27 traits of a high value woman that separates her from everyone else

There’s a certain vibe of a high-value woman that people can’t help but admire.

She exudes intense energy that goes beyond her looks and independence to live the life she desires.

Being a high-value woman seems daunting, but it’s not complicated as you think it is. It’s more about everything you do and having the right mindset within you.

So I’m sharing this guide so we can all self-evaluate as we embark on our journey to becoming the embodied woman that we are.

How to be a high-value woman: 27 traits worth developing

A high-value woman has defining traits that make her more admirable and enduring and has very little to do with the looks she’s born with.

1) She loves and respects herself deeply

A high-value woman embraces her best self, inside and out. She feels good in her skin and gives high regard for her well-being and happiness.

She knows that loving and focusing on oneself isn’t being selfish. And she doesn’t feel bad for putting herself first.

Her love is selfless. And she’s giving herself the same love and care she’s giving others.

As she’s worthy to be loved and respected, she won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves. She isn’t afraid to walk away from toxic people, situations, and relationships.

She focuses on her journey and takes time to celebrate the wonderful woman that she is.

2) She embraces her femininity

A high-value woman indulges her essential womanliness and embraces her uniqueness.

Instead of living for male validation, she lives to please herself.

She knows how to present and express her views, and take a stand for what she believes in.

And her femininity is more than the way she talks and acts. It comes within – something that warms her heart and makes her eyes sparkle.

Here are simple ways to connect to your femininity:

  • Allow time for healing and self-care
  • Meditate and spend time in silence
  • Permit yourself to relax
  • Express yourself through creative means

3) She knows her worth

Her strong self-worth is embodied in the way she walks, talks, dresses, and treats herself.

She doesn’t let the opinions or remarks of others get in the way of how she lives her life.

After all, she’s grounded and aware of her inherent worth.

She doesn’t seek approval and validation from a man or anyone else. She knows that men do not get to demand, dictate nor determine how she perceives herself.

But this incredible trait doesn’t always come naturally.

You see, a high-value woman has usually learned how to cultivate self-worth. 

It’s something I learned from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê. He taught me that the way to find self-love is not what we have been culturally conditioned to believe. 

As Rudá explains in this mind blowing free video, many of us chase love in a toxic way because we’re not taught how to love ourselves first. 

So, if you want to be a high-value woman who knows her self-worth and has self-love, I’d recommend starting with yourself first and taking Rudá’s incredible advice. 

Here’s a link to the free video one again

4) She’s sexually confident

Being a high-value woman means embracing the relationship she has with her body and taking the time to connect with it.

She embraces and respects her sexuality in a modest and great way.

Her radiance and magnetic energy make men drawn to her.

No wonder, men want her as she possesses these traits:

  • She enjoys sex, passion, and intimacy
  • She indulges in daily pleasures that makes her feel good
  • She never worries about her age
  • She’s passionate about everything she does
  • She loves herself and enjoys her independence
  • She chooses a partner who accepts and respects her authentic self

A high-value woman expresses herself fully and authentically. She understands her desires – and knows that she’s worthy of having them.

While she’s capable of taking care of herself, she’s accepting of a man who’ll take care of her too.

She knows that her strong sense of self and feminine energy has a huge impact on her success in life, work, and relationships.

5) She’s happy on her own

A high-value woman doesn’t need a man to complete her.

Whether she’s in a relationship or single, she can find her happiness. She’s desperate to chase after men to make her happy.

As she enjoys being single, she uses her time as a chance to connect with herself, reflect on her mistakes, and experience new things.

On her own, she’s complete and content.

Her positive energy and confidence draw people to like her and want to be around her. And this makes her a lot more attractive to men.

A high-value woman knows that having a partner has to compliment her and that a relationship involves a healthy expression of love.

In time, she’ll be with a partner who will value her the same way she values herself.

6) She has a great sense of humor

A high-value woman is playful and fun to be around.

She’s living her life to the fullest. She knows how to lighten up and not take everything too seriously.

She understands that playfulness and a sense of humor are essential to happy and lasting relationships.

People, especially men, get drawn to her welcoming and easy-going personality. She can interact freely with anyone and see the fun side of a situation.

She can crack light jokes and isn’t afraid to laugh her heart out.

And this makes her more desirable and irresistible.

According to an article from WebMD, having a sense of humor leads to better psychological health.

