12 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re a born leader

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You may not be a boss or manager of any kind (yet), but people have told you that you’re a good leader.

Well, it’s probably true and you just don’t realize it because it comes naturally to you.

Want to know for sure?

Here are some things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re a natural leader.

1) Reading people’s minds

You can easily tell what’s on people’s minds even before they say anything. As a result, you know how to treat them right and help them.

People would often get impressed (or weirded out) by your ability and ask you “How do you know what I was thinking?!” or “Yes, that’s exactly what I thought! Are you a mindreader?!”

Well, you’re just born more perceptive than the average person.

By being able to make accurate guesses of what’s going on other people’s minds, you have the ability to lead better.

2) Knowing what others need before they say it

Not only do you have the superpower to read people’s minds, you can also sense what they need.

If someone is anxious for a presentation, for example, you’d give them a glass of water and a pat on the back. They’d be surprised at the gesture because they realize it’s what they need to calm down.

If you’re at a meeting and someone looks like they haven’t slept for days, you’d ask “Do you want to reschedule?”

Being able to sense what others need is a big plus for any leader. It allows you to take care of others and even guide them when they’re feeling lost.

So if you have this trait, then you can lead better than most of us.

3) Taking charge when a crisis comes up

You’re actually pretty laid back and chill when everything is alright.

In fact, you’d rather be on the sidelines. You don’t want to be the center of attention, after all.

But when a crisis of any kind arises—whether it’s a major emergency like someone needs to go to the hospital or a minor one like you’re running out of toilet paper—you take action.

Even if you don’t want to be “bossy” or the center of attention, you have no choice. You find it necessary that you try to do something other than just sitting in a corner and waiting for others to make a move.

4) Making mental notes

Good leaders pay close attention to almost everything.

While this is just a natural thing for them to do, this trait is also very helpful when they’re trying to make decisions.

And you’re exactly one of them.

It’s probably effortless on your part, but it’s also probably because you try to remember things because you believe some information might come in handy later.

When you’re on a holiday with your family, you pay attention to the places you’re going, the people you’re talking to, even to the kind of plate they serve your breakfast on…every single thing.

And when you’re having a meeting, you try to remember (and take notes) on important and even not-so-important information.

Because of this, people depend on you when they’re trying to remember important and not-so-important information.

5) Getting very curious to the point it’s obsessive

As mentioned, you generally pay close attention to things…but more than that, you nerd out!

You do this because you’re just naturally curious—you want to know how things work, why they’re made, and how you can put them to good use.

You also do it to protect yourself from potential harm. Knowledge is power, after all.

This kind of curiosity is necessary for any leader. If you only know surface-level information, how can you expect to respect you and trust that you know what you’re doing?

6) Being overly protective

Your family and friends have told you that you’re a little too paranoid…but that’s because you just really want to take care and protect the people you love.

You make sure you lock your doors properly, you call your friends when they’re out on a blind date (even if you’re aware it’s a bit annoying), you always carry around Advil in case someone gets a headache.

You’re like a mother with a newborn baby, always wondering if everyone’s well-fed, safe, and happy.

You make people feel taken care of all the time, and this is definitely a trait of a good leader.

Just a warning, though. Even if this is an admirable trait, it could burn you out if you don’t learn to handle your overprotective nature. Try to dial down a bit and trust that things will be alright.

7) Thinking of how to make things more efficient

You always look for ways to make any kind of work faster and easier, without compromising anything, of course.

You want to save time as much as possible because if we work less, we’re less stressed. And who doesn’t want that?

You constantly think of how to save time but still get the same output whether it’s something as simple as finding the best route to school or as life-altering as finding ways to have more efficient meetings.

A good leader always thinks of ways to make the lives of everyone easier, and so if you can relate to this, you’re a natural leader.

8) Worrying if others are okay

You genuinely care about people.

It goes beyond being protective, you also worry about how your tone of voice affects them, whether your requests bother them, and whether or not they’re actually happy.

So when you ask your friend if it’s possible for them to check up on your dog while you’re away for a day, you ask them “Is it really okay for you? I can ask someone else if you’re busy.”

And if someone has been quiet on the groupchat, you send them a direct message asking them if they’re alright.

Good leadership means thinking about others. It requires one to be flexible to accommodate the wellbeing of others. And so if you’re a bit of a worrywart, don’t beat yourself up for it. It could actually be a sign that you have the potential to be a good leader.

9) Being trustworthy

You’re a person with integrity. You show up when you said you would, you tell the truth even if it’s difficult, you don’t do anything to make others doubt you.

You’re all of this not even because you want to be a leader. If you’re to be honest, you really don’t care about being “seen” as a good leader (or a good person), at all.

You just want to do good. Period.

You know what you should and shouldn’t do, and you make sure you’re not doing anyone any harm with your actions and words.

10) Remaining calm even in challenging situations

When something goes wrong— whether at work or in your personal life—you get anxious for a minute. But after that, you soothe yourself and even laugh your troubles away.

You try not to catastrophize.

You try not to take things personally.

You try not to panic as if the whole universe depends on you.

And because you’re calm, you make setbacks and even failures more bearable for yourself and others.

This trait is not common and if you have it, trust me—you’ll be a great leader, if you aren’t one already.

11) Infecting others with your optimism

You may not be aware you’re doing it, but you make others feel hopeful and inspired.

You live your life as if any dream is within your reach…and that nothing is really impossible as long as you put in the work.

People have probably commented on how positive you are or how you’re such a “ray of sunshine”.

Good leaders make others feel hopeful of the future. They give others the feeling that even if they’re currently struggling, eventually things will turn out fine (and even much better than expected).

If you have this effect on others, chances are that you’re a natural leader.

12) Being NOT bossy

The really good leaders don’t make others feel that they’re being bossed around—ever.

They know how to monitor their behavior so that people would actually want to do things because they want to, and not because they’re pressured to.

You finish projects and solve problems without making others feel you’re being domineering.

You don’t talk down on anyone.

You don’t wear a big badge that says “I’m a leader and you aren’t.”

Now, this isn’t a skill everyone is born with. Some simply don’t have the charisma, self-awareness, and EQ which are all needed to become a well-loved leader.

Luckily, it comes naturally to you.

Final thoughts 

If you can relate to almost all of the things mentioned here, then you are —without a doubt– one good leader.

So whether you want to lead a project, a family event, a sports team, or a revolution, rest assured that you’re the kind of leader that people need (and would surely love to work with).

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