11 traits of high value people that separate them from everyone else

“High-value” seems to be a phrase thrown around a lot these days: high-value person, high-value woman, high-value man.

But what exactly does this mean?

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had this to say:

“The value of a thing sometimes lies not in what one attains with it, but in what one pays for it – what it costs us.”

If I understood that correctly, he was implying that what and who we deem valuable depends on our values.

In short, high-value is a quality that is subjective and is influenced by individual perspectives, beliefs, and personal experiences.

With this in mind, let’s look at some traits of high-value individuals that set them apart from the crowd, along with the type of people who hold these traits in high regard.

1) Their actions are fueled by purpose

When purpose-driven people do something, you can guarantee there’s always a reason behind their every move. 

It’s because they live their lives with a clear purpose and don’t waste any time on things that don’t contribute to their goals.

Unsurprisingly, they’re regarded as high-value by people who are equally goal-oriented. 

Like athletes or coaches whose training, diet, and discipline all align with one thing – winning. 

Entrepreneurs are also in the same boat. They use socialisation to widen their network, they research and innovate, they take risks – all because they want their businesses to grow.

Of course there are a lot more groups of people other than these two, but you get the gist. 

The value in this context is relevant to how determined an individual is at pursuing their goals.

2) They’re sure of their abilities 

“Confidence isn’t optimism or pessimism, and it’s not a character attribute. It’s the expectation of a positive outcome.”

– Rosabeth Moss Kanter 

I’d like to believe we all have a degree of confidence within us. 

So, by that criteria alone, we can all be regarded as high-value individuals.

But let’s look at specific instances where having confidence is especially valuable:

Employers look at confidence when looking for people to fill leadership roles because this trait is helpful in decision-making, an essential aspect of any business. 

Public speakers or motivational coaches also need to exude confidence. Because if they don’t, their audience is less likely to believe what they’re saying.

The same also applies to patients and their treating health professionals. 

Think about it: 

Would you put your life in the hands of someone who second-guesses themselves?

3) They’re resilient

Life throws curveballs at all of us, but only a few of us can turn those challenges into stepping stones. These chosen few are the resilient ones that stand out from the crowd. 

Resilience is not just about bouncing back. How strong one bounces back is what really matters.

It’s thriving rather than just surviving.

That’s why resilient individuals are admired the most by people who have experienced personal loss, career obstacles, health issues, or other types of adversity.


Because the resilience they demonstrate is a form of encouragement to those who have faced hardship. 

It gives them hope for a brighter future and encouragement that it’s possible to overcome life’s setbacks.

4) They’re adaptable

There’s resilience that gets us back on our feet, and then there’s adaptability that pushes us to step into change as an opportunity for growth.

Their ability to embrace change easily is what sets adaptable people apart. 

These types of people are regarded as high-value by the people they inspire: 

Individuals going through transitions in their personal lives, professionals in the midst of career changes, and even those moving into new places and experiencing cultural shifts. 

In short, anyone going into any type of change could do with a high-value, adaptable role model.

5) They’re empathetic

Would you rather step into change or step into someone else’s shoes?

Either way, you’d be regarded as a high-value person

But let’s look deeper into empathy and understand why it’s a standout,high-value people trait.

The hustle culture of this modern world has somehow pushed us into a bubble, focusing intensely on our own lives, and tuned out of the lives of others around us.

As a result, empathetic individuals are given high value because they are hard to find these days. Their worth comes from their rarity. 

They’re comparable to the limited editions in the world of luxury and high-end goods – precious and few.

6) They are principled 

While we’re on the topic of exquisite finds, let’s talk about integrity and how it’s a rare trait, giving one who possesses it high value.

Unfortunately, the reason individuals with integrity shine these days is a bit depressing: 

Their actions are considered out of the ordinary because cutting corners seems to be the norm these days.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I think everyone with integrity should be awarded a high value. 

Because regardless of what, who, or where you are in life, we should all look up to and embody someone who sticks to their principles or values, even when it’s not convenient or profitable.

7) They prioritize their health

Individuals who maintain their health despite busy lives are exceptional because of the discipline they display – it sets a positive example for holistic well-being

These types of people are seen as high-value not only by fitness buffs, but also by those who are striving to improve their lifestyle. 

Ironically, people who are going through or have gone through a health crisis of some sort also value them because they know all too well how miserable that can feel. 

Of course, we must also remember the people who look after the sick – family, caregivers, and healthcare providers. 

They may not have felt as bad as the sick person, but they also have their own share of hardships and challenges while looking after the ill individual.

That said, I couldn’t agree more with this quote from Thomas Fuller:

 “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” 

8) They’re addicted to self-development

Why stop at being healthy when you can also take it up a notch by upskilling and working on improving yourself day by day?

Reality check: 

The world is constantly evolving. There’s always new technology every day. 

Yet only those who make an effort to keep up with these changes are the ones who will prove to be invaluable in whatever field they may be in.

Plus, what’s genuinely admirable are people who are always seeking to supplement their knowledge, improve their skills, and enrich their experiences – despite already being on the top of their games. 

They’re the epitome of humility, wisdom, and self-awareness and the perfect examples of the saying:

 “Smart enough to know that they don’t know everything.”

9) They’re savvy with their money

Just like people who are always learning, individuals who manage their money smartly are also part of the high-value people club.

Sure, people who earn a lot of money may be admirable to the general public. 

But what makes financially savvy individuals different and worthy of greater admiration is that they not only use their smarts to earn money. 

They also manage it smartly – through savings, investments, and wise spending.

We can’t deny that money is a crucial part of life.

But what’s even more undeniable is that people who are astute about their finances are setting themselves up for long-term success and security.

The value here lies not in the amount but in the process:

It’s not how much money they have. Instead, it’s how wisely they grew their money from the single digits to the 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-figure mark.

10) They possess artistic creativity

As I said earlier, our values determine how much we value others. 

So, while people looking to improve their finances would put a premium on the wisdom of the financially savvy, those seeking a creative outlet might prefer to place this premium on people with artistic creativity instead.

As much as money is crucial to surviving in this modern life, creativity is the one that adds color and depth to it. 

So, if you’re excellent at expressing yourself through art, whether in the form of painting, music, crafts, or other forms of creative expression – know this:

Your form of creative output is more than just what makes you stand out – it’s something needed in today’s world. 

More importantly, your creative genius is worthy of a high-value individual rank.

11) They are generous

From the financially intelligent and creative brain, let’s move to the generous heart.

Because let’s be honest, we all like generous people. It would be silly not to.

But here’s the thing: certain life experiences make people value generosity more than anything else. 

Whether it’s people being generous with their time, resources or other forms of support, these people are seen as high-value especially by those who received support and kindness during their most challenging times. 

Because they’ve received help themselves, they understand more than others the often life-changing breakthrough a single act of generosity can have on one’s life.

Mind you, having a high regard for generous people should not be mistaken with taking advantage of the generosity of others. 

The former involves genuine appreciation without ulterior motives, while the latter comes with exploitation, manipulation, and selfish intentions.

High value is in the eye of the beholder

Let me end on this note:

People perceive someone as “high value” when they see qualities or traits that they deem as invaluable. 

How much others will value you is very subjective and determined by the amount of impact you have on their lives in ways that matter to them.

Sarah Piluden-Natu-El

Sarah is a full-time mum, wife, and nurse on hiatus turned freelance writer. She is on a journey of diving deeper into life through life itself and uses her writing to share the lessons learned along the way. When not on her computer, she enjoys time with her family strolling along the Gold Coast's stunning beaches and captivating hinterland.

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