11 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re highly authentic

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Authenticity is about being true to yourself and genuine in your interactions with others.

It paves the way for stronger personal connections, self-development, and overall well-being.

But while some people are aware of their authenticity, others may live it without recognizing it for what it is.

Do you think that’s you?

Here are 11 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re highly authentic.

Fake people would never.

1) You speak your mind

Authentic people are independent thinkers.

They have their own morals and opinions, which may differ from everyone else’s.

Moreover, they stick to those opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them out loud.

You speak your mind if you:

  • Rarely censor yourself, regardless of the company
  • Don’t mind sharing a different point of view when interacting with others
  • Are direct and use straightforward language instead of euphemisms
  • Voice your concerns in uncomfortable situations

All this doesn’t mean that you’re rude or obnoxious

You can speak up respectfully, even if you ruffle someone’s feathers in the process.  

Perhaps you used to berate yourself for voicing seemingly controversial views.

Did you think it was only because you find it challenging to keep your mouth shut?

No. It’s because you’re highly authentic.

2) You steer clear of gossip

Fake people love to gossip.

Authentic people? Not so much.

They might slip occasionally and pay attention to the rumor mill, but they rarely feed it.

They prefer to have conversations that foster genuine connections and understanding.

Similarly, they like to make up their own mind about a person instead of judging them based on malicious whispers.

And talking about someone else behind their back? That’s a big no-no in their book.

If they have something bad to say about someone, they say it to their face.

Does this describe you? 

Congrats – you’re highly authentic.

3) You don’t follow trends

Fake people are quick to embrace new trends because they want to fit in and be part of the conversation.

A genuine person, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to conform to a popular trend just for the sake of it.

For instance, you would never wear the latest fashion if it doesn’t match your personal style.

You might not care about being up-to-date on the latest movies, listening to the latest hits, or embracing current social media trends.

It’s because you prefer to dedicate your time to the things you actually enjoy.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your energy.  

4) You go against the crowd

On the same note, authentic people are more interested in living in a way that aligns with their values than belonging.

As a result, they might embrace unconventional lifestyles.

Minimalism. Digital nomadism. Polyamory. Off-the-grid living. Van life.

These go against mainstream norms, and people likely judge your “unorthodox” choices.

You don’t care. Going against the crowd comes naturally to you.

You’re not simply “eccentric.” You’re a highly authentic person.  

Or, maybe your lifestyle isn’t extreme.

I’ve been bohemian in nature from a young age. I tend to prioritize creativity and enjoy having a slower life.  

I’m in my mid-30s and, unlike my friends, don’t have a steady job or own an apartment – two milestones that would make me feel less free.

I value flexibility, so I built my life in a way that celebrates that. And it didn’t involve running to the woods and cutting myself off from civilization.

(As a side note, sometimes being authentic means sticking with the crowd – as long as you do it because it’s what you want, not purely to fit in.)

5) You prioritize self-care

Are you the kind of person who likes to be present, centered, and in tune with their emotions and surroundings?

Maybe you thought this was because you’re not a big fan of the constant noise and distraction associated with living in today’s modern world.

While that might have something to do with it, it’s also because you like to live authentically.

See, people can’t be genuine if they don’t know who they really are.

If living your truth is essential to you, you probably spend a lot of time reflecting on your behavior, seeking purpose, and staying grounded.

You might journal, meditate, go to therapy, or engage in other activities that enable you to gain self-knowledge.

Knowing and caring for yourself are both high on your priority list.

Which brings me to my next point.

6) You set boundaries

You have no problem saying “No.”

While you understand that not everyone may agree or be supportive, pleasing people isn’t as important to you as limiting the time and availability you give others.

Consequently, you have no issue rejecting requests that don’t align with your boundaries without feeling guilty or obligated to explain yourself.

You believed you were doing it because you’re fond of your time and personal space?

Sure, but it’s also because you’re highly authentic.

7) You are consistent

Authentic people are consistent in the way they act.

Their behavior isn’t dictated by external pressure or social expectations, so they act in alignment with their beliefs regardless of circumstances.

A fake person can offer one opinion when hanging out with one friend and an opposite one when interacting with another.

Meanwhile, an authentic person’s opinion stays the same at all times.

8) You don’t make excuses for what gets you excited

I used to listen to metal in high school. I embraced the entire look – black clothes, eyeliner, heavy boots, the works.

However, my musical taste (and clothing) evolved as I got older.

I still love metal and dressing in black from head to toe, but now I also enjoy pop and pink dresses and sparkling shoes.

My only regret is that it took me a long time to accept that I contain multitudes.

I was so wrapped up in being a metal chick that I denied the fact that listening to Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen brings me joy. 

Worse, I felt guilty as I did it.  

I thought I had to be either Barbie or Oppenheimer. Turns out, I’m both.

Authentic people don’t apologize for liking what they like.

Life is too short for such nonsense.     

9) You encourage authenticity in others

If you’re a genuine person, you probably have a supportive social circle.

Authenticity attracts people who share similar values.

Since you’re honest and direct, your friends are likely the same.

And if they’re still struggling, you encourage and support them as they discover their true selves:

  • You show interest in their thoughts and feelings
  •  You provide a safe and non-judgmental space where people feel accepted
  • You respect and celebrate the choices others make, even if they differ from your own
  • You cheer on others to share their ideas and make their voices heard

You’re all about celebrating individuality and uniqueness.  

And it’s not just because you like to be inclusive. It’s also because you’re highly authentic.

10) You let people in

Speaking of other people, authentic individuals rarely have a problem being vulnerable.

They don’t mind talking about their emotions and experiences.

They understand that vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it’s a display of strength. Embracing and expressing one’s true self doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Not only that, but this vulnerability allows them to connect with people on a deeper level. When you’re open about your challenges, others tend to reciprocate.

Before you know it, everyone learns something about each other, which boosts the chances of that relationship to stand the test of time.

If that describes you, rest assured: you’re not an over-sharer.

You’re actually highly authentic, even if you didn’t realize it by now.

11) You accept yourself just as you are

Finally, authentic people have reached a certain level of self-acceptance.

They’re comfortable with who you are, warts and all.

If you:

  • Treat yourself with kindness
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Honor your needs
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Use positive self-talk

… then you’ve done the work. You’re not full of yourself – you’re highly authentic.

You’re not trying to change who you are, and you don’t deny yourself the warmth of self-compassion.

That doesn’t mean you’re not interested in self-improvement. There are always things you can do to grow.

Try a new hobby. Adopt a new healthy habit. Expand your knowledge.

But you’re no longer interested in perfection. 

As far as humans are concerned, you’ve realized there’s no such thing.

Final thoughts

While it’s difficult to be 100% authentic every minute of the day, staying true to yourself is vital to living a happy life.

After all, you don’t want to wake up a few years from now and regret that instead of following your own path, you lost your way and followed someone else’s.

The good news?

So far, it looks like you’re doing great.

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