If someone displays these 12 traits, they’re a really lovely person

Being lovely is more than just being “nice.”

It’s also about being genuinely kind, joyful, and adorable.

Wondering if you (or someone you know) is a really lovely person?

Check out how many of these traits they exhibit.

1) They always have something good to say

Whether they’re eating fancy food at a Michelin-star restaurant or cheap grub from a street-side stall, lovely people always have something good to say.

This is because they can see the beauty in everything.In fact, it’s hard for them to really find anything that’s completely free of any upsides whatsoever.

It’s not like they’re blind to things having flaws either. It’s just that they would rather appreciate the good rather than fixate on the bad.

And because they’re always searching for the good, they always find it wherever they go, whatever they do, and whoever they’re with.

2) Their mere presence can light up a room

I remember having a crush on someone who, while they looked perfectly ordinary on the outside (their face was even filled with acne), they can light up a room. Somehow they knew just how to put people at ease simply by being themselves.

Some people might call it charm, but I would rather call it radiance.

And if you radiate happiness and joy—or have people tell you that you do—then you likely are a lovely person yourself.

3) They never make you feel like you’re a burden

There are people who simply care too much about themselves that they easily get annoyed at every little thing that inconveniences them.

Even something as simple as someone borrowing their pen will annoy them, and they might even feel like you owe them something for it.

And you wouldn’t want to stay for too long at their place because you just know they’re keeping track of how much of an inconvenience you are to them.

Lovely people aren’t like this. In fact, the last thing they want is to make you feel like you’re being a drag.

They aren’t uptight, and are more concerned about whether you feel welcome and comfortable around them.

4) They’re good team players

Lovely people are kind and thoughtful towards their peers. That’s why they just naturally end up being good team players one way or another.

They’re a joy to work with because they try hard to do their best to play their part, and to do it with a smile.

They end up being instant favorites at the workplace and people are more than happy doing things with them because not only do they get things done, they know how to make it fun, too…or at least bearable.

5) They love the world around them

But of course, it’s not just people that lovely people respect. If anything, they respect everything around them— from animals, trees, to the works of art other people have made.

They have soft hearts and they truly believe that everything that exists here on earth has value, and that even the smallest creature and scrawniest scribbles deserve to be appreciated and respected.

It’s for this reason that they are tender with animals and nature as a whole. They would even be conscious about reducing their emissions, just to play their part in keeping our world a better place.

6) They are mindful with their words

There’s an age-old saying that goes “sticks and stones”, and almost all of us know by now that it’s plain wrong. Words can hurt.

But even though we know this, too few of us actually care to watch the words that leave our mouths—especially not when we feel like we’re in the “right” and have something to prove.

Lovely people care, however. In fact, the fact that everyone else doesn’t bother moves them to care even more.

They will keep their mouths shut when they’re mad and try to think things through first. They won’t use their words as a weapon to attack others.

And when they have criticism to share, they will do their best to deliver it as kindly as possible.

7) They are mindful with their actions

Lovely people are careful with more than just their words, of course. They are well aware of how their actions affect others and so they are super careful with the decisions they make.

Before they commit to something, they would step back and ask themselves:

“How will this affect the people I love?”

“How will this affect others?”

“If this can hurt others, is the risk worth it? Is there no other way to achieve the same goal?”

Nobody lives in a vacuum, after all, and the last thing they want is to cause suffering to the people they love…or accidentally cause a national emergency.

8) They can regulate their emotions

The loveliest people I know are emotionally safe to be around.

Even when they’re stressed and pressed in the middle of an incredibly unfavorable situation, they still know how to keep their cool.

Sure they’re still human and they can still get flustered or angry. But they aren’t going to randomly lash out on people, going from 0 to 1000 in the blink of an eye.

For this reason, you feel at ease around them, and know that even when things get rough between the two of you, so long as you keep your cool the two of you can mend your relationship back up.

9) They don’t discriminate or judge

It’s impossible not to be alive in this age and not stumble across this-or-that person trying to raise a ruckus about why you should hate, be afraid of, mistrust, or underestimate certain people.

It’s certainly enough to drive people mad, but lovely people resist that. They simply refuse to discriminate because it’s against everything they stand for.

Sure they might hear about how everyone who came from the next state over are all slackers, but they’d just shrug it off and let people prove themselves on their own worth.

 As far as they’re concerned, we’re all just human after all.

10) They make sure everyone’s comfortable

Most of the lovely people I know are highly empathetic and can easily read the room.

When there’s someone who is clearly somewhat uncomfortable or unwelcome, they themselves will not feel at ease either.

When they’re invited to a dinner and there’s a new guest (say, a friend’s new girlfriend), they’d pay attention to them.

And when they see signs that the new guest is starting to get awkward or too silent, they’d be the first one to try and make them feel at home.

The fact that they put so much of their time and energy making sure people are always comfortable around them is what makes them, well… lovely.

11) They are generous with their compliments

Lovely people are extra generous. If they have won the lottery, they’d probably share the prize with everyone they meet.

But since they can’t do that (and money is cheap anyway), they make others happy in their own little ways. One of them is giving compliments.

But they won’t say it just to be nice, of course.

When they see someone, they’d ask themselves “what about this person do I really like?” And if it’s their style, they’d comment on how cute their dress is. Or if it’s their adorable baby, they’d say so.

Compliments cost nothing but it can certainly light up people’s day.

12) They bloom where they are planted

Tupac wrote about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete—a rose that, despite its unfavorable circumstance, grew and blossomed splendidly.

And genuinely lovely people are like this. They don’t need to be born into privilege and ease or be in a position where they can be as carefree as they want to be.

Instead, they nurture their dreams and their passions, and they strive to become the best person they could be in spite of whatever hardship they might be facing in life.

And this is ultimately why they are so special.

Last words

It takes a lot to be a truly lovely person, especially in this world of ours that only seems to get worse by the day.

Despite all the hate and fear that society is always trying to instill in people, lovely people somehow manage to resist and do better. They, against all odds, remain loving and kind.

And for that reason, they are loved wherever they may be.

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