If you have these 14 traits, you’re probably a highly intuitive person

Intuition is wild. You get a gut feeling that isn’t grounded in rational thought… and go with it?

For some people, that makes perfect sense. They have powerful instincts and aren’t afraid to trust them, regardless of what logic might say.

Are you one of them?

While there’s no scientific way to measure this innate knowledge, there are signs that tell whether your sense of perception is above average.

Without further ado, if you have these 14 traits, you’re probably a highly intuitive person.

Make the most of your sharp sixth sense!

1) You pick up on people’s emotions

Highly intuitive people are usually empathetic. They can instantly understand how someone else is feeling.

Not only that, but they often experience the same intense emotions, which can become draining.

Similarly, if you tend to take on your loved one’s problems as your own, you need to learn how to set better boundaries to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

On the bright side, you can always read someone’s mood, which gives you an obvious social advantage.

Additionally, it’s easy for you to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and see things from their point of view.

2) You get strong vibes from strangers

If you’re a highly intuitive person, there’s a good chance you have visceral reactions when meeting someone new.

You might not show it, but deep down, you know if that person can be trusted.

Even more impressive, your initial assessment turns out to be correct.

You can see through people’s façade, and inner alarm bells warn you when something is amiss.

You’re also frequently drawn to people with no earthly explanation why. 

It’s simple: because you can tell that your personalities would mesh well.

3) … and can sense when something is off

On the same note, you can sometimes hear an inner voice prompting you to get as far from someone as possible.

In fact, there have been studies about how the human brain is able to identify criminals at first sight, no background information required.

While this doesn’t mean it’s OK to make snap judgments about strangers, highly intuitive people… just know.

They can walk down the street, pass a stranger, and pick up the pace because they sense the person’s bad intentions from a mile away.

4) You trust your instincts

Highly intuitive people don’t just get these out-of-the-blue feelings; they learn to trust them.

When a situation smells fishy, you bolt.

When you’re introduced to a new person who emanates warmth, you stick around.

And if your gut tells you to unexpectedly switch up your routine or avoid a certain area one day? 

That’s precisely what you do. For you, it’s second nature.  

5) You are a good listener

Your keen intuition and empathy make you an excellent listener. 

Consequently, people are naturally drawn to you – and occasionally start to spill their secrets.

I personally went through this a few times, and it’s uncanny.

Once, a friend of a friend confided in me about cheating on her partner and asked for advice. I didn’t even know her name.

Another time, I was casually chatting with a random stranger in a pub when she began to tell me about a difficult situation she was experiencing with a parent.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a good listener, but I’m not exactly a people person. 

I don’t radiate charisma and don’t excel at interacting with strangers.

I’m also not a big fan of knowing intimate details about someone I just met. Yet, this doesn’t prevent other people from opening up to me, despite only knowing me for a few minutes.  

I blame my intuition.

6) You are in tune with your body

Gut instinct is different for everyone, but it often elicits a physical response:

  • The hairs on the back of your neck stand up
  • There is a pit in your stomach
  • Your entire body tenses up
  • You get goosebumps

No wonder highly intuitive people are in tune with their bodies! 

They pay attention to these signals, which also helps them read other cues.

For instance, they know when they’re on the verge of burnout, are intuitive eaters, and never push their bodies too far when exercising.  

Talk about fringe benefits!

7) … and need alone time to recharge

Remember what I said about highly intuitive people feeling overwhelmed every now and then?

A direct result is that they need a decent amount of alone time to keep their sanity intact.

Being perceptive means taking in more stimuli than the average person, so you need to process this information in silence.

You don’t necessarily like to be alone or revel in solitude, but you actively require alone time to recharge.

8) You have a sense of purpose

If you’re a highly intuitive person, you’re probably guided by a sense of purpose.

You have a firm idea about why you’re alive – and this idea gives your life meaning and direction.

Having a sense of purpose doesn’t mean you know exactly what you want to do or don’t doubt any of your life decisions.

It can be vague, like “I’m here to help others” or “I’m meant to revolutionize the music industry.”

However, it does mean that you wake up feeling motivated to make the most of your limited time on this fascinating planet.

That’s something you shouldn’t take for granted.

9) … and spend hours thinking about life

Highly intuitive people are prone to introspection and contemplation, so they can spend a lot of time simply thinking about life.

Outsiders may dismiss the practice as pointless daydreaming. It’s anything but.

Daydreaming actually enables perceptive people to gain a broader perspective about what they feel.

By exploring their thoughts and emotions, they also obtain more clarity about their life path.

Instinct and purpose are great. Still, critical thinking isn’t too shabby, either.

10) Your pay attention to your inner monologue

Do you have a little voice in your head that nags you at inopportune times?

Contrary to popular belief, everyone experiences their inner monologue differently.

Some can hear the nagging voice, while others’ thoughts are more visual or abstract.

Regardless, highly intuitive people pay special attention to this private speech, understanding that it can reveal things their conscious mind might not be aware of.

Consequently, if you have an active and near-constant inner monologue, you’re incredibly perceptive.

11) You don’t follow the crowd

Highly intuitive people rely on inner guidance and trust their judgment, making them less likely to follow the crowd.

Instead, they question conventional wisdom and seek alternative perspectives, especially when their gut tells them to.  

Moreover, perceptive people generally have a unique way of seeing the world and can make connections others miss, pushing them to go against popular opinion.

Do you believe in innovative concepts others reject?

Engage in or support unconventional relationships, career paths, or living arrangements?

Advocate for underrepresented voices?

Then your intuition is probably off the hook – and it may even get you in trouble.

Which brings me to my next point.  

12) You don’t mind being labeled as “delusional”

The problem with not following the crowd is that the crowd can think of you as eccentric or delusional in response, all because of your atypical choices.

Highly intuitive people are so used to this that they tune out the criticism.

They know that relying on their instinct isn’t something that everyone understands, and they already made peace with the idea.

13) You get signs from the universe

If you’re highly intuitive, it’s possible you believe that the universe gently guides you through life.

You may even feel it communicates with you via subtle messages or synchronicities.

For instance, if you go on a bad date and run into your ex on the way home, you believe that it’s a sign the two of you should try again.

If you keep seeing the same number everywhere, you might dab into numerology to decode its meaning.   

You realize there’s a bigger force out there, and you never say no to a bit of extra help.  

14) You connect with nature and animals

Finally, highly intuitive people can usually connect with both nature and animals on a profound level.

Perhaps you feel at peace while exploring the great outdoors, have a genuine appreciation for nature, or feel a kinship toward all living beings.

Bonus points if animals are drawn to you and seem to trust you at first sight.

We’re all connected. You know that deep into your soul.   

Bottom line

Everyone has intuition. But if you recognized yourself in the points above, yours is truly impressive.

As long as you continue to trust your instincts, you’re taking full advantage of this amazing gift. 

Pat yourself on the back!    

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