14 things confident introverts always do (but never talk about)

Do you ever get the feeling that you see the world differently from others?

Like you notice things that other people don’t?

It’s not that you’re “weird.” It’s just that you see the world more “clearly” and “deeply” than others.

You’re curious, intelligent, and sophisticated, and in the age of technology and automated sensationalized newsfeeds, these traits aren’t exactly common.

Rather than fitting into the limited box society has created for you, you’ve decided to think for yourself and be all that you can be.

You’re not strange. You’re just a confident introvert, like me.

Here are 14 signs that you might relate to if you’re a confident introvert.

1. Your inner monologue never stops

Introverts have a distinct inner voice that’s always running in the back of their minds.

This is why you might struggle to get to sleep on some nights.

But it’s also why you’re a good critical thinker.

You don’t take someone’s words for it.

You’re always thinking deeply about problems and solutions.

While some people might think you’re a little lost in your mind, you know that it’s just because you’re a deeper think than most.

You’re confident in your ability to see things other people don’t and to come up with solutions other people can’t.

2. You LOVE spending time alone

Alone time is when you shine. You have no issues staying home on a Saturday night.

In fact, you thrive on it.

You don’t have to compromise. You can do whatever you want.

No one is going to stop you if you want to eat pizza and watch Netflix all night.

In your alone time, you’re free, and that’s just the way you like it.

It takes confidence to be happy when you’re just with yourself. It shows that you accept who you are and you’re comfortable with your own being.

3. You do your best thinking alone

Being alone is not always about watching Netflix or playing your favorite video game.

Sometimes it’s just about giving your mind time to decompress and reflect.

When you’re with other people, it can sometimes feel like your brain is overloaded with information.

But in solitude, you can reflect and structure information in your head.

You tend to be more creative and have deeper insights when you’re alone.

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4. You don’t bother putting on a fake smile

A confident introvert doesn’t fake who they are.

They’re not going to play small-talk if they don’t want to, and they’re certainly not going to give you fake compliments just to make you feel better.

A confident introvert tells it how it is without pretense.

While you might think that a confident introvert struggles to “network” and “make friends”, you’d be surprised.

Because they come as they are without putting on a fake show, most people find it incredibly refreshing to be around.

This helps them stand out from the crowd.

After all, it’s not often you come across someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind.

Yes, a strong introvert might speak less than others, but when they do speak they generally speak with maximum impact.

5. You don’t seek validation from others

You don’t want to be popular.

You don’t seek validation from others.

You know who you are and what you want in life.

If you don’t get invited to after-work office drinks, you’re not going to kick up a fuss about it.

You accept yourself, you’re happy yourself, and other people don’t have an influence on your inner peace.

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6. You’re better at writing your thoughts than speaking them

Email communication is where you shine.

Writing gives you time to reflect on what you want to say and how you want to say it.

It allows you to structure the information in your head and get clear on what’s important.

This is crucial for you because you have so many ideas in your head and takes time to organize them.

This is why so many of the best writers out there are actually introverts.

7. Talking on the phone isn’t fun for you

Some people love passing time talking on the phone.

But that’s just not you.

You don’t enjoy a long conversation unless there is meaning attached to it.

You love deep conversations but it’s rare to have a deep conversation with someone over the phone.

In general, it’s mainly just small talk.

You prefer having a deep conversation while physically being in the same space. It’s more real.

But when you’re at home enjoying your solitude, the last thing you want to do is fill time with needless chit-chat over the phone.

8. You hate small-talk

Small talk is meaningless to you.

You don’t care about what’s going on with the weather.

And “how are you” and “I’m good” lacks so much meaning that it doesn’t need to be said.

This is why you stay away from small talk. For you, it only serves to reinforce the robotic robots that most people have become.

You want to know more than how someone is doing. You want them to be honest, to express themselves, and not care about other people judging them.

You want to know the purpose behind someone’s actions and why they wake up in the morning.

These are the kinds of conversations that get your juices flowing.

9. You don’t gossip or engage in drama

Gossiping…talking about people behind their back…one-upping people to make yourself look better. That’s just not your style.

In your mind, people spend way too much time on these toxic behaviors. It’s just wasted energy.

For you, it doesn’t even make you feel good.

You’d prefer to focus on yourself while keeping the peace with everyone else.

Now of course you’d stand up for yourself and others if you need to, but this is different.

In the end, gossiping about who did what, who insulted who, and why so and so is a bad person only serves to make others feel bad, and that is the last thing you want to do.

10. You accept emotions for what they are

This could be a very strong reason why you’re confident in who you are and you enjoy spending time alone compared to others.

Many people fight against their negative emotions because they believe that is the best way to deal with them.

This is why they struggle to spend time alone.

But you know that it’s useless to fight against your own negative emotions. It will only make them worse.

Instead, you accept them for what they are.

This is largely down to the fact that you also accept yourself and your personality, and therefore you have an easier time accepting all the emotions that come your way.

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11. You appreciate experiences more than material things in life

I mentioned above that you have a deep and complex mind, and when you do, it can take a lot of time and effort to feed it and give it what it needs.

You’ve probably found that you don’t get a lot of pleasure out of material things, but a walk in the wood makes you feel alive and energized.

A new cell phone won’t do that for you. You probably spend time learning, getting outside, and going on adventures with those you love – that’s what a deep soul needs to thrive.

12. You have a level head

You spend so much quiet time on your own, taking the time to navigate and contemplate situations, problems, and to really tap into who you are and what you want.

You have a strong sense of self and confidence that radiates from within.

When you’re feeling stressed or the weight of the world is closing in? You spend time alone to recharge instead of filling your day with distractions.

You’re a great worker, and you’re suited to certain career choices that suit introverts.

13. You are comfortable with your own thoughts

I’m sure we’ve all come across that person who can’t stand to be alone with their own thoughts.

I believe that people who like to spend time alone, particularly in the quiet, display a clear conscience and do not struggle with their inner thoughts.

This is why you’re clear and confident in yourself.

Of course, we can all have down days, but you tend to be able to navigate yourself out of any slump.

14. You exercise strong boundaries

All of that time alone gives you space to think about what motivates you, what works and what doesn’t, and how to properly communicate this.

In my experience, people who like to be alone have strong and healthy boundaries and they exercise their right to communicate these in a really healthy and clear manner.

Have your perceptions changed? Can you see any of these qualities in yourself or a friend?

We all have a different approach to life; celebrating our differences is what’s it’s all about.

If you’re your own best friend, then that is an excellent trait to have and it will hold you in good stead for your whole life.


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