2) Optimistic

The next of the personality traits of confident people who inspire others is optimism. 

I’ve never met a pessimist who inspired others, have you?

Optimism means envisioning a proactive and worthwhile vision for the future…

Optimism is when you find solutions instead of problems.

An optimist still notices the issues and points them out. An optimist still has bad days. 

The difference is that an optimist is ultimately somebody who believes life is worth it and who wants things to turn out well. 

They’re actively pursuing a better life and hoping for life to turn out well, and this inspires others. 

3) Noetic

Noetic comes from the Greek word for intellect. 

It essentially refers to a person who is a deep thinker or who has the ability and desire to practice critical thinking

This is one of the most important and overlooked personality traits of confident people who inspire others.

Intelligence is inspiring because it cuts through all the noise and has original, useful and brilliant insights and observations. 

Critical thought and the ability to grapple with complex issues and subjects is reassuring and uplifting to others, because they are glad to meet somebody who cares about things and approaches them intelligently. 

Noetic people inspire confidence and admiration in others. 

Noetic individuals often move into leadership roles for this very reason.

4) Funny

There’s nothing like a sense of humor to lift others up. 

This is particularly true of affiliative humor, which is funniness that encourages and supports others instead of tearing them down. 

There’s a reason the class clown was always popular with the girls:

One of the top personality traits of confident people who inspire others is a good sense of humor

Humor is ultimately a survival trait:

Laughing can get us through some of the hardest times imaginable and it helped our ancestors through war, famine and upheaval. 

Meeting somebody who can make you genuinely laugh is refreshing, because they inspire you to see the hilarious and absurd side of life instead of taking everything so seriously…

5) Interesting 

Boring people rarely inspire or engage those around them. 

Among the most key personality traits of confident people who inspire others is the practice of being interesting

The reason I use the word “practice” here is that being interesting doesn’t require you to have a highly unique job or controversial opinions…

Being interesting is really just a matter of being observant and present. 

If you perceive interesting and important things in your environment, you are interesting. 

This engages and inspires others, because you are noticing things that matter. 

6) Dependable

One of the biggest defects some people have is being undependable. 

You know what I’m talking about…

That guy or girl who’s the life of the party and everybody loves, but they rarely respond to messages and seem very undependable in what they say and do. 

You may be very well liked and respected, but you need to be trustworthy and dependable if you want to truly make a positive impact in this world. 

In our fast-moving digital age, dependability is harder and harder to come by. 

But you can cultivate this quality in yourself with attention and conscientiousness. 

7) Entertaining 

Some people are just very entertaining. 

They may be a celebrity we love or just our officemate, but they’re the kind of people we don’t forget and who we miss badly when we’re away from them. 

Being entertaining is highly underrated. 

Far too many people are not only boring and passive but also highly unentertaining. 

Sorry if that is harsh, but it’s true. 

Being entertaining doesn’t mean you have to joke at every single thing or provide constant commentary. 

You could be entertaining just by being really energetic and enthusiastic, just by strongly being yourself

(Unless you are the character Kevin Malone from the office, in which case please don’t be yourself).

Which brings me to my next point… 

8) Nitid

People love a person who is nitid. 

Nitid means the quality of shining or being bright and colorful. 

This is one of the  personality traits of confident people who inspire others:

They dress well and have their own loud and unique personal style.

They speak distinctively and in their own way and have words they love to use especially much.

They are very much noticeable and stand out from the crowd, because they have fully embraced who they are and are not trying to be popular. 

When they walk into a room, people notice, and they may even dress in vintage styles or very unusual ways. 

They’re nitid and proud in their cable knit sweater and red leather pants. Deal with it. 

9) Celeritous

Next up in the personality traits of confident people who inspire others is celerity.

Celerity refers to being fast and moving quickly. 

If you aren’t physically quick or limber, don’t worry. Becoming mentally agile or very skilled at some tasks will inspire and uplift others. 

People gain a lot of confidence and zest when they see somebody confident doing their job and succeeding. 

Nothing breeds success like success

Being celeritous is definitely a valuable and inspiring trait. 

10) Energetic 

Last and far from least in the personality traits of confident people who inspire others is being energetic. 

This comes down to being physically healthy and getting plenty of good rest and nutritious food. 

It’s also a conscious choice about what to dedicate your energy towards. 

People who uplift and inspire others add energy to situations instead of subtracting energy from situations. 

This is why an energetic individual who also has some of the other positive traits I’ve listed here tends to be a valuable addition to any group and inspire and encourage those around them. 

Let me tell you a secret… 

We all have the potential to embody the above personality traits of confident people who inspire others.

Whether introverted or extroverted, we have the ability to develop personality traits to the best of our ability. 

The greatest thing is that your quest to improve yourself and become this kind of person simultaneously inspires others

We’re all works in progress. 

Meeting someone else who’s working on themselves is a huge inspiration to everyone else. 

Keep at it, because no matter where you are on your journey, I guarantee that you’re more inspiring than you think and that you have incredible potential inside yourself. 

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