309 this or that questions that will make you laugh and enjoy the moment!

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this or that questions

Have you played “this or that questions” game?

Although this game has different variations in terms of rules and how it’s meant to be played, it all comes down to answering the question.

It’s just like the “would you rather questions” game because you need to choose between the choices being presented to you, no matter how gross they are.

I mean, can you really choose between booger and phlegm? Ewwwww! But, that’s basically how it’s played.

The goal is for you to have fun and laugh as hard as you can.

Are you ready? Here are 309 this or that questions that will help you get to know someone:

This or that questions about food:

This list is like an endless menu. One thing is for sure, you’ll feel hungry after playing so get your snacks ready!

Fish or steak?

Eggs or oatmeal?

Coffee or tea?

Coke or Pepsi?

Beer or mixed drinks?

Juice or water?

White or wheat bread?

Cake or donuts?

Vanilla or chocolate?

Ice cream or sherbet?

Pork or chicken?

Bacon or sausage?

Scrambled eggs or over easy?

Over easy or poached eggs?

Cream and sugar or black coffee?

Well done or rare?

Corn or peas?

Salad or squash?

Green beans or broccoli?

Black beans or kidney beans?

Pinto or Lima beans?

Frozen veggies or canned?

Pancakes or waffles?

Pastries or confectionaries?

Burgers or seafood?

Ginger ale or Sprite?

Orange soda or Grape?

Trail mix or candy bar?

Payday or 5th avenue?

Reese’s peanut butter cup or Hershey’s bar?

Almond Joy or Snickers?

Three Musketeers or Peppermint Patty?

O’Henry or Baby Ruth?

Apples or bananas?

this or that questions

Oranges or peaches?

Watermelon or plums?

Cantaloupe or grapefruit?

Cake or pie?

Pastries or cookies?

Hash browns or home fries?

Jello or pudding?

Cherry or raspberry?

Grape or orange?

Lime or blueberry?

Slim Jim or Jerky?

Cupcake or Dingdong?

Swiss cake or Hoho?

Gum or Lifesavers?

Tic-tac or Altoids?

Tootsie rolls or Skittles?

Licorice or fruit roll-ups?

Popcorn or peanuts?

Hot pretzels or nachos?

Grilled or pan fried?

Deep fried or baked?

Apple or cherry pie?

Sugar or chocolate chip cookies?

Pumpkin or blueberry?

Pie or cobbler?

Breaded or plain?

Iced or hot coffee?

Hot or iced tea?

Sweetened tea or unsweetened?

Chinese or Italian?

Indian or Thai?

American or Mexican?

Sweet or sour?

Eat in or dine out?

Cook at home or take out?

Cheeseburger or calamari?

Hot dog or taco?

Stew or chili?

Sweet potato or French fries?

Baked potato or onion rings?

Ketchup or mustard?

this or that questions

Mayo or salad dressing?

Sandwich or soup?

Ribs or wings?

Family run or chain restaurant?

Cookout in the backyard or catered?

Wine or beer?

Jack Daniels or Jim Beam?

Irish coffee or plain coffee?

Orange juice or grapefruit juice?

Re-fried beans or rice?

Tacos or chicken parmigiana?

Pizza or subs?

Peanuts or almonds?

Cashews or hazelnut?

Walnuts or sunflower seeds?

Garlic or onion?

Bagels or English muffins

Poppy seed or onion rolls?

Cinnamon or blueberry bagels?

Everything or sesame seed bagels?

Thousand Island or Ranch?

Catalina or vinaigrette?

Onion dip or bacon horseradish dip?

Cheese fries or chili fries?

French fries or onion rings?

Cheese and crackers or pretzels?

Chips with dip or vegetables and dip?

Fruit or vegetables?

this or that questions

Dinner rolls or croissant rolls?

Biscuits or bread?

Whole wheat or rye?

Whole grain or white?

Corn muffin or blueberry?

Pastrami or bologna?

Italian sub or ham and cheese?

Turkey and cheese or roast beef sub?

Sub roll or ciabatta roll?

Sour cream and onion chips or barbecue?

Cheddar and sour cream or salt and vinegar?

Corn chips or Doritos?

Rice crispies or Corn flakes?

Raisin bran or granola?

Cheerios or corn puffs?

Applejacks or fruit loops?

Cold cereal or oatmeal?

Drip coffee or instant?

Perked coffee or tea?

Carnation instant breakfast or protein smoothie?

Breakfast bar or Slimfast?

Breakfast pizza or breakfast sandwich?

Pancakes or muffins?

This or that questions about entertainment:

Now we’re going to learn what each one likes to watch and play!

game of thrones this or that questions

Game of Thrones or Glee?

America’s Got Talent or American Idol?

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer?

Spongebob or Patrick?

Movie Theater or Arcade?

Book or Kindle?

Xbox or PlayStation?

Nintendo or Sega?

Guitar or Piano?

Drawing or Painting?

Marvel or DC Comics?

Aerobic Exercise or Cardio?

Pumping Iron or Pumping Gas?

Running or Walking?

Baseball or Football?

Fishing or Kayaking?

Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Bowling or Putt Putt?

This or that questions about traveling:

Do you think you have a friend that’s scared to fly? Let’s find out!

this or that questions car or plane

Cruise or Travel by Plane?

Car or Plane?

Car or Truck?

Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket?

Train or Bus?

Arctic or Tropical?

Hot Weather or Cold Weather?

Roses or Sunflowers?