7) She has a clear purpose in life

Psychotherapist and author of the bestselling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” Amy Morin, LCSW shares that finding one’s purpose is the key to living your best life.

A high-value woman is focused and devoted. She plans, prepares, and fulfills her dreams.

Her purpose gives her life meaning and fulfillment.

Now, if you’re wondering how to find your purpose and be a high-value woman – again, this doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

I, like so many others, have tried more ways than I can count to find my purpose in life. Self-development courses, meditation, the Law of Attraction, you name it, I’ve tried it. 

But nothing really made an impact on the results I was seeing in my life. I found the same frustrating patterns repeating themselves time and time again. 

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8) She’s self-sufficient

She recognizes herself as the one who is first and foremost responsible for her well-being and happiness.

She trusts her intuition to guide her through life and take charge of it.

She prioritizes fulfilling her needs, be it emotionally, financially, and mentally. For she knows she can provide for herself, she doesn’t demand or rely on others all the time.

She creates an ideal future for herself. She traverses her journey with pride and faith in her abilities.

For a high-value woman, having a relationship with a man is a wonderful addition, but it’s not necessary. For her, it’s a way to share an already fulfilling life with a person who values her individuality and independence.

9) She has a life

She keeps herself occupied by chasing after her dreams and ambitions. She knows what she wants and works hard towards it.

She does not wait for a man or let anyone else take over her world.

Like a high-value woman, you don’t need to go out of your way to please everybody.

Don’t try to fit into other people’s cups as it makes you lose sight of who you truly are.

Know that you are a prize.

Don’t try too hard to be liked because the truth is that people will have different perspectives of you. Instead, focus on the things that make you happier like spending time with your loved ones or taking care of yourself.

10) She has high standards

A high-value woman doesn’t settle for less than what she deserves. Her standards need to be met and her boundaries respected.

She has the traits of an alpha female who prioritizes her needs as a way of showing love for herself.

It is alright to make compromises with other people when needed. You just have to make sure it doesn’t cause you to drop your standards or neglect yourself altogether. It should not also make you lose sight of what you deserve.

A high-value woman doesn’t let anyone trample over her abilities and worth.

She knows herself better than anyone else and she does not get easily swayed by people’s judgment. Because she has this assertive personality, no one can overstep her or even try to.

11) She’s a woman of kindness

A high-value woman possesses a real beauty that radiates from within for she knows how to treat people with respect.

She lives with compassion and kindness and understands the power that these virtues hold. And this is evident from how she treats people.

With her big heart, she has deep concern and sympathy for others and values helping people above all else.

She isn’t afraid to show that she genuinely cares about people, whether it’s towards her family members, friends, or people she encounters throughout the day.

And she knows how important it is to extend that kindness to herself.

12) She’s emotionally intelligent and stable

A high-value woman’s emotional stability is a desirable trait as she knows how to handle her emotions well.

It doesn’t mean that she never gets mood swings. She does. She cries and gets angry too.

But one thing that differentiates her from the others is the way she deals with those emotions. She feels her emotions and acknowledges them, without letting them take over.

Being a high-value woman means being able to understand and act on one’s emotions and that of others.

Here are key habits and practices to help you become emotionally strong and stable:

  • Change your perspective on situations
  • Know that you’re in control of your thoughts
  • Keep grounded by not letting someone’s opinion sway you
  • Listen to your emotions without suppressing them
  • Step back and take a deep breath
  • Practice regular meditation, yoga, or get a massage
  • Keep moving forward

By cultivating this trait, you’ll get to handle adversities, withstand difficulties, and remain productive when life gets crazy.

13) She doesn’t put up with lies and dramas

For a high-value woman, any form of lies and drama creates stress and unpleasantness.

Thus, she doesn’t tolerate toxic and narcissistic people whose behavior brings negativity to her life. No wonder some get nervous about her strong, intimidating personality.

Because of her healthy self-love, she knows her worth and doesn’t thrive in dramatic relationships.

She understands that a relationship has to be based on mutual trust, honesty, respect, and loyalty. Thus, she’s after a man who has morals and integrity.

As she respects people’s boundaries, she expects others to do the same for her.

Being the strong woman that she is, she can stand up and move on from someone who causes her too much pain and dishonesty.

14) She commits to personal growth

Being a high-value woman means pursuing to become the best version of oneself.

