12 things strong women do to conquer their insecurities

We all look up to strong women who can handle life with so much confidence. It seems like they have any insecurities at all!

But that’s a misconception. Strong women do have insecurities just like everyone else. They just have clever ways of overcoming them.

In this article, I’ll lay out twelve ways strong women conquer their insecurities and thrive. I’m sure we can all learn a thing or two from them! 

Let’s jump in!

1) They embrace self-awareness

The first step in conquering insecurities is acknowledging them. That’s why strong women embrace self-awareness and take time to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

They have healthy self-awareness habits like journaling their thoughts and emotions, meditating, or doing mindfulness exercises. These activities help them identify patterns in their behavior and figure out the root of their insecurities. 

When they know which areas they’re feeling insecure about, they can then devise a plan to tackle them head-on. 

This leads me to my next point…

2) They face their fears 

Once they know what exactly they’re feeling uncertain or afraid of, strong women do the necessary next step – they confront these fears instead of avoiding them. 

This is no easy task – fear can be paralyzing. 

But strong women refuse to let it hold them back. They understand that facing their fears is necessary for growth and self-improvement. 

Whether it’s public speaking, making new friends, or tackling a new skill, they challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones. 

For me, one strategy that really worked is to create a “fear ladder.” I listed down my fears and became proactive about confronting them. But I didn’t go big right away; I started with the least intimidating ones and worked my way up to the most daunting. 

Believe me, it’s no walk in the park. But the great thing about it is that as I tackled one fear, my confidence grew and grew. Until it got me to a point where I felt like I could handle anything life throws at me! 

As Japanese philosopher Daisaku Ikeda says, “ Bravely overcoming one small fear gives you the courage to take on the next.”

3) They practice self-compassion

Another thing they do as they tackle their fears is to practice self-compassion. This may not seem like much, but honestly, we women tend to be harsh on ourselves when we fail at something. 

Don’t take my word for it – according to a study from the University of Paris, women tend to blame themselves when they don’t succeed at their goals. 

But strong women don’t do that at all. They understand that we all have moments when we’re not feeling our best, and that’s okay. 

So when they fail, instead of slumping into a cycle of blame and self-pity, they acknowledge their imperfections. They take care of and treat themselves with as much love as they would do for a friend. 

4) They use positive self-talk

If self-compassion is an area you struggle with, it might be time to look at the way you talk to yourself. Do you tell yourself these things?

  • I can’t do anything right. 
  • I’m so stupid!
  • I’m not good enough. 
  • I’ll never get this done. 
  • Why bother trying? I’ll just mess it up like I always do. 
  • I’m too fat/ugly/skinny/tall/short…

My friend, these are dangerous thoughts to have. Negative self-talk can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you’re not good enough, that affects how you act, too. You’ll never try and see how much you can do. It’s a self-limiting belief. 

So, how to break out of this bad habit? Just do the opposite – start using positive statements.  

  • I am capable. I can handle this.
  • I’m proud of myself and what I’ve done. 
  • I can create positive change in my life. 

You get the idea. Positive thoughts are powerful, too. Keep thinking these thoughts often enough and you’ll be surprised how far you can go!

That said, one thing I must point out is the importance of keeping your goals achievable, as the next section shows…

5) They set realistic goals

I know I’ve said you can do pretty much anything you want to if you’ve trained your brain to think positively. 

But even then, if you’ve got really lofty goals, it can feel so challenging, enough to intimidate even the strongest women out there. 

So how do they manage it?

They make sure to keep their goals realistic – in short, doable. 

I mean, of course you can (and should!) dream big. But to get to that dream, break the path down into smaller, more practical goals. 

That way, you’re seeing little milestones you can easily hop onto from point to point, instead of one giant milestone looming over you, looking impossible to reach. 

6) They play up their strengths

Now, how do you reach those goals? 

Simple – play to your strengths! 

That’s what strong women do; they choose to focus on their strengths and use them to their advantage. 

By emphasizing what they’re good at, they can build self-confidence and overcome insecurities. 

Don’t know what your strengths are? Take personality tests or ask friends and family for feedback to identify your strengths. 

Then, find ways to apply your unique talents in your personal and professional life.

7) They develop a growth mindset

Okay, so we’ve tackled the importance of emphasizing your strengths. But what about your weaknesses? Should you leave them… weak? 

Not if you’re a strong woman. You see, for strong women, life is one long learning opportunity. They embrace a growth mindset and see challenges and weaknesses as a way to be a better person. 

So, even if they aren’t good at something, their attitude is not “I can’t do this.” Rather, it’s “I can’t do this YET.”

That makes a world of difference because it means you always see room for improvement. You’ll always be growing as a person!

8) They try new experiences

That growth mindset is what allows strong women to have the courage to try new experiences. 

These new experiences add even more to their ability to overcome insecurities. 

Look, I get it – when you have a lot of fears and insecurities, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone. 

But the only way to grow in confidence is to confront the unknown and try unfamiliar things. 

9) They surround themselves with supportive people

Here’s another secret weapon strong women have: a strong support network. 

Life is hard; even the strongest woman out there will tell you that. That’s why it’s important to be with people who uplift, encourage, and challenge you. 

That also means you’ll have to let go of toxic people in your life who may be adding to your insecurities. There’s no place for negativity in an empowered life! 

You want people who will celebrate your progress along with you!

10) They celebrate progress, no matter how small

I’m such a fan of celebrating stuff. No matter how small it is, even if it’s just being able to complete a full week of daily exercise, I love celebrating progress! 

It helps reinforce the idea that I’m capable and keeps me looking forward to the next little sign of progress. 

And hey, when you’ve got some insecurities to overcome, those little celebrations matter a lot! 

11) They practice gratitude daily

That celebratory spirit is actually a larger expression of a deeply ingrained practice that strong women do, and that’s the art of gratitude. 

Strong women understand that gratitude has the power to change our brain. It can shift our focus from what we don’t have to what we do have. 

That way, even when so many things are going wrong, they’ll always be able to see that there’s so much more that’s going right!

Looking to cultivate the art of gratitude yourself? Try these:

  • Start a gratitude journal. Write dow three things you’re grateful for each day. 
  • Express gratitude to others. Here’s an epic list of grateful things to say
  • Practice mindfulness so you can notice and appreciate the beauty and positivity around you. 
  • Use visual reminders like notes, photos or objects around your space to remind yourself of things you’re thankful for.
  • Create gratitude rituals. This could be daily reflection on your blessings during your morning or bedtime routine. 
  • Focus on experiences over possessions. This helps to shift your perspective to appreciate the intangible aspects of life that bring true happiness and fulfillment.

12) They practice consistency and patience

Lastly, strong women practice consistency and patience. They know that developing strength and confidence doesn’t happen overnight!

So, ease up on the gas and see your journey as a series of small steps that add up over time. 

As long as you’re consistent with positive self-talk, gratitude, and all the other things on this list, your insecurities will gradually be replaced with a can-do spirit

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