Sunshine or Storms?

Spring or Fall?

Moose or Hedgehog?

Snakes or Badgers?

Hot Tub or Hot Spring?

Art Festivals or Music Festivals?

Disney World or Universal?

Theme Park or Water Park?

Carnival or Circus?

Zoo or Aquarium?

Trip or Staycation?

This or that questions about fashion:

You can learn how fashionable your friend or special someone is with these questions!

this or that questions about fashion style

Jeans and tee or a suit?

Dress or pants?

Formal or casual?

Sneakers or dress shoes?

Sandals or high heels?

Makeup or none?

This or that questions about house styles:

Everyone dreams to own a house. Now you can imagine how your friend wants her or his house to be styled.

this or that questions house design

Black and white décor?

Formal dining room or family dining room?

Elegant or casual interior?

Eclectic or organized interior?

Open floor for living, dining, kitchen area or separated by walls and doors?

Leather or fabric?

Sneakers or sandals?

Flip flops or water shoes?

Paintings or photos?

Black and white or color?

Drapes or blinds?

Plants or collectibles?

Chandelier or lamps?

Paper or paneling?

Paint or paper?

Rugs or hardwood floors?

Modern or rustic?

Retro or antique?

Ranch style or two-story home?

Farmhouse kitchen or galley style?

This or that questions about transportation:

This might be loved more by men because they’re about toys for the big boys. But who knows? You might have a girl friend who knows her way around cars!

this or that questions toyota

Car or truck?

SVU or minivan?

GMC or Chevy?

Ford or Dodge?

Cadillac or Chrysler?

Kia or Saturn?

Hyundai or Nissan?

Audi or BMW?

Ferrari or Jaguar?

Ducati or Harley?

This or that questions about sports and fitness:

Asking these questions can gain you a teammate as well as a play buddy.

this or that questions sports

Football or baseball?

Soccer or hockey?

Golf or basketball?

Racing or polo?

Soccer or football?

Field hockey or ice hockey?

Polo or horse racing?

Nascar or drag racing?

College or pro?

Touch or tackle football when you play?

Shortstop or third base?

First base or outfielder?

Catcher or pitcher?

Winger or defenseman?

Goalie or defenseman?

Hunting or fishing?

Skiing or surfing?

Strategy or puzzle?

Foosball or Ping-Pong?

Computer or game consoles?

Fantasy leagues or playing with your buds?

Live action role-playing or online gaming?

Wrestling or mix martial arts?

Bowling or tennis?

Poker or chess?

Volleyball or skateboarding?

Cardio or weightlifting?

Walking or jogging?

Weightlifting or pilates?

Off-road or race track?

Skiing or snowboarding?

Sweating to the oldies or playing handball?

Swimming or reading?

Paintball or motocross?

BMX racing or hang-gliding?

Skateboarding or swimming?

Triathlon or marathon running?

Skeet shoot or archery?

This or that questions about work:

Let’s go back in time when we’re still kids and people would ask us what we want to be when we grow up. Your life, your choice!

this or that questions career

Fireman or policeman?

Doctor or nurse?

Military or civilian?

Boss or worker?

Lawyer or carpenter?

Being a plumber or a stock market expert?

A taxi driver or bus driver?

Railroad engineer or mechanical Engineer?

Woodworking or automotive mechanic?

A supervisor or an hourly employee?

Self-employed or a company man?

Office work or outside work?

Work from home or commute to work?

Pilot or ship captain?

Electrician or engineer?

Author or editor?

A job you love or one that pays you more money?

Fisherman or lumberjack?

Farmer or factory worker?

Gas station attendant or sales clerk?

Government work or private sector?

Work on a team or to work alone?

Landscaper or welder?

Fashion designer or interior designer?

Cosmetologist or CEO of a large company?

Work in production or work for a company that invents great things to help the world population?

Invent something that would make you rich or save the world population from hunger?

Meetings all day or producing goods?

Working with your hands or with a computer?

Working in a store with the public or working in research?

A long commute or a short commute to work?

Party planner or printer?

Anthropologist or astronomer?

Suit and tie or jeans?

Coveralls or scrubs?

Chef or Maître Di?

Drug representative or researcher?

Cook or waitress?

Janitor or IT tech?

A banker or stock trader?

Insurance actuary or detective?

A street sweeper or sanitation supervisor?

Telemarketer or appointment setter?

Secretary or office manager?

A physical therapist or psychologist?

Rock star or race car driver?

Country singer or professional athlete?

Wrestler or football player?

Professional bowler or poker player?

Professional league coach or college coach?

Professional cheerleader or model?

Actor or model?

this or that questions career

Actress or talk show host?

News anchor or meteorologist?

Jeweler or seamstress?

Computer programmer or criminologist (CSI)?

A construction worker or artist?

Newspaper editor or reporter?

Journalist or photographer?

Dentist or podiatrist?

A medical examiner or emergency doctor?

Teacher or administrator?

Auctioneer or sportscaster?

Stockbroker or day trader?

Author or advertising agent?

Truck mechanic or long haul driver?

Salesman or lawyer?

Artist or curator?

FBI agent or local police?

Secret Service or private bodyguard?

A police officer or security guard?

In Conclusion:

this or that questions

Whether you want to get to know a person or just want to be entertained, answering this or that questions is a great way to burn some time.

Remember to let all your inhibitions go and just choose. There’s nothing to lose!

Thank me later for a wonderful and happy moment. That’s another memory worth sharing with the people in your life.


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