11 things you should quit doing if you want to be more successful

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to level up your game and reach your full potential. 

And let’s face it, sometimes that means taking a good hard look at the things we’re doing that might be holding us back.

Ready to get to your version 2.0? 

Here are 11 things you should quit doing if you want to be more successful:

1) Hitting snooze

We’ve all been guilty of hitting the snooze button a few too many times – I know I have! 

Hitting snooze may seem like a harmless way to get a few extra minutes of shut-eye, but in reality, it’s just delaying the inevitable. 

What’s worse is, when you finally do get up, you’ll probably feel groggy. That’s because snoozing disrupts your sleep cycle, and you’ll spend all day trying to fight brain fog and a feeling of exhaustion.

So start your day off on the right foot. Try setting your alarm for the same time every day, and get up at the same time, even on weekends. 

Or set your alarm across the room, so you have to get up on your feet to turn it off. This gets rid of the temptation to hit snooze.

I know it’s hard to do at first – your body will fight you for sure. But this will help regulate your body’s internal clock, so you feel more awake and alert in the morning. 

2) Making excuses

Another habit to ditch is that of making excuses. I understand it’s easy to blame other people or external factors for our lack of progress. 

Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you wanted because your boss doesn’t like you. Or maybe you didn’t have time to finish that project because you’re just too busy. 

You might say, “But these are not excuses, they’re valid reasons!” 

Yep, I hear you. But the harsh truth is, when it comes to success, it would be good to take a closer look at these “reasons.” 

Are they really reasons, or are they ways to avoid responsibility? Are they ways to say, “Hey it’s not my fault!”?

You just might find that the only thing holding you back is YOU. If you want to be more successful, learn how to own your actions and mistakes. 

This doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up over every little setback. It’s also important to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace when things don’t go as planned. 

The point is, you need to recognize when you’re making excuses and do a mental shift. 

Believe me, this will help you gain more control over your life and drive it in the direction you want.

3) Multitasking

We’ve all heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” This is particularly true when it comes to multitasking.

It might seem like you’re getting more done by doing several things at once, but guess what? You’re not. 

Studies have shown that multitasking actually decreases productivity and increases stress.

That’s because multitasking forces your brain to constantly switch between tasks. This just slows you down and makes it hard to focus. 

Instead of trying to do everything all at once, go the opposite direction – stick to one. Do it alone and do it well. Remove any distractions – your phone, your email…anything that would interrupt you as you work. 

It might sound counterintuitive, but trust me, you’ll get more done. And your brain will reward you for it by doing a better job! 

4) Procrastinating

Ah, procrastination. That thing we always do because we’re just stubborn human beings. 

But in case you haven’t noticed yet, the longer you wait, the more overwhelming it becomes. 

Is this something you struggle with? Try breaking big tasks down into smaller ones. This can help you feel more in control and make the task feel less daunting. 

And I’ll share my personal favorite – time blocking. I set a timer for a certain amount of time and commit to working on the task for that entire period. It kind of feels like a race, which gives the task a sense of urgency and excitement. 

5) Seeking validation from others

Another unhealthy habit that keeps you from success is the need for other people’s approval. 

It’s natural to want validation from those around us, but when we rely too heavily on external approval, we can lose sight of our own worth. 

It can also hold us back from taking risks and pursuing our dreams.

Because essentially, we’re letting other people control our lives. That’s no way to succeed in life

So, learn to trust your own instincts. Believe in yourself and in what you can do, and don’t be afraid to take risks. 

When you trust yourself, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Plus, you won’t get trapped into the next nasty habit…

6) Comparing yourself to others

I think I speak for everyone when I say that comparison is hard to avoid. We’re naturally wired to look at other people and measure ourselves against them. 

Especially today with social media, comparing yourself to others can really sneak in when you’re not aware. 

Real talk – comparison is nothing but a distraction. 

Besides, who knows if what you’re seeing is even real? Remember, people only put their highlights on display, not their failures and weaknesses. 

So be extra mindful of your thoughts. When you catch yourself feeling envious of other people’s successes, redirect your focus. 

Get back to your own goal and your own idea of success. You have your own unique journey that needs your full attention! 

7) Avoiding failure

Speaking of your own journey, here’s one thing to keep in mind: you will fail, and sometimes you will fail spectacularly

Nobody likes to fail, but it’s an inevitable part of the road to success. A better way to view it is to see it as a learning opportunity.  

So it doesn’t make sense to avoid it. In fact, the more you avoid failing, the more it means you aren’t learning anything! 

I love Thomas Edison’s take on failure: “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” 

And as we all know by now, that fantastic attitude led to the invention of the light bulb. Imagine if Edison was scared of failure? We’d probably still be working by candlelight today!

8) Overthinking

This one’s a real enemy of success and productivity. I used to be an overthinker, constantly obsessing about things and getting stuck in the process. 

So yeah, analysis paralysis can really stop you in your tracks. 

Learn from my mistake – break free of that negative cycle of thoughts and indecisiveness. Listen to your gut and trust it. 

And sometimes, when you really don’t know what to do, just make a decision quickly. Even if you have no idea if it will work. 

Because the longer you stay in that indecisive whirlpool of doubt, the less you’ll get anything done

But when you act on something – two things will happen. You either fail and learn something new, or you succeed! Either way, things are moving along!

Having said that, I must caution you about something along these lines…  

9) Saying “yes” to everything

All right, I know I’ve said that sometimes it helps to just make a decision swiftly. But I don’t mean that you should say yes to things you don’t want to do. 

It’s great to be helpful, but saying yes to every request can lead to burnout. You’ll feel drained having to accommodate the demands of other people. 

And that’s precious energy you’re wasting!

To be successful, it’s important to say no when necessary. Prioritize. 

You’ve got to have boundaries so you can use your time and energy wisely toward your goals. 

10) Neglecting self-care

Talking about boundaries leads me to this next thing – the importance of self-care. 

Too many of us get so single-minded about our goals that we push ourselves too hard. We forget to take care of ourselves. 

If you look at research on self-care and success, you’ll find that these two are closely related. 

The healthier you are – physically, mentally, and emotionally – the better you can handle stress and stay focused

So go ahead and treat yourself…make time for the hobbies that bring you joy and help you relax. Unwind with good stuff like reading a book, taking a walk, or practicing yoga. 

You’ll be surprised how far these little tweaks in your lifestyle can take you! 

11) Giving up

Finally, I’ll leave you with this one last thought: success doesn’t come overnight.

There are no two ways about it – success only comes to those with grit.  

Grit is the superpower that sets the winners apart. It’s what helps you stick it out when the going gets tough. 

Because let’s face it, we don’t always feel motivated. Sometimes, it feels easier to throw in the towel and give up. 

But the road to success is never easy, and if we keep giving up, we’ll never get to the top!

So, quit quitting. Be persistent and push forward, adjusting your approach and your mindset as needed. 

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