14 signs you’re a badass woman that other people can’t help but admire

Ah, the badass woman.

She’s confident, she’s stunning and everybody can’t help but look when she enters the room.

She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go and get it.

The question is, are you a badass woman?

If you relate to these 14 signs, then you just might be!

1. She’s confident

There’s no getting around it:

A badass woman is nothing but confident in who she is.

It’s not the kind of confidence that is overtly in your face.

It’s not bravado, swagger, or a pretense of bravery.

It’s a quiet and real confidence

A badass woman is confident in her ability and know-how.

She doesn’t need to brag because she already knows who she is.

And that is what makes being around a badass woman so refreshing.

She’s completely secure in who she is. She won’t have hidden secret agendas, nor will she try to manipulate you. What you see is what you get.

2. She has sexy femininity

While she possesses the soft and caring nature of a feminine woman, she also has incredible power.


Don’t be.

You see, in today’s society, our definition of femininity is a little fuzzy.

For some reason, most people believe that if you’re an overly feminine female that you’re simply passive and a pushover.

But this completely misses the mark.

Femininity is also about being powerful and sexy. It’s about owning your sexual power.

You know the type of woman I’m talking about:

Walking confidently in high heels with her shoulders back and chin up.

Everyone can’t help but stare. Males are attracted to her powerful sexual energy. Females envy her confidence.

And she knows how to use this energy to flirt with any man she desires.

This is why everyone loves Beyonce. Her sex appeal radiates through her confidence and power.

A woman who understands the power of her femininity knows she is of high value and doesn’t need a man to take care of her.

She is confident in who she truly is.

That’s the kind of feminine female that has true power.

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3. She sniffs jerks from a mile away

If a person’s intentions aren’t pure, a badass woman will sniff their shit from a mile away and kick their advances to the curb.

She’s not a sex object. She’s not fuel for a man’s broken ego to repair itself.

A badass woman knows she’s high value and she demands respect. Jerks simply don’t have a chance.

This is why a badass woman is not afraid to call out BS when she sees it.

She hates seeing injustice or someone trying to one-up others to make themselves look better.

She only respects kind-hearted people that have honest intentions.

If you’re going to try to manipulate or take advantage of a badass woman, then be prepared for her to retaliate.

4. She’s emotionally mature

A badass woman has been through a lot in life and that’s why she understands herself extremely well.

She’s got a hold of her emotions and she knows how to handle them.

It takes a lot for her to lose her cool, so if she does, then she probably has a damn good reason.

But when something goes wrong in her life, she doesn’t blame others.

She possesses the spirit of humility and instead of complaining about what happened, she becomes action-oriented.

She wants to create change herself, and when she realizes she can’t change it, she doesn’t waste time worrying about it.

5. She means what she says and says what she means

There’s no messing around with a badass woman. Every word she speaks is for a reason. She hasn’t got time to waste with small talk or superficial issues.

Everything she does is with purpose and this is the same for when she speaks.

6. She treats others with genuine kindness

This one may be hard to believe, but it’s true. And no, this doesn’t mean she “smiles” at others or “agrees” with everything you say.

Instead, a badass woman treats people with integrity and respect. Why? Because we’re all humans and she understands that everybody’s life isn’t easy.

A badass woman has experienced a lot in life, so she knows that life can get tough for a lot of people. So be kind.

7. She can’t stand small-talk

Small-talk is boring and a waste of time to a badass woman.

Don’t bother asking her things like, “how are you?” You’ll learn pretty quickly that she’ll hardly warrant your question.

She’d rather talk about deep issues.

After all, life is too interesting to talk about the weather.

8. She’s real

She won’t be fake-nice. She won’t compliment someone if they haven’t earned it.

A badass woman is not trying to impress other people. She knows who she is and doesn’t need outside validation to feel better about herself.

She shows how she feels and what she thinks. This is refreshing in an age of social media where everyone is faking it to look better than they really are.

9. She’s not afraid to stand up for her beliefs

A badass woman isn’t on the lookout for arguments, but they are also aren’t afraid to say what they think.

A hallmark trait of a badass woman is to express her opinions even when their beliefs are against the majority.

They don’t express their opinion rudely, or with the intention of annoying others, but they simply state their opinions in a calm and matter-of-fact way.

While some people who can’t think outside of the status quo find this intimidating, most people respect honesty and the ability of someone to speak from the heart.

10. She is assertive

Notice we didn’t say aggressive? They are two different things. Assertive women understand that their position is important and that they have lots to offer people.

Aggressive women just yell and scream until someone makes things happen. Assertive women take charge and get things done themselves.

A badass woman cares about results and getting to the next destination on her journey as quickly as she can.

11. She doesn’t seek attention

She doesn’t need attention to boost her ego. She’s already confident enough as it is.

External praise doesn’t make her happy.

What makes her happy is achieving her goals and helping other people achieve theirs.

A badass woman is too busy living her life in her own vision, and that is enough for her.

12. She has no desire to be a people pleaser

As a person with a strong personality, she knows how to say no to people, and while they might not like it, she does it because she can.

Most people suffer through overworked schedules and get hung up on helping others before themselves, and that leads to a great deal of unhappiness and excessive responsibility.

But a badass woman understands her limitations. She can’t help everyone even if she wanted to.

The best thing about knowing her limitations is that she doesn’t let anyone down, and you can always trust that she’ll do what she says.

13. She doesn’t care what other people think

She doesn’t live her life for other people, so why would she care what other people think? She’s concerned about her own life and getting the most out of it.

She understands that comparing herself to others is fraught with danger. It can only lead to bitterness and disappointment.

She’d rather you focus on herself and live up to her standards of behavior.

14. She has built up a huge wall to protect herself

A badass woman has probably been through a lot, dealt with a lot of characters who have brought her down, and she doesn’t want to go through the same hardships again.

That’s why sometimes she can appear cold and ruthless.

But this is what she must do if she’s going to avoid those assholes again. It’s part of her nature now.

But this also means that if you’re lucky to be invited into her inner circle, she’ll protect you and treat you like a true friend that is always on your side.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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