20 signs you’re not just a woman, but a queen

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Sometimes, you have this strange feeling that you’re not like other women, that there’s something about you that’s just… different.

There, there. There’s nothing wrong with you. Maybe it’s simply because you’re a queen!

Find out how many of these “queen traits” you have. If you’re nodding to at least half of them, then you’re definitely not a regular girl, but a badass queen.

1) You’re not just brave, you have grit

Grit is firmness of character, of having an indomitable spirit to pursue one’s passions. This isn’t just your regular courage. It’s courage plus determination and a dash of delusion.

Grit is an intense drive to pursue your goals with almost laser-like focus.

You’ve done some self-assessment and figured out who you are and what you want to do in life. You got your answers. And now you’re working towards achieving your goals with gusto. You might not be there yet today, but you know you’ll be someday. It is inevitable.

You wake up every day with a mission, and that’s why you’re a kween!

2) You’re both tough and tender

You have developed your “feminine side” and “masculine side.”

Some people think that in order to succeed in this world, women have to act more like men. Just look at all those dictators and billionaires who seem to know exactly what to do. Their toughness has led them to higher places!

But you also want tenderness in this world. After all, powerful feminine traits lead women to success.

You want to manage people in a way they feel respected, you want to put smileys in your messages, you pause when you see an adorable puppy chasing a ball at the park or a cat curled up cutely against a pillow.

Although you’re focused on your goals and you work hard to achieve them, you also make sure that you have time to enjoy the beautiful things in life. More than that, you try to be a source of joy to others.

3) You do you and you’re proud of it

You decided to have a nomadic lifestyle so you can travel while you write your book?

You put ice on your wine?

You don’t want to get married and have kids ever?

You honor your choices and you’re actually proud of them, even if they seem crazy to others. People close to you get nervous and concerned thinking that you’re making the wrong choices and just can’t resist trying to give you advice, but you know your own path.

You know you don’t have to justify anything to them because your life is your life.

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4) You keep learning and trying new things

There are thousands of hobbies, millions of books and songs and facts and skills that we can do while we’re alive. You are very curious about many things so you never run out of things to do.

You don’t understand why some people get bored when there’s just a lot of things to explore and learn.

You don’t care about whether something will make you more interesting to other people or make you blend in with the crowd. Instead, you pick up hobbies and learn about new things because they interest you, and you couldn’t care less about whether it’s popular or not.

5) You keep calm during adversity

You know it’s important to be “real” but you’ve learnt to tame your tongue and manage your emotions because you know they affect the people around you.

You’ve seen people who go absolutely ballistic with just a little bit of stress and you know it didn’t do anyone good.

You know that our behavior matters a whole lot so you learned to manage how you react, especially in times of stress. You know when and how to be strong for others, and break down only when you know it’s appropriate… in private, with a friend or a therapist.

You prefer not to be reactive, and to keep your harshest words from spilling from your mouth. Because of this, you make others feel safe, especially those who rely on you.

6) You take care of yourself

You pamper yourself as if you’re someone important…because you are.

You’re the VIP of your life and you know that if you should make self-care a priority.

You know quite well that if you forget yourself so you can focus on others—your boyfriend, or child, or pet—you’ll burn out. You’ll have less and less to give. You might even start resenting them.

Self-love isn’t just fluff for the queen. You know it’s something you need to give yourself especially now that the world is getting more and more stressful.

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7) You’re not just intelligent, you’re actually quite wise

Not only do you know facts, you actually have something to say from all the information that you’ve gathered.

You are interested in a lot of things—from history to gardening, which makes it easy for you to have interesting conversations with different types of people.

Most of all, you have enough experience in life to make sensible decisions. You’re not just well-read and cultured, you got life experience.

You also know better than to trust people ‘because they said so’ without bothering to do some investigations of your own. One cannot be a queen if she doesn’t know life. And you know life.

8) You’re not afraid to speak up

You’re no longer a kid so you know that everyone can and should speak up when there’s really something important to say.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re aggressive and confrontational. You can be shy and quiet, but when you know when you must speak up about something, you do. Even if speaking up might be a bit risky, you still have that bravery in you to own that risk.

And of course, you know HOW to say what’s on your mind so that it doesn’t come off as an attack. You also know when to shut up and disengage when necessary.

9) You’re self-aware

You know your flaws and you’re aware of how other people see you. Because of this, you are more comfortable with who you are and you have better social interactions. You’re also very graceful.

You might think that self-awareness is a common thing but you’ll be amazed by how many people are not in touch with their true self. They’re blind to their flaws. Some people even take out any self-hate they might have on you, or try to make themselves feel good by bringing up your shortcomings.

Of course, that doesn’t bother you.

Self-awareness is crucial for you to love yourself and make any improvement.

10) You choose your battles

You don’t get reactive to every single problem or challenge you encounter because you can tell the difference between minor annoyances and actual issues.

Certainly, you will let day-to-day drama slide. If a colleague makes a sarcastic remark or a neighbor blasts metal music in the morning, you don’t summon all your energy to make a point.

You let things slide because you know these things don’t matter in the long run. An ordinary woman would go a little Karen in your position but you’re way better than that. You reserve your energy, time, and emotions for the more important things.

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11) You know how to do “manly” things

You know how to drive, fix a door, install lights.

Of course, you also try to know some basic self-defense because even if you’ll be coupled up in the future, it’s good to know that you can protect yourself.

You don’t need a man to do stuff for you. You’ve figured out that you have to learn life skills to be independent.

