12 things that make you a genuinely interesting person

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Are you an interesting person?

Not everyone is, so here’s how to tell. 

These are the most important things that make you a genuinely interesting person.

1) You tell anecdotes

The first of the things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you tell anecdotes and stories from your life. 

Depending on what’s being talked about or what’s going on, you bring up a brief story from your past to explain, inspire, reassure or entertain. 

These kinds of folks are interesting, and many of the most memorable people I’ve met were outstanding at telling anecdotes that were just right for the moment.

2) You keep it short

Secondly is that you keep it short. 

Whether it’s anecdotes, conversation or anything else, one of the top ways that people sabotage their appeal is by waxing too poetic and talking too much. 

You can tell very interesting anecdotes and be an interesting person, but keep your statements fairly short and easygoing. 

This allows others to chime in, contribute and respond, making you more interesting and avoiding the trap of becoming a fast-talking tape recorder always spouting off interesting factoids and anecdotes. 

3) You’re on point 

Whatever you’re doing or discussing, the next trait that makes you truly interesting is that you’re on point. 

If you’re with a group of work colleagues after work and they’re talking about real estate, you tell a story about your friend who bought a house at a great price or about your dream house, for example. 

This ties into the subject and arouses more interest in those you’re speaking with, whereas changing the subject or talking about your interest in gemstones or college basketball may be technically interesting…

…But it will be met with resistance if the topic currently going on is about real estate! 

4) You’re well read

Next up in the top things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you’re well read

You have read work by various authors you enjoy and are able to discuss and talk about the ideas and themes of their books in casual conversation. 

You don’t have to know the full works of Victor Hugo or all the ideas explored by Norman Mailer, but you have a general idea of many fascinating books that have made an impression on you and bring them into conversation. 


5) You have a deep bio

Let’s face it: 

The most interesting person in a room is usually the one with the most dramatic, interesting or unique biography. 

The guy who was a war photographer in Somalia or explored archaeological digs in Cambodia, or the woman who revolutionized our understanding of DNA or wrote an incredible bestseller book.

These outer accomplishments are one thing, but it’s the deeper life experiences behind them that truly draw people in.

6) You think creatively

Next up in the things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you think creatively.

When discussing anything at work, at home or with your friends, you look at things in a unique and different way that gets people’s attention. 

In an era when so many parts of our life seem divided into us vs. them or binary ideas, your creative thinking makes you genuinely interesting.

7) You think critically

Critical thought is the ability to really analyze your own beliefs and assumptions as well as those of others. 

People who think critically are much more interesting than those who do not. 

Regardless of agreement or disagreement, it’s always more interesting to meet someone who applies critical thought to issues under discussion. 

8) You care about why

Some folks are more curious than others, but one of the biggest things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you care about why. 

You care about why things are the way they are, why something confusing is the way it is, and even more primal questions like why we’re all here. 

As philosopher Martin Heidegger said, the most fascinating question of all is why anything at all exists instead of just nothing.

9) You’re knowledgeable

You can have the best of intentions in the world and a cool worldview, but if you don’t know much your level of being interesting is also limited. 

Now you don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia or rattle off facts like a maniac, as I said, keep it short and sweet…

But don’t be afraid to drop those nuggets of knowledge now and then.

They’re interesting!

10) You’re passionate 

Everybody responds much more to somebody who is passionate than to apathy. 

No matter how interesting you are in what you say and do, your passion is what seals the deal.

When you care about what you’re saying and what you’re interested in, it shows. 

People respond to your passion on a subject by prioritizing it. 

If you’re so pumped up it must be pretty interesting, right?


11) You’re diversified 

Next up in things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you’re diversified. 

You have an interest in many topics and issues, not just one. 

You’re a Renaissance man or woman in the sense that almost nothing bores you. 

This makes you able to tune into almost any conversation and provide interesting input about almost everything.

12) You’re interested in other cultures and experiences

Last up in things that make you a genuinely interesting person is that you’re interested in other people, other cultures and other experiences. 

Everybody wants to be heard and understood. 

When you show that you’re also curious about other folks and places, people respond in kind. 

Interest tends to generate interest!

Is being interesting subjective?

There’s a certain amount of being interesting or boring that’s subjective. 

A plumber may find it much more interesting to talk to a steelworker about pipes than talking to a professor about the history of philosophy. 

A woman working on landscaping her new house will be likely to find a garden design specialist far more fascinating than a woman talking about her expertise and opinions in collecting antiques. 

Nonetheless, there are certain habits and behaviors that make you genuinely interesting to more people. 

The tips above are things all of us can pick up in our life so that we have more to contribute and become a more engaging and interesting individual. 

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