16 characteristics of a noble woman with true integrity

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There are some women who seem to have it all figured out.

They emanate grace and glow with compassion; think the women of the British royal family like Kate Middleton or Princess Diana.

They’re soft-spoken women yet they can command the respect and attention of whatever room they find themselves in.

Noble women don’t always have crowns, however.

In a time of greater diversity and wider acceptance of women at work and within communities, you can encounter noble women almost anywhere.

But how can you tell if a woman is noble or not?

Here are some of the most common traits that noble women possess:

1. She Is Wise

According to Proverbs, a noble woman is one who “speaks with wisdom on their tongue”.

This essentially means that she can speak the hard truth without holding anything back.

She isn’t being tactless but instead being thoughtful.

You may not want to hear it, but she’s coming from a place of genuine empathy.

This makes her good at giving you advice on your life.

Although she may not be able to solve your problems, she’s always willing to listen and guide you.

2. She Is Gentle

Although she’s confident that she can hold positions of power, she doesn’t feel the need to rule with an iron fist.

She understands the value of good communication, especially in situations where she’s dealing with someone that’s being difficult.

With a calm and collected demeanor, she composes her arguments logically and speaks without raising her voice to bring about the best outcome: not for her “opponent” to lose, but for both of them to win.

3. She Provides For Her Family

Her family is a pillar in her life; one that goes above all other commitments.

Because of this, she makes sure that her home life is as harmonious as it can be.

Although the concept of a woman belonging to the kitchen is outdated, she wants to make sure that her children and her spouse are well fed.

As the undeniable queen of her household, she gives her children everything they need — clothes, materials for school, even emotional support — without spoiling them.

4. She Is A Caring Mother

The bond between a noble woman and her child is unbreakable.

Her relationship with her kids is something special that she cultivates every time she’s at home.

When she’s with her kids, the outside world disappears.

Reaching her on her phone is difficult because she’s so devoted to spending uninterrupted quality time with her little ones.

Being a caring mother also extends to children that aren’t her own.

As a mother figure, she openly provides children with the care and love she knows that they deserve.

5. She knows what her partner wants

A relationship is about give and take.

And a noble woman knows how to give her partner what he (or she) really needs from a relationship.

Relationships help shape our lives and can give us meaning and purpose like few other things can.

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He calls it the hero instinct.

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6. She Is A Hard Worker

Whatever she puts her mind to, she’s focused on working on it.

When she’s with her kid, all her attention is devoted to them.

Likewise, when it’s time to work, she has no problem putting her head down and putting in her hours.

You can catch her already hard at work early in the day before the sun has risen. She’s goal-oriented and passionate.

She understands the only way to achieve her goals is by showing up to work, day in and day out.

This means that you don’t often catch her being idle or engaging in activities like gossiping or lying around browsing social media; she’s too busy working towards her dreams.

7. She Is A Critical Thinker

A key quality of noble women that makes them fit for the throne is that they are decisive.

When it comes time to make important decisions, she takes her time; not to stall, but because she wants to make a well-informed decision.

This means that she’s intelligent and naturally curious.

She’s the type to and weighs all her possible options before coming to the fairest conclusion that she can see.

8. She Knows How To Listen

When you’re talking to her about your problems, she maintains eye contact and asks you genuine questions.

That’s because she’s interested to hear you out and help you. She’s an active listener.

She does the kind of listening where she isn’t just waiting to reply with her inputs.

She leans in and maintains eye contact to let you know that you are heard.

She remembers what you tell her and sets her ego aside to listen to your story.

9. She Is Well Rounded

She doesn’t excel in just one thing.

She can be a reliable manager, creative painter, confident speaker, caring mother, and so much more.

Noble women are eager to grow and expand their skill sets.

The benefit of having a variety of different interests and abilities is that her experiences come together to form the way she thinks; the way she speaks; and the way she conducts herself.

She finds that what she learns in public speaking can be useful when she’s teaching her child important lessons at home.

10. She Has Self-Respect

A noble woman is a woman of integrity and dignity.

She isn’t afraid of turning down opportunities because she knows her worth.

Stooping down to the level of people who use dirty tactics to get to her isn’t something she does, nor will she engage in activities she knows are below her.

She also values her body.

Having to attend to all her duties not only takes emotional energy but physical as well.

That’s why she’s no stranger to the gym and eating right.

Although she knows her limits on sweets and alcohol, she isn’t shy about enjoying a bite and sip every once in a while.

11. She Commands Respect From Others

Whether with family, friendships, or business, respect is so important.

Noble women with true integrity realize respect isn’t just given away.

You have to earn it.

To earn real respect, you have to act with integrity and stand for something in life. You’d rather do what’s right than what’s convenient.

In particular, respect has to be the cornerstone of any relationship that’s going to last the difference.

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12. She Is Kind

When she comes across the less fortunate, she’s genuinely affected.

She’s sensitive to the suffering and pain of those around her.

Actively engaging in volunteer work is one of the most apparent signs of a noble woman.

That’s because it entails setting her ego aside and being considerate of others.

13. She Inspires Those Around Her

When you’re around a noble woman, you can feel their presence.

Watching her work and go about her day empowers you and motivates you to work harder.

This is the quality that makes her a born leader.

If you interview the staff members of a noble woman in a leadership role, you shouldn’t be surprised if most of what you hear is positive.

A good sign of a noble woman is that multiple people on her staff go on to find success in their own personal careers.

That means that she’s doing something right.

14. She Sticks To Her Principles

Sticking to one’s values can be difficult.

There would be times when the majority of the people you work with are doing things that go against your personal set of values.

What would you do in a situation like that?

A noble woman would stand up for herself and resist the peer pressure to participate.

That’s because her values of honesty and justice are some of the things that she holds close to her heart.

She’s honest with herself and with the people around her; even if she makes the unpopular choice, she’ll stand by it since it aligns with what she believes in.

15. She Manages Her Responsibilities

She has her responsibilities under control.

She meets her deadlines and attends to her tasks promptly.

Her work ethic is a sign of her dedication to the goals she needs to accomplish, whether that be a report due next week or heading the planning for a surprise party for her best friends.

These areas of her life — her family, work, friends, passion — are the most important to her, which is why she works hard to maintain stability across all of them.

16. She Is Humble

She doesn’t boast about her accomplishments, no matter how many they might be (often, a lot).

The only validation that she knows she needs is that of herself.

And just because she may look like she has it all figured out, she believes that she doesn’t.

She’s unafraid to say that she doesn’t know something, and she’s willing to learn and be a student again.

She knows that she isn’t perfect and she’s willing to admit that.

The traits that she possesses as a noble woman aren’t things that are permanent forever.

Just like with any virtue, she’s dedicated to practicing what she believes in, day in and day out.

Not every woman is noble, but a noble woman can come from anywhere.

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