18 things your texting habits reveal about your personality

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The average American sends or receives 32 text messages per day

That number is much higher for those between 35 to 44-years-old, rising to 52 texts a day and even higher for those in the under 35 cohort. 

No matter how often you text or how rarely, we all have very different texting habits. 

Here’s what those habits reveal about you. 

1) You’re highly perceptive (you mirror other people’s level of text-engagement)

Do you find that you text just about the same frequency as people text you and naturally fade off when they do?

This type of mirroring shows that you’re a highly perceptive individual

You can sense when somebody wants to chat a bit and when they don’t, and aside from any pressing matter, you tend to go with the flow. 

If somebody’s texting a lot and you have time and are interested, you text back.

If somebody seems busy, stressed or not in the mood to text, you usually don’t text them much. 

2) You’re caring and kind (you are somebody’s favorite notification)

If you have a habit of texting funny jokes and uplifting material or messages, then it shows you’re a caring person. 

Your texts add value to somebody’s day and give them something, rather than asking anything back. 

People generally feel a nice buzz when they get your notification because they know it’s likely something upbeat or good. 

As Sherry Gordon writes

“Texting a compliment, a funny meme, or a positive comment, will make the person on the other end feel closer to you and more satisfied with the relationship.”

3) You’re self-disciplined (you don’t over-text or text randomly)

If you find that you text at a fairly low or moderate rate, it often means you’re quite self-disciplined. 

You may be bored or even feeling lonely, but you don’t suddenly just send a “hey, what’s up” to 20 people on your contact list. 

This shows a high level of self-control and self-awareness, as well as a willingness to sit and be with your emotions, even when they’re difficult.

4) You’re flirtatious and erotic (you know how to flirt and sext in a classy way)

There’s a way to flirt over text and there’s a way to freak people out and disgust them over text. 

If you know how to have just the right balance of naughtiness and subtlety in your flirting then it shows that you’re a seductive person. 

This also connects back to the kind of mirroring I was talking about: you don’t suddenly just send a picture of your genitals, you wait for signals of equal interest from the other person. 

5) You’re emotionally intelligent (you know just the right text to send at the right time) 

Do you ever get a feeling to text someone and aren’t quite sure why?

You maybe haven’t talked to them in awhile, or you feel prompted that they may be in trouble or needing to talk in some way. 

This is often your intuition and emotional intelligence coming to the fore. 

It means you have a habit of instinctively sensing when somebody’s not doing too well and might need a cheery text. 

6) You’re respectful (you use texting for smaller stuff not big conversations)

When it comes to big decisions or emotionally difficult conversations and arguments, you don’t do that on text. 

This habit means you are a respectful person who has the courage and decency to talk face-to-face for any big stuff. 

You’re not going to dump someone over text, and you’re not going to get into a big argument about a contentious issue via texting, either. 

As Toria Sheffield explains

“Don’t break up with someone over text, or give them bad news in general. 

“If you wouldn’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else.”

7) You’re self-confident and self-sufficient (you text to share, not to seek validation)

If you find that you usually text to share or for a positive reason, it tends to mean you’re on the confident side. 

You don’t text for reassurance or to be told you’re good looking or get attention. 

You’re already secure with yourself and only text if you actually want to share something, ask something or talk to someone rather than just get attention and entertainment. 

8) You’re consistent and dependable (you don’t do hot vs. cold texting) 

Hot and cold texters are those who are all over you one day and completely absent the next three. 

Then they act like nothing happened and are suddenly your best friend or boyfriend again. 

Everyone goes through texting ups and downs, but if you find that you maintain a fairly consistent level of texting it means you’re emotionally stable and trustworthy.

Now we get into some of the less positive aspects of texting habits that you may also be prone to…

9) You’re oversensitive (reading too much into texts) 

If you have a habit of dissecting texts like complex manuscripts it means you’re an overthinker. 

This tendency to overanalyze texts can cause some real trauma. 

It can also lead to big misunderstandings, since it’s very hard to tell tone and subtext from a few words on a screen. 

10) You’re insecure (half-writing then deleting texts)

If you’re the type who starts writing a text and then deletes and edits and types again, sends it and then seconds later unsends and drafts a new text…

…It means you’re insecure and prone to social anxiety. 

As Teresa Dumain explains

“Those ellipses can speak volumes, even before you say anything. Think (or draft) before you type.”

11) You’re self-absorbed (ignoring texts)

If you’re the kind of person who ignores texts for days or even sometimes weeks, it generally means you’re self-absorbed. 

Not having time to answer is another thing!

But intentionally ignoring a text is something else altogether, and unless it’s somebody who’s harassing you or being inappropriate, you at least owe them a text explaining you don’t want to talk or don’t have time. 

12) You’re overly rigid (unnecessary use of periods)

Texting is supposed to generally be fairly informal. 

The use of periods quite often can come across as a bit passive aggressive, whether or not you intend it that way. 

If you have a habit of writing very formally and using periods in your texting, be aware that it can come across the wrong way as being cold or over-serious. 

13) You crave attention (overuse of emojis) 

Emojis can be fun, but if you have a habit of using them too often it can mean that you are craving more attention

It also tends to mean that you may be a highly emotional person who has some difficulty controlling your emotions. 

This isn’t necessarily bad, but is at least something to be aware of. 

14) You’re judgmental (correcting spelling and grammar) 

If you correct people’s spelling and grammar in their texting, it’s definitely a habit that’s likely to annoy some folks. 

This tends to mean your personality has a tendency to be judgmental

Then again, is it too much to ask that people just spell check and put some basic spacing in their texts? 

15) You’re too pushy and aggressive (the One. Word. Text.)

One word texts are a habit that usually means your personality can be a bit on the pushy side. 

Compare these two sample texts:

Are you ready to go yet? We need to hurry. 


Are you ready to go yet? 





16) You’re impatient (the voicemail, text double tap) 

This is a habit that can sometimes be effective but is more likely to annoy people. 

You leave a voicemail and because you’re not sure if it’s been heard or listened to, you send a followup text (or two) saying you left a voicemail. 

This type of texting habit indicates you have an impatient side to your personality. 

17) You speed through things (overuse of abbreviations)

If you have a habit of using tons of abbreviations in your texts it means you’re generally a rushed person. 

You’re prone to stress and feel overwhelmed by the amount of demands life sometimes throws at you.

18) You’re reclusive (overuse of texts instead of face-to-face) 

Overall, if you find that you almost always text and intentionally avoid in-person meetings or calls, it usually means you’re a reserved person

On the upside this can mean you’re respectful of people’s time and space and very self-sufficient.

The downside is it can mean you’ve become downright reclusive and anti-social. 

How much is in a text?

It’s definitely possible to read too much into a text message. 

Nonetheless, your consistent habits in texting do reveal a lot about you. 

Take a look at the above traits: do you see yourself somewhere in one of these texting behaviors?

Do you like what you see or would you prefer to change it around? 

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