If you do these 10 things daily, you’re a better person than you think

If you’re a self-aware person, you’ve probably found yourself in a quiet moment of introspection, thinking about your actions, behaviors, and intentions. Contemplating the impact you make on the world. 

And wondering if you measure up to the standards you hold for yourself. Chances are, you’re probably thinking you’re not as good yet as you would like to be. 

That’s your natural negativity bias at work. Our brain does tend to focus on our flaws instead of our strengths. So, no matter how well we’re doing in life, we don’t really see just how much. 

That’s why I compiled a list of 10 things that, if you do them every day, you’re already a better person than you think. It should crack through that bias and help you see how good you are more clearly! 

1) You practice active listening

Let’s start with something simple yet powerful: active listening. Do you find yourself genuinely engrossed in conversations, giving your complete attention to the person speaking? 

If so, that’s a testament to your empathy and respect for others. I’ve always found that the best conversations I have are those in which the other person isn’t just waiting for their turn to speak, but genuinely absorbing what I’m saying.

I believe in this: a person who can stop thinking about themselves for a minute and really dedicate some time to making someone feel heard and valued – that’s a quality person right there!

2) You help others with no strings attached

Another thing you do that demonstrates how empathetic you are is if you help others in need. 

But I must emphasize one other thing: you do it without expecting anything in return. No hidden agenda. 

It’s one thing to help someone when you’re expecting a favor in return, but quite another to do so without any such expectations. It’s one of the most powerful expressions of kindness!

There’s an old quote from English author John Bunyan that perfectly encapsulates this – “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 

Isn’t that so true? That’s unconditional love right there. Agape love. 

That means you’ve got a big heart that’s capable of loving all of humanity, whether you know them or not. 

Trust me, each time you lend a hand without expecting a payback, you’re connecting to humanity as a whole. You’re making the world a better place! 

3) You know how to choose kindness over being right

While we’re talking about kindness, let’s think about how we handle disagreements. Do you know how to stop hurtful or self-righteous words coming out of your mouth for the sake of being kind and respectful

I was once in the middle of a discussion about books with a friend. She mentioned that her favorite book was one I absolutely hated (I won’t say what it is, but here’s a clue – it’s a love story between a girl and a vampire). 

Now, I must say I’m passionate about books so I have very strong opinions. So I nearly fell off my chair with this one, to be honest. I wanted to scream at her for that terrible choice. 

But – fortunately, by then, I’d matured enough to know that respect comes first. Even over horrible book choices. 

So I took it in stride and curbed my harsh words. Friendship preserved and intact. 

I’m not saying this is always the best approach in every situation. Some situations do call for standing up for what’s right. 

But if you can pick your battles and let the little things go for the sake of peace, that’s a sign you’re already a better person than you think.  

4) You forgive and let go

Holding onto grudges and harboring resentment is like carrying a heavy load — it burdens and slows us down. It keeps us from being the best version of ourselves. 

But if you’re someone who forgives and lets go, you’re not only unburdening yourself but also showing an immense capacity for understanding and empathy. 

You’re allowing yourself to heal and grow, and that makes you a truly strong person.

5) You accept responsibility for your actions

What if you’re the one who has hurt someone else? Do you apologize? 

It’s not always easy, I know. I’ve had times where I’ve wished I could just pass the blame onto someone else. 

But really, taking responsibility sets you apart from the rest. It shows you have a certain level of maturity and integrity. 

Contrary to what many people think, acknowledging our mistakes doesn’t make us look weak. Quite the opposite – it shows we’ve got strength and character. And a willingness to learn and grow! 

6) You strive to learn and grow

Are you the kind of person who’s always looking to learn something new? To grow, both personally and professionally? 

Then, my friend, you’re a lifelong learner, and you should be proud of that!

Your growth mindset ensures you’re always a step ahead because you’ve got a huge advantage. You have:

  • More motivation and resilience
  • Better performance
  • Less fear of failure
  • More creativity and innovation
  • Better mental health
  • Better relationships

…and so much more!

7) You respect different perspectives

That growth mindset also empowers you to be open-minded. Since you’re always curious and interested in so many things, you know the value of looking outward and embracing different perspectives. 

In a world filled with diverse beliefs, cultures, and perspectives, respect for differences is a trait that sets people apart. 

You understand that other people don’t think the way you do. It doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with them all the time, but that sense of respect and empathy is there. 

The bottom line: you’re creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. And that, in itself, is a huge contribution to a more inclusive world. 

8) You’re honest and trustworthy

I used to think I wasn’t a very good friend. As an introvert, I go out with friends very rarely and am really picky about the social events I go to.

But one thing that made me rethink my value as a friend is this thing I noticed – despite my less-than-stellar attendance at friend gatherings, they would come to me with their problems. 

One friend said, “It’s because I know you can keep a secret, and I know you’ll be upfront with me.”

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here; I only mean to say that honesty and trustworthiness can go a long way in nurturing your connections, never mind if you aren’t the perfect person you want to be. 

So, if you’re honest and live life with integrity, take that as a sign that you’re a better person than you believe you are.

9) You express gratitude regularly

Do you often find yourself reflecting on the good in your life? That’s a habit of highly content and happy people. 

If you can see how blessed you are despite your problems, well, you’re already miles ahead! As author Rhonda Byrne said, “Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.”

For me, learning how to be grateful really shifted my focus and helped me grow as a person. I became more resilient, trusting that everything works out in the end. 

In short, gratitude helps us become more optimistic, turning us from sourpusses into joy-spreaders!  

10) You lead with love

Finally, do you lead with love? Are your actions and decisions guided by kindness, compassion, and respect for others

This, for me, is the most obvious sign that you’re a good person. That you’re better than you think you are. 

In fact, one of my guiding principles in life is to always look at where people are operating from. They might make mistakes or say something hurtful, but if they’re coming from a place of love and good intentions, those mistakes are much more forgivable. 

Leading with love isn’t about being perfect; it’s about striving to bring kindness and empathy into every interaction. 

It’s about: 

Choosing love over hate…

Understanding over judgment…

Compassion over indifference.

It’s not jusst about the big gestures. It’s more about the everyday acts of kindness, the encouraging words we share, the patience and understanding we practice… 

I could go on and on, but the main thing is that it’s about acknowledging our shared humanity and treating everyone around us with the dignity they deserve. 

So, if you’re practicing love in your daily life, you’re undoubtedly a better person than you think. The world needs more like you!

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Tina Fey

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