43 things to let go of to become a stronger, happier person

If you want to be a stronger, happier person, there have to be some changes. 

Here are the top things you need to drop. Do this and your life will experience an exponential upgrade. 

Let’s start with emotional habits to get rid of…

1) Jealousy 

Jealousy eats away at you from the inside. 

Do your best to let it go and remember that the only person you should be competing with is yourself of yesterday.

2) Overanalysis

Overthinking accomplishes nothing. 

In fact it’s often counterproductive and ties you up in knots instead of taking decisive and necessary action. 

3) Daydreaming

Daydreaming can be pleasant, but it’s easy to get lost in it. 

Focus more on the present and working towards your goals rather than on what it will be like once you’ve attained those goals. 

4) Judgmentality 

Being overly judgmental is often a sign that we’re uncomfortable with ourselves. 

Try your best to limit how much time you spend judging others, as it will leave you feeling depleted and depressed. 

5) Arrogance 

No matter how accomplished and talented you are, arrogance leads to loneliness and disconnection. 

When you think you’re better than others you fail to build bridges with them and move forward together in joyful, proactive ways. 

6) Inferiority

On the flip side, feeling you’re inferior and low self-esteem sabotages you at every turn. 

Dig up the roots of any inferiority complex you have and prove it wrong with your daily efforts and endeavors. 

7) Attention-seeking

Looking for attention is a natural human desire at times, but it’s also often a sign of insecurity

You can enjoy attention when it comes your way, but try to avoid seeking it out as it’s likely to leave you feeling needy and dependent. 

8) Paranoia

There are times when fear is warranted, but paranoia is very self-defeating. 

It makes you afraid of even the most ordinary circumstances and situations, warping your perception of what’s actually going on.  

9) Excessive optimism

Being too optimistic actually blinds you to reality and makes you unprepared for painful surprises. 

It’s great to have hope and be upbeat, but don’t get lost in a golden view of the future and forget the reality that’s right around you. 

10) Excessive pessimism

Seeing only dark clouds is another emotional habit to avoid. 

It weakens your resolve and gives you an inaccurately miserable view of life. 

Physical habits to drop

11) Oversleeping

When you sleep too much it harms your health. 

It also feeds into a cycle of low energy and other ailments such as depression. Aim for seven to eight hours per night.

12) Undersleeping

Not getting enough sleep is also very destructive. 

If you only sleep several hours a night you start putting your body into high-stress mode, spiking cortisol levels and exhausting your entire system. 

13) Overeating

Overeating leads to obesity and increases fatigue and health conditions. 

Do your best to exercise portion control and eat modest amounts of food. 

14) Undereating

When you don’t eat enough you sap your body of the nutrients necessary for it to function and thrive. 

Make sure to eat enough! And eat healthy! 

15) Sedentarism

A sedentary lifestyle is awful for your physical and mental health. 

Get outside, work out, do some exercise. You’ll feel much better. 

16) Shallow breathing

Far too many of us, myself included, don’t breathe deeply enough. 

This is something that can be consciously improved, including through breathwork. 

17) Poor hygiene

When you don’t look after your hygiene you feel bad in your body and you look and smell bad. 

Even if you’re very rushed for time, do your best to practice basic hygiene. 

18) Uncomfortable or ugly clothes 

We don’t all have money to buy pricey clothes or time to shop for them. 

But do your best to wear clothes you truly love wearing that actually feel good. You’ll feel much better about yourself and enjoy your day more. 

19) Bad posture 

Many of us have problems with our posture we aren’t even aware of, particularly folks who work at a desk or computer. 

This can be improved in various ways including exercises and physiotherapy. 

20) Fidgeting 

Fidgeting is a nervous behavior many of us do when we’re feeling a bit out of place or flustered. 

The less you do it the more you’ll inhabit the persona of a confident and secure person. 

Financial habits to quit

21) Trusting too easily 

Many people get scammed because they trust too easily. 

That instinct to want to believe in people is good, but beware of fraudsters who manipulate it. 

22) Overspending

Spending money too easily or in too large a quantity is a recipe for disaster. 

Been there, done that!

23) Over-generosity 

When you’re too generous with other people you often end up having financial issues. 

There’s a time and place for being generous, but just make sure you’re not too liberal with your giving habits. 

24) Tolerating freeloaders

Along the same lines, beware of freeloaders who may take advantage of your generosity. 

This not only saps your accounts, it lessens your self-respect and creates a dependent person who relies on you instead of seeking out their own way of making a living. 

25) Being miserly 

Being miserly with money is another habit to drop. 

You shouldn’t give away too much as I said, but don’t hoard either! Nobody likes Scrooge! 

26) Investing recklessly

Investing can be a good way to make money. But it can also be very risky. 

Do your due diligence! 

27) Impulse buying 

Shopping is one of the joys of life, but make sure you only buy what you actually want. 

Impulse buying leads to regrets! 

28) Eating out too often 

This is one of the worst sinkholes in people’s finances. 

Add up all the restaurants and bars you’ve been to in the past month. Are you OK with that level of spending? 

29) Overusing credit cards

Credit cards are a useful and wonderful tool. 

But if you use them too often you’ll find yourself buried in an avalanche of debt. Exercise caution! 

30) Gambling

As a former gambler myself I understand the appeal of games of chance. 

With rare exceptions, however, I really recommend limiting how much you engage in gambling of any kind. 

Career trends to avoid… 

31) Sycophancy

Don’t suck up to the boss!

He or she won’t respect it and your colleagues will resent you. 

32) Taking credit for what’s not yours

Work is all about cooperation and appreciation. 

If you take credit for what’s not yours you lose respect and trust

33) Becoming a workaholic 

It is completely possible to become addicted to work. 

It robs loved ones of your time, and even if you don’t have loved ones it robs you of recreation and relaxation outside of work. 

Romantic habits to stay away from…

34) Codependency

Codependency can happen so rapidly in relationships before you even realize it, especially where one of you becomes the “savior” and the other the “victim.”

If you see this starting to happen, slow down and be careful! 

35) Possessiveness

Being overly possessive is very destructive to relationships. 

If you find this cropping up take a deep breath and realize that you can never force love or control another person’s life and emotions. 

36) Clinginess 

Clinginess is tempting if you are insecure and crave validation and love. 

Unfortunately, the more you engage in it the less validation you get. 

37) Cynicism

Cynicism is an emotion that can crop up in any area of life, but it’s particularly corrosive in relationships. 

If you find yourself becoming very blackpilled about love, slow down and reassess. There are still good people and good love connections out there! 

38) Detachment

Becoming overly detached in terms of looking for love or being in a relationship is a common problem. 

It’s often associated with the avoidant attachment style and is something to look into and resolve if you find it becoming part of your love language. 

39) Wall of silence 

The silent treatment is among the worst things somebody can do in a relationship. 

At the very least ensure that you’re not one of those doing this! 

40) Overreacting to fights

When fights happen it’s a sad and traumatic time. 

But don’t overreact to them or continue fighting after the point that it’s lulled. This just intensifies the cycle. 

41) Repressing fights 

At the same time, fights should not be avoided. 

The conflict at stake is important to work through and talk about in an honest way, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. 

42) Gaslighting 

Gaslighting is making a person doubt their experiences or believe they are to blame for things that aren’t their fault. 

It’s highly toxic but also easy to slip into. Make sure to avoid it! 

43) Pedestalizing 

Putting somebody on a pedestal is something of a natural instinct when you’re in love

But it never helps and often leads to behaving in needy and clingy ways that repel the object of your affection. Do your best to avoid it. 

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