10 things women only do with the men they love

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Women are caring people. They love so many things and so many people in their lives.

But romantic relationships are very different from everything else that goes on in a woman’s life.

When a woman is truly in love with a man, she won’t just do the normal things she does when she cares about a friend.

Instead, there will be “special” treatment you (and only you) get from her.

Want to know what things a woman in love with a man will do? Here are the top 10.

Up first:

1) They share their insecurities

There’s no need to tell your boyfriend all your insecurities. But it’s a bit more normal to do this when you’re dating someone compared to when you aren’t.

Why? Because when you’re in love, you talk about the deep stuff together.

Usually, that includes your deepest, darkest insecurities.

Sure, she might not tell you everything. But if she tells you the reason she doesn’t wear dresses is because of a scar on her leg, that’s a big deal.

Likewise, if she opens up about why she doesn’t speak to an estranged parent, it’s a big deal.

And it’s probably not something a woman would do with a guy she didn’t love…

2) They talk about their past

Unless you tend to trauma dump, most people don’t go around sharing the intricate details of their past!

They wouldn’t, for example, go into depth about their family drama or what went wrong in their last few relationships.

If a woman did this with a guy she’d just met, it would be kind of strange. And it might suggest she was a bit emotionally unstable!

But when a woman is in love, she’ll happily talk about her past. I.e., she’ll talk about the “deep stuff” (as mentioned above). And these conversations are what strengthen the love, bond, and level of intimacy between two people.

So if a woman talks about her past with a guy, she probably loves and trusts him.

3) They change plans to see you if they can

An example best explains this one.

Say you’re supposed to meet a friend for lunch. A few days before, a guy invites you to an event at the same time.

You kind of want to go to the event but you’re not too bothered about it.

If you’re really just friends with the guy, you’ll say you can’t make it and you’ll come another time. But if you loved this guy, you’d really want to see him.

So you might chat to your friend about it and see if you can make lunch earlier or the day before instead.

Of course, you wouldn’t blow off your friends all the time just to see a guy you like! But you might make a bit more of an effort to rearrange things when you like or love the guy.

4) They make an effort with you

Women don’t make an effort with guys they don’t like. They definitely wouldn’t go overboard with a guy they didn’t love!

But when a woman loves a guy, she’ll make a big effort with him. She might treat him occasionally, plan nice dates, take time getting ready, or just go that extra mile in making you feel special.

Just remember, there’s a big difference between a woman caring about you and a woman loving you. Most women tend to be caring and offer words of kindness in troubled times.

But they wouldn’t spoil you with a well-organized date, a romantic dinner for two, or gift you a handmade present for your birthday if it was anything less than love!

5) They give alternative dates when they can’t make it

When a woman isn’t that fussed by your company, she probably won’t give you an alternative date when you try to make plans with her.

If she can’t make Saturday, she’ll say she can’t make Saturday.

But when a woman loves you, she’ll be way more involved in the planning to find a time to meet with you!

Even if she can’t do Saturday night, she’ll say she can do Saturday morning or late at night after her plans. Or she’ll give you a time for Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday – you get the point!).

Which isn’t a courtesy she’d extend to a guy she didn’t want to spend time with.

6) They put themselves out there

Beautiful young couple is talking, looking at camera and smiling while cooking in kitchen at home. Woman is mixing salad

Another thing a woman will only do when she loves a man (or at least, wants to pursue things with him) is put herself out there!

Generally speaking, most women won’t put themselves out there for a guy. Stereotypically speaking, some women like the guy to make the first move.

But when a woman loves you, she probably won’t care at all about things like that.

She’ll happily put herself out there for you over and over again. She’ll suggest dates. She’ll text you first. She’ll call you and won’t want to hang up. And she’ll tell you all her secrets.

Why? Firstly, she’ll do it to show you just how much she loves and cares about you.

And secondly, it’ll just be instinctive for her to do it! Because when you love someone, why wouldn’t you want to show all your cards?

7) They worry about you and your health

Another thing a woman will do when she loves a man is truly, deeply care about you and your health.

It might sound like they’re being too nervous when you drink too much, get sick, have a health scare, or see a new mole crop up on your back. But they’re not at all.

Because for one, your health is important, and you can never be too careful! And secondly, a woman who loves you won’t want to lose you.

She wants you to be around just as long as she is so you can have a long, happy, loved-up life together.

So she’ll truly worry about you and your health. And she’ll happily care for you if you get sick or are temporarily off your feet.

8) They look at you admiringly

I can’t say I’ve ever stared at a guy for longer than a couple of seconds if he wasn’t talking or I wasn’t in love with him.

But a guy I’m in love with? I’d happily stare at him for hours of the day and admire everything about him!

When you love someone, you (hopefully) love everything about them. You love the way they look, the way they move their body, the way they speak, and even the way they comb their hair.

Women tend to fall in love with the little things about a man. So observing you, staring into your eyes, and looking at you with admiration are all things they’ll do!

9) They make you a priority in their life

As humans, we all have a long list of priorities. Usually, that list involves our health, career, appearance, family, friendships, hobbies, any pets we have, etc., etc.

People we don’t love don’t really make it onto our list of top priorities. They may be important and we may care about them, but they won’t be a priority.

When a woman loves you, you’ll be one of her biggest priorities in life.

She’ll always make time for you – whether that’s to see you, listen to your day, speak on the phone, help you out with something, or just send you a quick text to say she loves you.

She’ll do this because she deeply, deeply cares about you. And because you’re important to her, and she wants you to feel important, too!

10) They value your advice and opinion

Another thing a woman will do when she loves a guy is talk to him about things that are important to her.

When she does this, it won’t just be to get it off her chest (although she’ll definitely do this, too!). It’ll be to hear your advice and opinion on things.

The reason she’ll do this is because when she loves you, she’ll truly value what you have to say. What you think and how you feel about things will be important to her.

Even when it comes to the most basic things, she’ll appreciate your thoughts sometimes. Like what color she should get her nails done or whether she should buy a new dress!

Final thoughts

A woman’s love is a beautiful thing.

When you have it, you’ll know you’ve got it! Her care for you will be on a completely different level to anything you’ve ever experienced before.

She’ll make time for you, look out for you, help you if you’re sick, and just generally want to be around you all the time.

Provided you cherish her love and give it back just as wholly, you could experience the most wholesome, loving, and out-of-this-world relationship you’ve ever had!

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