The traits of a super empath (and how to know if you are one)

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Are you a super empath?

I’m not, but I know somebody who definitely is. 

Here’s how to tell using the EMPATH system.

Emotionally intelligent, Meritocratic, Perceptive, Accepting, Truthful, Heartfelt.

Let’s take a look at these individually:

Emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and process one’s own emotions and those of others. 

Super empaths tend to be extremely emotionally intelligent. 

If you’re a super empath, then your own emotions and those of others are as clear to you as words or a giant highway billboard. 

You see why you’re feeling certain things and why others are, and you understand the difficulty in sometimes navigating situations and interactions as well as the best ways to resolve conflict. 


Next up in the traits of a super empath is being meritocratic. 

As an ultra empath, you don’t really believe in judging by appearances and people not getting what they deserve rubs you the wrong way. 

You believe in people enjoying the fruit of what they’ve worked for rather than what they got through connections or favor. 

You tend to me meritocratic to the bone, and have a belief that everyone can redeem themselves and transcend a difficult past.


Part of the emotional intelligence of a super empath is perceptiveness. 

If you’re a super empath then you notice very small details that others may miss:

Details about people, about behavior, about the tone of somebody’s voice, about the expression or emotion in someone’s eyes. 

You notice the energy in a room as soon as you walk in and get a strong feeling right away whether you can trust somebody or not.


One of the effects of being a super empath is that you tend to be quite accepting

You have your ethical boundaries and judgments, of course, but at the end of the day you find it hard to judge others in too black-and-white of a way. 

The reason is because you see what is driving them to behave and do what they do. 

This even goes for those who hurt you such as a romantic partner who let you down. 

You’re deeply in pain, but you find it hard to want revenge because you understand them so well and why they acted the way they did. 


Super empaths are diligently truthful. 

This applies to those they interact with and also to being honest with themselves. 

One of the top traits of a super empath is that they genuinely value honesty in all forms. 

If you’re super empath then the truth and honesty are non-negotiable for you. 

If you have to lie to yourself or others, it ruins everything. It’s the truth or nothing…


Empaths are nothing if not heartfelt. 

Their ability to understand people’s deepest emotions and issues gives them the ability to be there for others in their darkest times or share in their joy.

As a super empath, you don’t have to fake it. 

You really do get it. And you really do care. 

There are a few more things you should know about super empaths as well and whether or not you are one…

You pick up immediately on other people’s emotions 

One of the top traits of a super empath is immediately picking up on other’s emotions. 

Happiness is contagious, and melancholy lingers in your bones. 

You feel danger in the cold stare of a stranger or comfort and welcome in the words of a friend. 

Your gut instinct is never wrong about other people, and you are often able to deftly grasp what’s going on in social situations because of being so finely-tuned to emotions. 

The upside of your sensitivity and grasp of emotions is that you are savvy in business and networking as well as quick to notice and deal with relationship and friendship problems. 

The downside of your sensitivity and understanding of emotions is that they sometimes hit you hard and saddle you with the weight of difficult feelings happening in those around you.

As Dr. Judith Orloff, MD writes:

“Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. 

They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme.”

You deeply understand why people are motivated to do what they do

As I mentioned earlier, empaths understand the motivations of people in many situations. 

Because of your high emotional intelligence, even painful events start to make more sense…

You can sense the roots of pain in a lonely man who gets addicted to alcohol…

You can see how early childhood abuse set a woman up for failure in abusive relationships where she doesn’t stand up for her value…

You can see how you let yourself down in setting goals due to growing up with a lot of lax boundaries and not many expectations from parents…

It’s not that you buy into the victim narrative. 

You do firmly believe everyone is responsible for what they do and taking ownership of themselves.

Yet at the same time, you see the context that people are acting in, including yourself. 

For that reason you tend to be a bit more on the accepting side and are heartfelt about understanding others:

Because you really do (even sometimes when you may prefer not to).

You can easily tell when somebody is lying to you

Super empaths have a sixth sense for lying and deceit. 

One of the biggest traits to watch for if you’re a super empath is your sensitivity to deception and lies. 

A super empath can spot a con man from a mile away and it’s not even hard. 

They have a “sense” for everyone they meet and can spot dishonesty usually quite easily. 

The only exception, in most cases, is romantic relationships, where the super empath may see untrustworthy or toxic traits but fall in love regardless due to their own issues. 

In this case, you may fall into the idea that you can “save” or “fix” somebody else with your love, feeding into a codependent cycle.

This feeds directly into the next point…

You sometimes have a hard time pushing away energy vampires 

As a super empath, you understand almost everyone and tend to be very compassionate

You know what it’s like to go through difficult things and as a result you sometimes may attract energy vampires who feed off your energy and use you as an emotional comfort blanket. 

This is a less-than-pleasant experience to say the least.

For a woman super empath it may often manifest as being treated like a maternal, caring figure who’s expected to listen to the problems and issues of others with no life of her own…

For a male empath it may often manifest as being treated like a “nice guy” and friend, and used as a sounding board and emotional dumping ground for those in his life. 

Energy vampires are everywhere, and sometimes we can even be energy vampires to ourselves. 

But it’s certainly one of the pitfalls that super empaths run across quite frequently.

You are an excellent listener who helps others with insightful and wise advice 

Despite the danger of energy vampires, you’re a person who is generally respected and people come to you for advice and to be listened to you all the time. 

This includes even strangers at times, which can put a crimp on your time and energy even when you really do want to be available for everyone.

Being a super empath is something that others notice and are drawn to.

We all want to be understood. 

It’s just crucial to ensure that in understanding and communicating advice to others you don’t lose your own time and care for yourself. 

Your mood fluctuates with the mood of those close to you

Empaths tend to be very open to energy from others and pick up on their moods right away. 

This also leads to getting more affected sometimes by contagious feelings of pain and struggle or happiness and euphoria. 

You tend to be a mirror to those around you and sometimes reflect back what they’re sending your way without even fully realizing it at first. 

This can have positives and be a great asset for communicating, but it can also drag you down energetically and lead to you getting depleted and self-abandoning. 

You often need time alone or in nature to recharge 

You tend to be more introverted and think deeply about life and your experiences as a super empath. 

You absorb the emotions and experiences of others and you love, hurt and explore life in a really intense and visceral way. 

You need more time to recharge than others and often nature replenishes your soul. 

There’s just something about the wordless comfort that nature provides which you can’t find in human company. 

As a super empath you’re not only deeply in touch with those around you and yourself, but also with the nature we all live in.

You’re continuing the valuable work of finding the balance between your own insights and gifts while also taking care of yourself and ensuring that you retain your own health and energy.

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