8 things underachievers do at the start of every day

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Ah, what a wonderful thing it is to be an underachiever. Every time you wake up, you don’t have a care in the world.

Sure, your apathy might be eating you from the inside. Sure, you might grumble and groan your way through the morning because everything’s getting on your nerves. Sure, you might be looking forward to the end of the workday when it’s only 8 AM.

But hey, look on the bright side – your potential’s still waiting deep inside you, ready to be awoken. All you have to do is seize it….

…which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not by far.

So let’s start simple. Let’s start with self-discovery.

Are you an underachiever? These are the 8 things underachievers do at the start of every day.

1) They snooze, snooze, and snooze again

The good old snooze button is a curse in disguise – while it may help us get ten more minutes of shut-eye without missing the bus, it’s also one of the worst things you could do to your cardiovascular system.

In fact, the neuroscientist Matthew Walker says that hitting snooze is like “alarming your heart” over and over again.

Not great.

And I don’t know how about you, but every time I snooze too much, I end up feeling more exhausted than if I just forced myself to get up after the first alarm.

Of course, the sleepier you feel, the less likely you are to actually get stuff done, leading to low energy, grumpiness, and a general feeling of “ugh, what a day”.

2) They check their social media feed first thing in the morning

Once they’re done snoozing and repeatedly nodding off, underachievers tend to instinctively grab their phones and open up all their social media apps for a nice burst of dopamine to start the day.

Once they check all their messages, likes, and comments, it’s time to get up.


Not so fast. Social media are so popular because they can be extremely addictive. Once you’re on there, your brain wants more. And more.

Before you know it, you’ve spent your first half an hour of the day laughing at relatable jokes and cute dogs, priming your brain for easy dopamine hits.

3) They make a lot of tiny decisions due to a lack of preparation

Have you ever heard of the term “decision fatigue”?

It’s what happens when you have to make too many decisions, no matter how tiny – at some point, your brain gets tired, and all your subsequent decisions decrease in quality.

Many underachievers struggle to prepare for their morning the day before, which is why their mornings are consumed by tiny decisions that make it more difficult for them to function at their best throughout the day.

First, they’ve got to choose what they’ll have for breakfast. Then they have to pick their outfit. Then they must decide which route they’ll take to work. Once at work, they start thinking about which tasks they should tackle first.

The decisions keep snowballing, causing friction and decision fatigue.

My advice is to try to prepare everything the evening before. Make overnight oats. Choose your outfit for tomorrow. Create a to-do list.

That way, you won’t have to go back and forth on tiny things that make a big difference to your day.

4) They neglect self-care

A great deal of motivation is about the little things. If I dress up and make myself look nice, I automatically feel better, which helps me get into a productive mindset.

If I lie in bed in my pajamas, on the other hand, I feel sluggish and like I’m about to fall asleep.

We don’t even realize how important self-care is to everything that’s going on in our lives until we properly invest in it and see the differences manifest everywhere around us.

This is because putting in the effort to look after yourself makes you feel like you matter and like you deserve the good things in life. If you neglect self-care, you’re subconsciously telling yourself it’s not even worth it to try, which then impacts other areas of your life.

It might be time to put that nice perfume on and show yourself you deserve that extra effort.

5) They procrastinate for as long as possible

Let’s get one thing straight. Procrastination isn’t necesarily laziness.

Oftentimes, procrastination occurs as a result of feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that you essentially freeze. Then you go on to distract yourself in order to cope with the situation, doing everything and anything that isn’t the one thing you actually need to do.

If you’re a high achiever, your will of steel can override that impulse and force you to sit down and work. Underachievers, though… not so much.

If you often find yourself pushing things off, grabbing on to every distraction you can, and spending the whole morning in limbo… there’s a chance you might be in the second category.

6) They don’t stick to a schedule

Basically all underachievers I’ve ever met had one thing in common: they didn’t really organize their days. They just went with the flow, letting time slip through their fingers.

When they woke up, they followed a very loose plan that essentially wasn’t a plan at all – they knew they had to do X and Y, but didn’t set a time and didn’t write it down, so they’d spend the whole day procrastinating and then catching up on everything late in the evening.

People who are determined to make their dreams a reality usually can’t afford the luxury of no schedule. They know that time is extremely precious, and so they make plans, use timers, and jot down their daily tasks so that they get everything done.

7) They “ugh” their way through the morning

Everyone needs a purpose. A reason for being. Something to strive for.

But since underachievers spend so much of their time existing in a state of limbo – they either haven’t found their purpose or they are too afraid to do it – their drive can be very low, influencing their mood on a daily basis.

Imagine that person A has a job that is incredibly fulfilling to them. Every day, they wake up with the knowledge that they are about to do something meaningful. Something that makes a difference.

Person B works to pay the bills. To them, a job is a means of survival, but since it’s draining so much of their energy, they don’t really have the time to search for their true purpose, and so they get stuck in a loop of work, food, and sleep.

On an average morning, person A will probably be in quite a good mood. Person B, though… they’ll grumble, complain, and feel a general distaste for life.

What’s more…

8) They already look forward to the end of the workday

It’s 8 AM, and underachievers already can’t wait for the workday to be over.

Since their job isn’t super fulfilling and they are still quite lost when it comes to their purpose, their happiness essentially revolves around entertainment.

They binge-watch TV shows, play video games, or devour one fiction book after another. In other words, they prefer to exist in fictional worlds rather than the real one, and so they spend the whole day looking forward to when they finally get to eat their dinner and watch Netflix.

It’s escapism at its finest.

But remember that being an underachiever isn’t an inherent personality trait. It’s just a sign that you still haven’t found your purpose in life.

We all want to have a goal, no matter what it is. It’s only a matter of time before you find yours.

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