If someone displays these 14 traits, they’re a true gentleman

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What makes a gentleman? Is he someone dubbed as ‘Prince Charming’ or a ‘Knight in Shining Armor’?

These days, many people aren’t quite sure how a gentleman should act. And while a gentleman seems to be a rare breed, he is certainly not extinct. 

In this article, we’ll talk about several admirable traits that are commonly associated with a true gentleman. 

Learn more about how this man’s goodhearted nature and strong character set him apart from the rest.

1) He is honest

In a world where there is too much insincerity, a true gentleman stands out with his honesty.

Empty words are never part of his dictionary. Simply put, he makes promises he intends to keep.

He will live up to his commitments without any excuses. If he says he will do something, he will do so with all of his mind and heart.

And it doesn’t stop there: He will always tell the truth no matter what. He will remain honest even in the bad times. 

2) He is reliable

Not only does a true gentleman follow through on his commitments, but he’s also someone you can count on to get things done.

He’s always right on time when you expect him to be somewhere. He is never careless, and his reputation never confuses or frustrates people. 

And the best part? He doesn’t back down on a challenge. He will show up when you need him most. 

3) He is a man of unwavering integrity

A true gentleman is not a hypocrite. He will not pretend to be someone he’s not, and he will always practice what he preaches. 

He is very genuine and self-aware. He lives a life that’s in line with his values and beliefs.

If he says he is a family man, he will make time for his family. If he says he values the environment, he will be the first to mind his carbon footprint.

Most importantly, he steadfastly adheres to a set of moral or ethical codes.

He will stand by his beliefs and values even when it’s the unpopular thing to do. You will see consistency in his behavior, actions, and words.

4) He is driven by passion and purpose

How does a true gentleman inspire the people around him? He forges his own path and he strives to be the best version of himself.

He is never content with mediocrity. He is on a mission to step out of his comfort zone, learn new things, and improve in all areas of his life. 

You can’t help but be amazed by how he pushes boundaries and make a positive impact. 

There’s nothing that can hold him back from pursuing his dreams, goals, and passions

5) He values respect

“Respect” is a word that a true gentleman doesn’t take for granted. He knows that respect is a strong foundation for genuine connections.

That’s why he works hard to gain people’s trust. He treats everyone with respect, regardless of their status, position, gender, race, etc.

Under no circumstance will he violate boundaries and be abusive towards anyone.

In other words, he will never mistreat you, embarrass you, or force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

6) He is polite and thoughtful

For a true gentleman, politeness is more than just saying “please” and “thank you,” waiting his turn in line, and holding the doors open for someone.

He shows his courtesy to others by….

  • Making them feel at ease.
  • Not interrupting them when they’re speaking.
  • Accepting criticism with grace and humility.
  • Disagreeing with them while still being warm and polite.

7) He is disciplined

A true gentleman cultivates strong habits to master self-discipline. 

He knows that just like any other skill, self-discipline is a learned behavior that requires daily practice, hard work, and repetition. 

It all starts with building a higher degree of self-control. A true gentleman makes good decisions more easily because they don’t let feelings or impulses dictate their choices.

He tries to remove his biggest temptations from his environment and stops himself from indulging in behaviors that are bad for his well-being. 

8) He is confident

What can be more attractive than a true gentleman who exudes quiet confidence?

He’s proactive and assertive when it comes to his ideas and decisions. 

His validation comes from within, which means he doesn’t see the need to please others, seek the spotlight, or take credit for other people’s accomplishments. 

He believes in himself and his capabilities.

Best of all, he uses his power as a force for good. He never makes others feel inferior. He simply does what needs to be done without disregarding the rights of others.

This leads me to my next point….

9) He is humble

Have you ever met a man who can’t seem to stop bragging about themselves and their accomplishments?

You know, the type of men who are driven by ego and go after the admiration of others so they can feel good about themselves.

A true gentleman is the exact opposite. He won’t boast about his position, status, wealth, and power. 

He is focused on doing something that truly matters, regardless of how many people notice or acknowledge it. 

10) He is kind

Compassion, empathy, and kindness are some of the greatest assets of a true gentleman.

He won’t think twice about helping those who are in need. He is the first to smile at a stranger or compliment a janitor, a cashier, or a taxi driver.

He goes the extra mile to put himself in other people’s shoes, understanding their emotions, and validating their experiences.

This includes listening without judgment and seeing things from the other person’s angle. 

11) He is generous

A true gentleman is not selfish when it comes to his resources, knowledge, talents, and time. 

He believes that it pays to be a bit more generous in his thoughts and actions.

When you’re working with them, you’ll feel that they seek collaboration and want to see you succeed.

They’re very passionate when it comes to achieving their goals, but they’ll also go out of their way to help other people get to where they want to be. 

12) He takes responsibility for his actions

Here’s the deal: Nobody’s perfect. Even a true gentleman makes mistakes.

It can be hard to admit shortcomings, but it’s an arrogant move to blame others for the mistakes one makes.

A true gentleman never makes excuses when they are in error. He apologizes for it, owns up to it, and does what he can to correct it. 

He will always take ownership of the things he can control: his attitude, his actions, and his decisions. 

13) He is open-minded

It takes a true gentleman to know that he is not always right. His curiosity about the world and the people around him makes him more approachable and interesting.

He is a lifelong learner, which means he’s always open to learning new ideas and gaining fresh perspectives.

He validates other people’s opinions, even if he doesn’t agree with them.

And it gets better: He’s open to changing outdated notions, judgments, and beliefs. 

14) He is resilient

Last but not least, the strength of a true gentleman’s character lies in the way he handles defeat and failures. 

He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Like any other person who goes through pain, he feels misery, disappointment, anxiety, and anger.

He acknowledges the negative feelings, but he doesn’t let these emotions get the best of him.

He’s the kind of man who handles himself well and knows how to pull himself out of low places. 

He turns every challenge into an opportunity for learning and growth. That’s how he bounces back stronger after any setback

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