15 things you’ll never hear a truly humble person say

Humility is an admirable trait that is often associated with wisdom, understanding, and empathy. 

They value every individual’s uniqueness and tend to respect differences, viewing them as opportunities for learning rather than competitions to be won.

With humble people, it’s very rare to hear them bragging or boasting about their achievements. 

So, with that in mind, here are 12 things you’ll never hear a truly humble person say, showcasing their attitude towards self and others.

1) “I did it all by myself”

A humble person will never take all the credit for a project, even if they did most of the work. 

They will still recognize the contributions of their teammates and will make sure to include them when receiving praise and recognition. 

Ultimately, they know the importance of collaboration in getting things done. Not to mention, alienating those around them doesn’t benefit anyone. 

2) “I already know that”

You’re more likely to see pigs fly than to hear a humble person say this next phrase…

Because the truth is, people with humility never claim to know everything. 

Even if they did already know it, they appreciate hearing and considering other people’s insights – a humble person is always up for learning new things. 

3) “I’m the best”

No matter how good a humble person is at something, they’ll never claim to be the best. 

Here’s the thing to remember – people like this are very self-aware

They know their strengths and weaknesses, and they don’t feel the need to make grand statements of superiority. 

Especially if it could make others feel bad about themselves. 

4) “I have no weaknesses”

Following on from the previous point, humble people absolutely know what their weaknesses are.

And even more so, they aren’t afraid to show them! 

They’re not interested in putting on a false persona or acting like they’re perfect. 

In fact, a humble person connects with others by being vulnerable, down-to-earth, and honest. 

5) “I can’t learn anything from you”

My dad is probably the most humble person I know. 

Whenever we go out, I often lose him, only to find him deep in conversation with the store cleaner, the guy handing out flyers, or anyone else he meets. 

Even though he’s in a top position in his field, he treats everyone the same. 

And he’s always open to hearing their thoughts or learning new things from them. 

6) “I don’t need any help”

Some people think that doing it all alone portrays them as strong. 

But a humble person knows the value of asking for help. Just as they never assume that they know everything, they know when it’s beneficial to seek other people’s advice. 

They’re not ruled by their ego. 

And that’s probably why humble people tend to have a strong network of friends, willing to lend a hand whenever needed. 

7) “I don’t need to apologize”

A humble person doesn’t view an apology as an act of weakness – they recognize its importance in building strong bonds with other people

So, if they mess up, they’ll be quick to realize their mistakes and apologize. 

By doing this, humble people deal with conflict in a healthy, timely manner, as opposed to dragging things on unnecessarily. 

8) “My success is just due to my hard work”

Even if a humble person has worked extremely hard, they still wouldn’t dream of uttering a phrase like this. 

They know that a number of things contribute to success, such as:

  • Being given chances and opportunities  
  • The timing being right 
  • Luck 

And their upbringing, financial situation, and so forth. 

A humble person will of course feel proud of their achievements, but they’re careful to remember everything and everyone involved in reaching success. 

9) “I’m never wrong”

It’s almost incomprehensible to think of a humble person saying this. 

They’re known for being open-minded and they generally take constructive criticism well. 

That’s because they don’t have a complex where they think they know everything. 

So, when you correct a humble person, they’re more likely to thank you for educating them than react defensively. 

10) “I don’t care what others think”

99% of people who say this normally DO care what others think. 

They just want to give off the impression of not being affected by other people’s opinions, even though deep down they are. 

But not a humble person. 

They don’t need to put up this tough exterior. 

It doesn’t mean that they’re easily swayed by people’s opinions, but they appreciate genuine feedback and opinions. To them, it’s an opportunity for growth. 

11) “I don’t have time for you”

A humble person will always make time for people. 

It’s just not in their nature to turn people away, especially those who are in need.

They don’t consider their time to be better than anyone else’s, so they’ll usually be very accommodating. 

With that being said, humble people still have boundaries in place. If it’s not a good time, they’ll gently explain that and arrange another time to catch up with you properly. 

Simply put – they’re considerate. Towards others and themselves. 

12) “It’s all about me”

You’ll never hear a humble person say this or act this way. 

Even if it’s a party thrown in their honor, they’ll likely prefer the limelight to be on everyone else. 

The truth is, humble people tend to put the needs of others first. They don’t enjoy hogging all the attention, which highlights how considerate they are of others. 

13) “It’s not my job”

It may not be their job, but you can be sure a humble person will still do their best at it. 

That’s why they make the best team players! 

They’re all about being collaborative and working together to achieve good results. So, if they have to take on a little bit of extra work to cover for their teammates, so be it. 

Ultimately, they look at the bigger picture. They’re not petty, they’re not stubborn. They just want a good outcome for everyone. 

14) “I don’t make mistakes”

Humble people, like everyone else, make mistakes. 

But they don’t deny or try to downplay their errors in judgment. 

Instead, they make a point to learn about them. They’ll even tell other people about their mistakes so as to warn them not to fall into the same trap. 

This shows their authenticity and self-awareness. 

15) “I don’t have anything more to achieve”

Even if they own an empire and never have to work a day in their life again, a humble person never stops learning and reaching for new heights. 

They’ll set new goals, even if it’s within their own personal development. 

But this all goes back to a recurring theme in this article – humble people never assume they know it all. 

And isn’t that why they’re so loved in society? 

Final thoughts 

So, we’ve covered 15 things you’ll never hear a truly humble person say. 

Whether you read this list to improve on your own humility levels, or with someone else in mind, it’s worth remembering that humility can be learned

Sure, some people are born this way. But others can take steps to infuse humility into their everyday life. 

So, the next time you’re about to say one of the lines above, perhaps take a minute to think about what type of person you want to be. My bet is that being humble tops all. 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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