For her, every day is a chance to grow and learn. She has this genuine passion to pursue her interests and goals in life.

Rather than spending time on trivial matters, she chooses to read books, listen to podcasts, enjoy arts or films, explore the world, etc.

Her experiences strengthen her and make her a well-rounded person.

This gives her intellectual, emotional, and spiritual stability.

And she even values people she meets and encounters along her journey for she believes that she can learn something from them.


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15) She keeps going on

No matter what the circumstances are, a high-value woman persists. She gives her time, effort, and energy to achieve what she desires.

She faces adversities with determination and a can-do attitude.  Instead of giving up quickly, she deals with the problem and seeks out solutions to solve it.

While sometimes it’s easier for others to walk away from situations that aren’t working, a high-value woman won’t call it quits instantly. Rather she continues to persist and give her best effort to work on it.

Persistence is one of the most significant traits to develop as this is the key to success.

16) She sets healthy boundaries in all areas of her life

Boundaries are important for our mental well-being and making our relationships thrive.

According to Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of Joy From Fear and Date Smart,

“Boundaries are the separations that humans need—mentally, emotionally, and physically—to feel safe, valued, and respected.”

Being a high-value woman means understanding the essence of having healthy boundaries.

She’s aware of her boundaries and doesn’t allow anyone to cross them. But these limits are healthy, in the sense that it establishes her relationships with other people.

As a high-value woman, she makes people know she has boundaries.

And when someone disrespects that, even if it’s a person of high authority, she takes a stand and demands that her boundary is respected.

She gives people the respect they deserve and demands that she be respected as well.

17) She’s self-aware and emphatic

Being a high-value woman means being aware of your thoughts, words, and behaviors.

Though she speaks her mind, she says things with tact and understands how it makes others feel.

She communicates genuinely and has respect for the ideas and feelings of others.

She accepts people for who they are and never tries to change them.

She cares for and treats others the same way she cares for and treats herself. She shows genuine concern and helps others when she can.

18) She knows how to manage expectations

Being a high-value woman means keeping your expectations in check.

This frees her from getting too disappointed or any overwhelming expectations when things don’t work out.

And she never takes it too hard or too personally. Instead, she keeps going with an open mind.

This is true for a high-value woman as she knows how to pivot.

She can deal with the challenges and roadblocks when life doesn’t go as planned and when faced with unexpected moments.

19) She has class and sexiness

A high-value woman carries herself with utmost class and dignity and holds herself with grace.

It means embodying what it means to be beautiful inside and out, and understanding that she can be classy and sexy at the same time.

She knows the essence of embracing her uniqueness, femininity, charm, and gracefulness.

As she’s confident and comfortable in her beauty, wisdom, and skills, she doesn’t feel the urge to compete for love or with other women.

She believes that every woman is beautiful and special in their way.

She doesn’t live to please people or seek attention from others.

20) She takes care of herself

Being a high-value woman means looking after one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

She values self-care and commits to good health and better well-being.

She treats her body with love, respects her limits, and understands that it’s essential to live a well-balanced life.

Like a high-value woman, know that taking care of yourself isn’t being selfish. Nor should you feel guilty about giving yourself the “me-time” you deserve.

So if you’ve been neglecting yourself, it’s about time you prioritize your well-being.

Here are some ideas so you can feel your best self:

  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced food
  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Do what you enjoy doing
  • Pamper yourself with a massage or a salon visit
  • Take that much-needed rest
  • Bask in the sunlight
  • Engage in exercise or just move your body
  • Breathe and take a walk

21) She embraces her vulnerability

A high-value woman understands that being vulnerable isn’t about being weak or needy. But it’s about showing one’s authentic self, being brave with her emotions, and being transparent.

By being vulnerable, she doesn’t let fears control her choices and decisions.

She’s bold enough to take risks and handle disappointments when people fail her.

Her vulnerability is a sign of strength.

And it’s powerful in its gentlest, most beautiful way.

As most people avoid being vulnerable, Rebecca Wheeler of RWA Psychology has this to share,

“To avoid vulnerability is to deny ourselves the opportunity of genuine love and connection with others. Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, empathy, belonging, joy, courage, and creativity.”

22) She has a strong sense of self-expression

A high-value woman isn’t afraid to speak her mind – and this makes her a lot more attractive.

