10 personality traits of authentic people (that make them so unique)

We meet different types of people that affect our lives in many ways.

Some of them make us feel like walking on eggshells or guarding our every action all the time, as we fear they may hurt us anytime.

But some people make us feel at ease in their presence because of their sincerity. We can’t help but look up to them – they seem to tread life with courage and security about their sense of self.

Authentic people usually aren’t afraid to show their true selves and speak their minds.

They’re also usually self-aware and responsible about their words and actions, making them earn meaningful relationships.

A genuine person can be a rare gem. But you may be one without knowing it if you relate to these traits:

1) They’re Usually Secure About Themselves

Authentic people usually lead a life of sincerity and security because of their strong sense of self.

They know and accept who they truly are, so they keep themselves grounded just fine, barely losing themselves in all of life’s worldly temptations.

Needless to say, they have a healthy ego – they accept their weaknesses with grace and determination for growth and continue to nurture their strengths.

A genuine person’s sense of security radiates through their words and actions.

Some of the most authentic people I know have a certain sense of lightness and calmness I always admire. Great listeners, they know the right words to say.

These types of people don’t brag to others just to be liked – they go out and simply enjoy socializing with others.

2) They Don’t Lose Themselves Only to Please Others

I’m sure most of us have already met at least one person who always seems to make everything about them.

You can shrug it off at first, but they tend to get more insufferable the longer you hang out with them.

They always brag about themselves, cut everyone off while talking, or say mean things under the guise of telling a joke.

That’s when you see how unique authentic people can be, especially in a world where anyone can easily lose themselves to please others.

They usually don’t bother being someone they’re not, much less do things they don’t agree with, just to fit in.

These types of people love and accept themselves, so they know others will like them too for who they are.

3) They Think Carefully Before Saying or Doing Something

Another thing I admire about authentic people is their attitude of being responsible about their actions, thinking and processing their thoughts first before saying or doing something.

It’s a strong sign that they value you and your feelings.

Genuine people carry themselves maturely, avoiding doing things on impulse.

Their heightened self-awareness allows them to realize the need to be extra careful of their actions to prevent serious consequences.

I’ve had awful experiences with people acting out at others, thinking they can be mean and hurtful just because they’re upset.

I distanced myself from a friend who usually lashes out at everyone when she’s upset and never apologizes.

One time, her lateness made us miss a trip to an amusement park. She didn’t apologize but got mad at me instead.

We all need to be responsible for our actions and words, upset or not. Dealing with the aftermath while she acted like nothing happened was tough. Life’s too short for that, so I distanced myself.

4) They’re Honest But Tactful

Authentic people tend to be honest but tactful, making them the most reliable support systems that inspire you to be better.

You can expect them to tell you straight up the things you did wrong or needed to change, even if they’re uncomfortable to talk about.

But they do so with patience and gentleness from a place of love and concern.

They’re not the type of people who smiles at your face but stabs you in the back when you’re not looking.

Maybe you’ve met someone who proudly says they’re the most authentic person ever.

But the truth is that they’re just downright rude and condescending under the guise of being honest.

They only go around and tell uncomfortable things to everyone they meet, pointing out their weight, appearance, and other insecurities.

The truth is that they’re actually insecure people who find pleasure in picking on others to hide their vulnerabilities.

Secure and authentic people aren’t like this at all. They actually tend to be sensitive about how others feel.

They’re also in the process of coming to terms with their insecurities, so they know how personal those things can be.

These people are only honest about the things you need to know to become a better individual.

5) They’re Empathetic

Another reason that makes authentic people reliable family members, friends, or partners is their empathy.

They’re one of the first people to celebrate your milestones with you or share your pain in hard times.

This makes them the best listeners, saying the things you need to hear to feel better.

Because of their self-awareness and secure sense of self, they can easily put themselves in front of others and feel what they feel.

I also feel at ease with authentic people. Maybe that’s because I know they see me for who I am. I’m comfortable that they won’t judge me and will be honest if they don’t approve of something I’ve done.

You can also expect them to have an open mind, so they don’t usually get reactive over matters they don’t know yet.

6) They Strive to Live with Integrity

Authentic people strive to live with integrity, sticking to their own set of principles. This makes them work harder to be the best version of themselves every day.

You won’t expect them to cheat, manipulate, or take advantage of others for the sake of fame, power, or money.

Doing the things they don’t believe in is the gravest betrayal they can do to themselves and the people they love.

These worldly pleasures and vices aren’t enough for them to give up and lose themselves.

Their secure sense of self allows them to be courageous enough to do the right thing, even if it’s a difficult choice.

Back in my university days, cheating was pretty much prevalent because of the tough load of our courses.

Most of the students resort to passing notes with answers during examinations.

But I really admired one girl in my class because she never wanted to participate in those activities.

She told me she didn’t want to cheat on the exams because she wanted to see how much she’s learned.

I realized that your grades or anything don’t always matter more than your character and principles.

7) They Allow Themselves to Be Vulnerable Once in A While

Authentic people are usually resilient to life’s challenges and responsible for their actions, even when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

But that doesn’t mean they repress their vulnerabilities or dismiss their emotions.

They also allow themselves to feel lonely, disheartened, or in pain.

They recognize that they can’t function at their optimal level or face struggles head-on all the time. Sometimes, the answer is to acknowledge your pain, release, and recharge.

Their heightened self-awareness allows them to be kind and responsive to the needs of their mind and body.

They see these things as necessary parts of developing as an individual.

8) They Value Their Loved Ones

Authentic people greatly value their loved ones, like their family, friends, and significant others.

They always try to show their appreciation to important people in their lives.

They do this in various ways they can express their love, like cooking your favorite dinner, buying silly things they remind you of in the convenience store, or simply saying words of affirmation.

Along with their self-awareness, they also recognize the impact others have made in their lives.

This also makes some of the most loyal people you’d ever know, as they don’t usually turn their backs on people who matter to them.

They value their loved ones, so they always try to be better individuals.

9) They Handle Conflicts with Maturity

Just because authentic people are usually sincere, respectful, and composed, it doesn’t mean they’re pushovers.

If you do things that hurt or disappoint them, you might not want to assume they’ll let it slide.

They won’t usually hurl expletives at you or pick a fight, but you can expect they’ll face you head-on and discuss things maturely.

Sincere people don’t have time for petty fights, so they usually handle conflicts by telling you straight up the things you did wrong and establishing healthy boundaries you shouldn’t cross.

I know my relationship with myself is still a work in progress, but I decided to be as authentic as possible for my peace, with the support of other genuine people in my life.

My partner and I had a misunderstanding, making them say something that hurt my feelings. I took deep breaths because I felt like saying meaner things.

But I learned the hard way that that would only end up with me saying things I don’t really mean.

Instead, I told them firmly that they can’t talk to me that way and should apologize.

When we made up, I was thankful I chose to handle it calmly instead of unnecessarily adding fuel to the fire.

10) They’re Not Afraid to Admit Mistakes and Do Things to Correct It

Authentic people know perfectly well that they aren’t perfect – no one can ever be.

Mistakes and failures are always present in life, as they’re necessary to help us grow.

I know these can make us feel ashamed and demoralized, and we must acknowledge those emotions.

But we might also want to process our thoughts and shift our perspectives to see that these are opportunities to learn and be better people.

People with a secure sense of self might get disheartened, but they eventually try to be optimistic and courageous in dealing with mistakes.

They admit them sincerely, apologize and do things to make it right.

They learn from these mistakes and keep them as life lessons to become the well-rounded people they are today.

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