Besides, if you’ll ever be coupled up, you’d want to be an asset and not a freeloader living the good life thanks to your boyfriend’s hard work. You know that’s insulting… not just to your boyfriend, but also to yourself.

You don’t want to rely on others to do things for you, even if they’re your boyfriend.

You’re a queen, not a princess or a damsel in distress.

12) You embrace your looks

Girls nowadays, no matter how they try to resist, are influenced by the beauty standards that are being churned by influencers. Big hips, unrealistically small waist, fat lips.

You know companies just want to profit off women’s insecurities so you’ve long decided that you’re not getting on that hamster wheel!

So your nose is quite big, you’re not thicc, and you don’t have glass skin.

You’re totally fine!

These unique features set you apart from other girls. For you, there’s nothing sadder than someone who tries to change just to fit in. If we all do that, we’d all look the same.

Who cares about beauty standards anyways. Look at Cleopatra—she wasn’t much of a looker, but she managed to make emperors fall head over heels over her.

And it’s all because she was smart, confident, and didn’t sweat the small stuff. A real queen. Literally! And that’s what you’re trying to be.

13) You’re not afraid of failure…at all!

You don’t know what it is about failure that people are so scared about. We’re all just beginners here, trying things. If something doesn’t work out, we can always try harder or stop and do something else.

Besides, it’s not really a failure if you learn something.

If anything, letting fear of failure stop you from doing anything at all is the ultimate failure. Everyone starts somewhere, and victories are built on a mountain of failures. You know it and because of this, you’re freer.

14) You don’t indulge in catfights

Female friendships are a special thing. We love each other so much to the point that our girlfriends become our family but when our lives start to diverge, we start to get into little fights.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

One might feel you’re not being a good friend for not agreeing with them in one little argument or another, and one might feel you’re too demanding. Then there’s jealousy, resentment, envy, and all the other negative emotions that could spring from close friendships.

When you feel any sign of this, you disengage. Life is complicated enough and you’d rather have a nap than deal with drama (that usually just gets resolved in a few days anyways).

15) You have a healthy mindset

You’ve learned that having a healthy mindset changes everything. Everything!

When you wake up in the morning, instead of thinking of emails and deadlines, you take some time to be still. You then thank yourself and the universe that you’re still here.

You believe anything is possible and as long as you’re working towards your goals, the universe will help you achieve them. You just have to wait. One day, the things you envisioned will unfold right in front of your feet.

When a day turns bad, you don’t sulk. Instead, you acknowledge it for what it is. Just another bad day.

It wasn’t easy to become a more positive and self-assured person but you know it’s the only way to survive in this world (and to prevent wrinkles!).

16) You don’t erupt like a volcano

Some people just get angrier as they get older and older. It may be because they get way too many responsibilities thrown at them, or maybe they just got too much BS coming their way. You don’t want to be one of those people, no siree!

You know from experience that no matter how fun, smart, and gorgeous someone can be, if they can’t control their temper and deal with stress in a graceful way, you wouldn’t really want to hang out with them.

It’s hard to consider them as one of your Top 5 People because being with someone with anger management issues can be more traumatic or stressful than it’s worth.

You don’t want to be that kind of person so you gave yourself your own superpower. You’ve learned to chill and keep your temper down.

17) You aren’t afraid to show your vulnerable side

Let’s say you had a traumatic past that’s kinda embarrassing. You’ve processed the experience so well that you’re willing to share it to others. To you, the world would be a better place if we share our wounds and learn from them.

And now, when you have issues that seem stupid or dramatic or trivial, you don’t feel bad about being candid with them.

You aren’t afraid to show how weak or fragile or silly or naive you can be because you know that, well, it’s normal and your whole identity isn’t going to crumble simply because you’re admitting that you have your weaknesses.

Nobody’s perfect, and if anyone’s going to be mean to you for admitting that, then that’s on them and not you.

18) Your goal is to make a mark in the world

It’s a little too ambitious but you’ve always wanted to contribute a little something to the world.

You want to create something great and meaningful. You’re not doing it for praise at all. You just believe you’re put here in this world to do something extraordinary.

At the same time, you know it doesn’t take a lot to make a change. You offer to feed your neighbor’s dog when they’re away, you donate to charity from time to time, you vote.

Whether big or small, you want to do things that can make the world a better place. No wonder you have no time for gossip and drama.

19) You don’t look down on other women

So your bestie isn’t a goal-getter. She prefers to settle down and have four kids at 25. For you, she’s awesome.

Your aunt quit her job to pursue her passion in knitting? Awesome.

Women who have found their way are awesome.

Women who are still figuring out their path at 40 are just as awesome.

Women who want kids are awesome.

Women who don’t want kids are…yep, awesome.

We’ve come a long way as women. We should just celebrate that we can now make a lot of choices. Hey, men don’t compare and correct each other to become better men! If they’re happy with their life, you know you really have no business convincing them to become better.

20) You want to be a good example to other women

You want your future daughters and other women to remember you when they start to doubt themselves.

You want them to be tough and tender.

You want them to push harder for their dreams without hurting a single soul.

You want them to carve out a life that’s genuinely theirs, free from the expectations and influence of society of what a woman should be.

So how many of these signs did you see in yourself?

Chances are, you’re nodding your head, saying “This is so me” ’til the very end. Hey queen, don’t doubt yourself for one bit. You might not be like other women but it might actually be a good thing.

Wear your crown proud!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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