If you display these 15 traits, you’re an adventurer at heart

Not everyone is born for adventure. 

There are many who’d rather stay inside with a cup of tea or curl up by the fire with a book and read about other people’s adventures.

Here are the top indicators that you’re one of the people destined to live the kind of adventures others only read in black and white!

1) Risk turns you on

If you’re an adventurer at heart then risk turns you on. 

There’s no other way to say it:

Playing it safe and having no risk makes you bored and depressed. 

You want a challenge, a risk, high stakes, anything but the same old, same old! 

2) Routine depresses you

Having an adventurous soul doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible or reckless, but it does mean you have less tolerance for routine than most. 

You can get up in the morning and go to your job and come home at night, but eventually you’re going to want more. 

The difference is that unlike many who might push that frustration down, you’re eventually going to act on it and make changes in your life to seek new horizons. 

3) Forbidden fruit beckons you

There’s a saying that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and if you have an adventurous personality then you wholeheartedly agree. 

You want what you can’t have.

You want to go where people say not to go (not always a good idea, by the way!)

You want to learn the secrets of the ages and make friends with the people that others say to stay away from. 

You may try to live a conventional life, but at heart you want whatever it is they say you can’t have. 

4) Rules are there to be broken 

The same goes for rules, limits and restrictions: 

You actually like them if you’re adventurous, because they tell you the starting point of where your real voyage begins. 

The idea of not breaking them rarely even enters your head. 

Although sometimes following the rules can be a very smart idea, your adventurous soul tells you to go for it and do what you want! 

5) Curiosity about the unknown 

Your adventurous soul takes you all around the world and leads you to discover all sorts of new things about yourself and life

You find you have an insatiable curiosity about the unknown and want to learn as much as you can. 

You’re the type of person who visits a place, learns the history and then walks around and feels like you can almost feel yourself back there…

You’re the type who wants to go hike dozens of miles into a jungle to talk to a remote tribe who rarely meets outsiders…

You have a deep curiosity about the unknown and you always have. 

6) Consider the consequences second

If you’re an adventurous person at heart then you’ve likely had your fair share of accidents and mishaps. 

I’m not saying they were your fault, accidents happen to the best of us…

But if you’re highly adventurous then you’re prone to take action first and deal with the consequences later. 

You take the philosophy that it’s better to say sorry than to ask for permission. 

And sometimes you may be right! 

7) Friendships are formed around action 

The friends you make are adventure buddies and high-octane gal pals. 

You’re not much of one for sitting around drinking and talking all weekend or hosting a book club. 

You want to go motocross riding with your friends, or do a canoe trip for the weekend over a challenging river… 

Your closest friends are those you do things with, not necessarily those you have deep talks with or find good-looking or nice. 

8) Taking a chance on going out with someone 

In your dating life you’re willing to go out with someone new or a type who you haven’t been out with before. 

You don’t only have one “type” who you copy-paste over and over into different dates and relationships. 

You’re open to new people, people who challenge you, even people who you find strange or bizarre!

You want to see what’s out there…

9) Relationships don’t run your life 

When it comes to relationships, as an adventurous person you’re quite open-minded.

It’s hard to predict who you fall for and end up with, and you are willing to commit and be with somebody.

But you won’t let another person control you or force you into something against your will. 

Whereas another person will allow their partner to more or less boss them around, you simply will not. 

You give respect where you get it, and you can love deeply. But you’re going to remain a free individual. 

10) Willingness to take a chance on a new place 

When you’re adventurous at heart you’re willing to take a chance on a new place. 

When you look at pioneers who settled new lands, some of them were doing so out of necessity and others were highly adventurous. 

The difference was in the enthusiasm for a new place and creating a new life. 

As an adventurous person you don’t just get a plane ticket from Chicago to Paris and rent an apartment for a month on top of a cafe and say you’ve now seen the world.

You actually get out there and explore, learn the language, meet the locals, maybe marry a local. 

You’re the real deal…

11) Moving forward without a set plan 

You’re willing to be spontaneous and take things as they come. 

You don’t always have a set plan and are willing to let fate or destiny guide you, or maybe even just random chance!

This can have a number of upsides and downsides. 

But you don’t even necessarily act this way out of choice, it’s just who you are. 

Too much planning makes you feel bored and causes things to lose their edge and their excitement. 

12) Being artistically innovative and original

Being adventurous also means you’re innovative and original:

You may have a strong artistic side and approach life in a very unique and imaginative way. 

Whether or not you paint or photograph or sculpt, you have an instinct for design and creation. 

At the very least you can appreciate unique clothing and art and places and food. 

Your senses are alive, and you appreciate beauty and creative exploration. 

13) Seeking an adrenaline rush 

Let’s face it, adventurous people love to have an adrenaline rush. 

Skydiving, scuba diving, trying white water rafting in Colorado, being in the middle of a massive protest in France…

It’s hard to know what kind of adrenaline rush you might seek. 

But chances are it will be intense, memorable and unique. 

14) Explore many kinds of spirituality and religion 

When it comes to finding the truth, your adventurous nature may also take you many places. 

You like to find your own spiritual path, and whether that’s within religion or outside of it, you explore many ways of relating to the divine. 

You prefer to experience different faiths and paths for yourself, rather than to ask other people their opinion. 

15) Looking at people’s hearts rather than outer labels 

Being adventurous also means being adventurous in how you interact socially. 

As a person who prefers to live than to judge, you don’t use outer labels to sort people. 

You try your best to get to know them on their own terms and see who they really are. 

You’d rather know somebody’s true character than just get to know them by their primary identity or job or role in your life. 

Born for adventure 

If you find yourself relating to many of the traits above then there’s no doubt you were born for adventure.

Now it’s just a matter of making it happen. 

Do your best to link up with other people who have adventure in their blood. 

Get involved in jobs, hobbies and interests that take you to unique places and let you live out some of the goals you have in life

Adventure comes in many forms: here’s hoping fortune smiles on you!

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