Being a high-value woman is about being comfortable and confident in expressing her thoughts, feelings, and opinions with others.

Even if no one agrees with her or likes what she’ll say, she’ll never hold back especially when she knows her points.

She also knows how to communicate her beliefs, ideas, and outlook in creative ways such as through music, poetry, dance, or painting.

And she isn’t afraid to voice out her wants and needs because she knows they are as important as everybody else’s.

She’s a bold, courageous, and honest woman who is never egotistical to admit a mistake.

23) She’s grounded in maturity

Being a high-value woman means being aware of one’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, potentials, and limitations.

She doesn’t manipulate, play games, or indulge in drama to get her way. And she knows that she’s worthy enough – and doesn’t need to prove it.

She’s a woman to look up to when you’re going through a difficult time as she performs well even under stress.

Here are more traits that show her maturity:

  • She’s patient enough to wait
  • She knows how to cope with unexpected changes
  • She’s honest about herself and her feelings
  • She owns her mistakes and works on it
  • She takes responsibility for her actions and behaviors

A high-value woman possesses humility and is grateful for everything in her life.

Her sense of maturity makes her a perfect example of a woman who’s wise beyond her years.

24) She lives a life of integrity

Being a high-value woman means having strong convictions and being able to stand for what’s morally upright.

She chooses to remain loyal as she doesn’t trade her integrity and self-respect for a man’s love or anything else.

She does the right thing regardless of what the circumstances are and even when no one is watching.

And if there’s one defining attribute that you want to cultivate, it’s integrity.

With this valued trait, you won’t only have peace of mind, but you can see that your personal and professional life will flourish.

And integrity is a trait that we can all develop and preserve. Here’s how:

  • Be selfless
  • Live by the values you believe in
  • Think through and analyze every choice and decision you make
  • Be humble and own your mistake
  • Keep your promises and remain true to your words

25) She never chases men

Being a high-quality woman means allowing men to pursue you.

She believes that since “men are born hunters” they should go for the woman that they desire.

She knows that there are ways to make a man chase her.

That is, if a man loves and cares for the woman in her life, he’ll do everything for her happiness.

Because a high-value woman has a deep sense of self-respect, she sees herself worthy of being pursued.

But she doesn’t play hard to get. Instead, she makes the entire chasing enjoyable and appreciates a man’s time and effort.

She’s accepting of the fact that she doesn’t have to make everyone like her too. If a man or someone else in her life walks away from her, she allows this person to do so.

And she respects that.

26) She sparkles and shines

A high-value woman makes an impression wherever she goes and whomever she meets. Her strong sense of value and femininity reflects what she has inside her.

With this, she brightens everyone she comes in contact with. She smiles at strangers and people she interacts with.

No wonder men get intrigued by her wonderful personality.

She attracts people with her personality and positive energy. And people get safe and comfortable in her presence.

A high-value woman has an admirable presence that makes her world and those around her a lot brighter.

27) She has strong self-esteem

A high-value woman radiates confidence as her sense of self comes from within.

It’s not derived only from social or relationship status, nor her success and materialistic possessions.

She’s raised to take criticisms as a chance to grow and to improve. It’s the very reason why you can’t stop her from taking chances.

Her confidence outweighs all the insecurities and negativities projected upon her by others. Her belief in her abilities and intelligence overpowers all the doubts and uncertainties that come her way.

And no matter what she’s facing and what she’s been through, the values she brings with and for herself endures.

Know that you’re a woman of value

At the heart of it all, understand that being a high-value woman isn’t about how you look, how much money you have, how intelligent you are, or how others see you.

  • It’s about embracing your uniqueness
  • It’s about giving high regard to yourself while honoring those around you
  • It’s about allowing people who value and respect you into your life
  • It’s about owning your value and knowing your worth
  • It’s about believing in yourself

It’s not hard to be one. It’s all a matter of embracing your person.

And no matter who you are, what you’ve got, or where you’re from, remember that:

You’re valuable as you are.

Know that your life isn’t any less abundant even without the presence of a man or material things.

You’re worthy of love and respect.

Realize that you’re a complete person being on your own.

Above all, love, and value yourself no matter what. Live to be the high-value woman that you are.

And it’s time that you encourage and be an inspiration to every woman out there.

Why not share this article to let them know how valuable they are too.

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